Repent or suffer in hell for eternity: We will take back this country by force if needed

Correct! As I do agree with all said here, and that is what is going on! Deception and Evil are thoroughly entwined throughout the American System now and Greed took over; but it’s never too late to change course and turn from evil! The will of the people must change, becoming strong and determined to as you say, “vanquish all of these evils from our Nation!”

If they do get away with making these lies a part of the system the pain will become so great that not only will the economy fail but the liar’s facade will become fully exposed and so apparent that the people will rise up into a bloody Civil War!

I hope some of the influential leaders with enough decency in them who obviously know all of this and so much more will push hard now like Manchin has to repudiate these evil concoctions; in order to allow America to solve its many big problems!
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


The infrastructure bill seems to yet be delayed despite my consistent prayers that it ends. Seems to me our prayers is instead is stopping time to get our act together and start doing good in this country instead of being evil to others.

But as these evils continue to deceive us that these infrastructure bills are for the better. Its all a bunch of lies. The Biden administration wants to pass these bills which also includes Abortion rights.

Is Americans really that Godless that America will soon be destroyed by these evildoers? A start would be that these politicians would do the right thing and reject these infrastructure bills. Our nation leaders are cowards as they continue to do these evil acts by putting the people last and sign off on these infrastructure bills. They are worthless as it doesn’t actually fix any of the problems in America other…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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