A Thief in the Night

“38 And anyone who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. 39Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. 40He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives the One who sent Me.” Matthew 10: 38,39,40

Hope we are all being tested, it is very sad, to lose Rachel, but then again her difficulties or suffering in this life here are over and her actual life has begun; I’m sure from the little I know about her and your outpouring here along with the others demonstrates how much she meant to the ones who knew her. But God through Jesus really knew and knows her more than we can fathom in our so broken and inadequate understanding. There is a good and absolute reason Rachel was allowed to pass now, and you will know why whether during your lifetime here or in the next the answer will be provided!

We are all being tested and proven, so we have to as difficult as it is, pick up the pieces and carry on in faith, even more devoted to and loving of our Lord Jesus. I disagree with any victory of the enemy in all of this as the enemy is weak and powerless in reality; because God the Father has all the power and glory! He could have stopped this from happening or allowed it as He did for His purposes, and we can’t question that if we are truly faithful and trusting! I know this myself from a firsthand knowledge as my life was about to end a few times, but did not, and I’m no better a soul than the next average or not average one, but God did intervene and save me from death for His purposes and plan; that’s the only reason I’m still here, as He still needs or wants me to be here.

This life is so short and like a vapor or flickering flame that can be extinguished with just a sudden breath or wispy breeze; that candle is now no longer glowing brightly just that suddenly, and as we are shown by Rachel’s traumatic example; in a manner of speaking!

This is not a joy ride or meant to be for anyone though so many make it a game of let’s try and outdo, or get the most money or popularity and fame,! That is a waste of time and foolish, because the simplest and most minute things are the most important; in those then quiet moments when we are truly disconnecting from this fake man-made “ways of the world” craziness! That is when revelation can make an appearance!

“38and anyone who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. 39Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” Matthew 10: 38,39

That says it right there in my heart, I understand that total submission to God’s will and with complete utter humility is the thing that pleases Him more than anything we broken humans can do; and yet so many people especially in this modern high tech glitzy world, are not about that at all, but are more about “Self and Pride” getting to the top or outdoing the other guy while having success and things; all of it so much vanity!

“Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher. “Vanity of vanities! All [that is done without God’s guidance] is vanity [futile, meaningless—a wisp of smoke, a vapor that vanishes, merely chasing the wind].” Ecclesiastes 1:2

I was raised and still consider myself a Catholic only interested in the Traditional Tridentine Latin Mass but not the current order as it was led away from the more genuine path after the Vatican II Council (11 October 1962–8 December 1965). The current man called the Pope is not, he is a fraud and heretic, just like this man we have for a President was installed. And I say this to point out just how corrupted and crooked the ways of the world have become. The world is a very dangerous and uglier place by the day it seems, because of all the deception and lies that are accepted now as good, and, “that going along to get along” is better than resisting or making waves; but that is the very reason we are in this horrendous mess we find this world now!

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

It is all futile and will not shake out until the Second Coming as you are well aware, so for us to expect happy days and some smooth sailing condition is unrealistic and flies in the face of the Holy Scriptures! We know things will get very bad, and so bad that even the elect will be teetering or may even lose heart and faith! We cannot allow that as devoted Christians, we have to be willing to carry that cross and suffer whatever God allows for His Name Sake, Jesus Christ; not our sake, for who are any of us but lost lambs and sinners, who are actually doomed to hell without our Savior; to who we do owe everything!

And we can’t even come close to showing the degree of appreciation that would align with what He has given to us by our deeds or works; but all he asks is we give Him our hearts and trust Him! While we live one day at a time as Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta put it, and if we do that of course while seeking the Father’s will in all things then we are doing well in our own trials, tribulations and testing! There are no guarantees in this fallen world, but, the one that we do know about unequivocally is from He who died on the cross our Savior; for any who will follow Him! Outside of that it’s truly hopeless!

It’s a God Send that you came out with this today because in-between other things I was working on an assay which is all about HOPE; which I was wanting to complete and publish today but then the wind got knocked out of my sails to accomplish that today, so I said I’ll try to complete it tomorrow! Then, I opened my email and saw this article of yours and though I was short for time and even energy to be honest, right now I said to myself; hey I need to comment, and now I think it will be a reblog for sure!

I will complete that work tomorrow, but, I want to leave a portion of it here with your article!

Actually I was suddenly so motivated now that I decided I had to stay the course tonight and give you all I have from my thoughts earlier today, so now I leave the whole of it with your blog article! I know it will help someone, and I feel genuinely in my heart its helping me to fight fatigue, and so my inspiration comes from above; that is all I care about Hope!

Now watch this and contemplate what is being said in my words along with Admiral McRaven’s fine speech he presents in this video! But most importantly what our Father in heaven is telling us in all of these experiences and through our hearts via Jesus Christ our loving Savior who will never let you, me or anyone down if we give Him our heart, then we are going to make it to the promised land; His heavenly kingdom!

I’m leaving a paragraph here from a blog article I wrote back in July that I think will have some good points to consider if the interest was there to read all of this in the first place.

My Hope is that something here will help you Hope and anyone that loved having Rachel here in this life but will find solace knowing it’s a wonderful peace for her now in Heaven while we here must still carry on and do our best to follow Jesus; that is our objective and top priority now. Amen.

Now  that I’ve said all of this, I want to say it’s only because I know after many years that when I see horrible accidents or bad things happen to many people in this world maiming them or ending their lives, which I did see a lot more than I wanted to when working as a news shooter; I say “there but for the grace of God go I.” I was spared many times and I know it, but, my job is to do something with it, so perhaps I accomplish what it is God still wants me to do. Part of that might be to tell all of you this, so each one of you will be more sensible and cautious than I had been.  And more importantly you will confide in the Lord at all times, seeking His direct input in all you do, so as not to make a big plunder, while at the same time increase your faith; because you truly believe, and want to grow in your love for Him!

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6


God bless you and yours.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


It’s been three years.

I only just met you, but already knew so much about you from my church family. They told me story after story as we painted and cleaned up the home you would be moving into.

God called you all to do ministry with us in Marion, Oh. You sold your home in Virginia, left your job and packed up your little two year old for the long trip towards a new beginning.

The church rejoiced. I’d never seen our pastor and his family so excited (they watched you grow and saw you as their own daughter).

I honestly felt overshadowed by your brilliant light. That you would very quickly replace me in their hearts because of your history, your love, and your faith. But it was a selfish fear and I drove it away by pouring myself into servitude. Helping prepare the way for you to…

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