The left wants Abortion rights in this infrastructure bill, these political leaders and the left are evil!!

There should be no doubt about it! These people who are supposed government leadership are nothing but frauds and have only worked to serve themselves and many diabolical agendas revolving around “Money and Power” for decades being “professional organized criminal politicians!”

They made a business and trade out of what was intended to be a short term service for the country they love, PUBLIC SERVANT! They neither love this Republic under God or We the People; at all. Despots of the highest order, bringing ruin and blasphemy to all they touch!

Pelosi comes from an organized crime Mafia connected family and the “Apple Never Falls Far from the Tree.” “The Proof Is in the Pudding” anyway, as my mom always taught us as children, so we see firsthand by their actions, and how they live; carrying on like the selfish narcissists that they truly are!

God bless America.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


If this is not enough to make your blood boil then I don’t know.. we have to fight for our freedoms!!! We have to protect the innocent. The left wants to commit the ultimate sin, killing the innocent that have not yet been born the unborn.

The fact that they were already been warned on multiple occasions whether they cared or don’t these infrastructure bills cannot be passed. These leftists need to pay for their crimes, for their sins. They can either repent or suffer in hell for eternity. Those that continue to push this infrastructure bill will also suffer in hell.

A Democrat politician Joe Manchin shut down the voting and the rest of the Democrats backed out. He stood against this infrastructure bill, because he wanted it…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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