EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider warns of ‘growing’ Communist culture in West

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter”

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EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider warns of ‘growing’ Communist culture in West

‘The Soviet Union and other communist countries sought to reduce all … human existence to materialism, to the material aspects of the Earth, and this is ever more growing … in the western world,’ Schneider said.

Republication by: Lawrence Morra III

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October  29, 2021

This is the time on earth when the entire materialistic system driven by the small group of globalist rulers of the corrupted ways of the world system that we are warned throughout the Holy Scriptures is the material system that is ruled by the Prince of this world the father of all lies Satan who has for over a century now used men like Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot and now many others socialist minded atheistic leaders around the globe who  are all cooperating with this idea of one world government and mother earth utopian religion which is all an abomination and blasphemy against God Almighty and a rejection outright of Jesus Christ our only path to Salvation and everlasting life in Heaven. These are all agents of the antichrist to come who are diligently working to enslave the entire human race with this now on the horizon totalitarian government control of our lives and minds to the point that we don’t even own our own bodies; this is the beginning of total earthly demonic possession of humanity; hell on earth that we must fight back against! We must resist and fight back with all we have through Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer and Savior!  Amen.

If the free world followed the prescription of this blasphemous concocted Utopia as say for example; back during WWII it all would have gone to the devils and most of Europe would have been living under the mad man Hitler as their Führer and subsequent communist madmen like Stalin!  And during that era and on into the 1950’s when communism was introduced through communist regimes in South East Asia fueled by “the world’s largest communist powers, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China, both of which lent material and support directly to North Vietnam. In doing so, they hoped to consolidate and expand communism in the Asian hemisphere, bog the United States down in a long, expensive conflict abroad and thus gain an advantage in the Cold War.” Leading to nuclear weapons proliferation and supremacy then world dominance as the master evil plan!

But now these current day maligned individuals in our governments are announcing by their current mandates and actions that they would rather have had people ruled under the Marxist leader Pol Pot,” the Khmer Rouge who tried to take Cambodia back to the Middle Ages, forcing millions of people from the cities to work on communal farms in the countryside.” Under his brutal regime the bodies stacked up to the tops of trees!!!  Under that monster and the many others like him fueled by the communists of the USSR and China he crushed the people and freedom was nonexistent; only total control and death prevailed!

Pol Pot led one of the most brutal regimes that have ever existed in the human history. “He killed over a quarter the total of Cambodian’s population. If Vietnam had not helped us to overthrow Pol Pot, then many things could happen to Cambodia”.

So now we see these free Americas bashing the United States, which saved many a nation from monsters like Hitler and the SS who had France and Italy in its clutches during WWII, and no US Military ever did what the communists and Nazis did slaughtering their own people or who they deemed undesirables by the millions like Josef Stalin did in Russia and Pol Pot in Cambodia!

People like the brutal Chinese Commie leader Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot would have played right into the game plan for an entire Asian Continent to be ruled by brutal atheist Communism!

The Washington political arena is no better with so many of its wealthy swamp creatures having their way for decades! Biden has been the epitome of the crooked, career liar politician racketeer his whole adult life, what we call in these parts a real greaser and dirt bag snake, that has all the wealth he possesses from back door deals and nefarious Burisma or other such kickback money laundering deals with Communist China as well, where he used his elected office to enrich himself and family members. Then he says he has no problem with same sex marriage or full and late term abortion but calls himself a Catholic!  The man is a walking lie and minion of evil or the most corrupt of politicians showing no moral integrity!  He goes around kissing his granddaughter like some sex fiend on her lips and sticks his nose in the hair of multiple women over the year’s right in public, in front of the world like he couldn’t care less what anyone thinks!  The man has no conscience; and I have many photos of Biden losing his cool and blowing a head gasket in public screaming at people with veins popping out of his temples or neck demonstrating that he is over the top bonkers or even demonically possessed; and yet these progressives and the Dem party think he is cool as POTUS.

We now have the Abomination of Wholesale Industrial Scale Abortion which is now as simple as getting your toenails clipped, even Full Term Day of Delivery, a completely innocent “Human Baby” can be snuffed out like a candle and used for experimental purposes or the more likely scenario organ and tissue harvesting for all kinds of purposes, all of which by the way are Satanically Evil; actually exceedingly worse than what the Mayans and many Amazonian Ancient Pagan wild people did when they sacrificed human adults and babies to a host of false gods! But they were stupid and totally controlled by fear, ignorance, madness and actual evil spirit’s possession!

Let me say now that as I see it and I’m nothing special, if the human race and especially America the Nation Founded under God Almighty doesn’t take a hard right turn to the road of Salvation and off this current road to Perdition and onward to Hell; that God’s Absolute Wrath will be coming sooner rather than later, as in short order! The GOP is not much better with all their smoke and mirrors or kicking the can down the road for decades and outright lying to the people just like the slimy Democrats across the aisle; producing a completely dysfunctional and failed Congress full of horrendous sin! Time is just about up for any chance to at least give a hard push in the right direction, because as far as saving this mess or cauldron of mind-boggling sin from the final doom that is coming to it; there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell of human beings preventing what they are due and deserve!

Some folks including myself will say, well surely there is always hope; and I say to you and them, try and figure that into the equation of what befell Sodom and Gomorrah! There is no hope for the completely defiled and wicked who actually spit in God’s eye and curse at Him; and that is happening full bore now, even keeping this close to home as in right here in America, not the place where it’s the “buffalo roaming, land of the free, and home of the brave;” but now it’s where the most nefarious, materialistic, greedy, insane even demonically possessed have control and worship Satan; with all the earthly power that he bestowed upon them for their “service” contracts! Sold their souls to the Devil!

Yes these words are absolutely true and coming to fruition before our very eyes; “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

Here this most true man of God Bishop Schneider is speaking the Truth of God and speaks so clearly about these events occurring right now and helps us to understand and precisely what is happening to the church and humanity! Please take the time to listen to his complete interview here and may God bless you with insight and a constant growing faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) – In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Bishop Athanasius Schneider warned of a growing “spirit of communism” in formerly free and Christian western nations.  

Bishop Schneider grew up in the former Soviet Union in a German family whose ancestors had settled in the Black Sea region in the 19th century. There were many Germans who settled in that area, and according to the bishop, they were called “Black Sea Germans,” most of them farmers. They brought with them their Catholic faith and culture, amidst an area that was and is largely a mix of Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Christians. 

After the Second World War, his parents were “deported by Stalin” into forced labour camps. Eventually his parents regained their freedom and found their way to the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, where Bishop Schneider was born, just south of Kazakhstan, where he now lives. He grew up attending “underground” Catholic churches, as his parents held on to their ancestral faith, even though it was heavily restricted or illegal to practice under the Communist regime that controlled the area.  

Schneider told LifeSiteNews reporter Jim Hale that he grew up speaking German, but also spent time in Soviet schools as a youth, and thus he spoke Russian as well. Eventually the family made it to Germany together. 

Hale asked the bishop if – given the rise of government restrictions, ostensibly due to COVID – he saw any parallels between what is happening in our part of the world today and what life was like under the Soviet Union. 

Schneider said that he did believe there were parallels, even if things did not appear the same on the surface.  

“The Soviet Union and other communist countries sought to reduce all … human existence to materialism, to the material aspects of the Earth,” Schneider explained.  

“And this is ever more growing since decades in the western world. A culture of materialism… It’s [a] kind of new form of atheism, which is the other pillar of the communist system.” 

The bishop believes that a “small group” of the “political elite” is controlling the citizens of the western world, largely through technological means. He voiced concerns about the lack of true property rights in North America and Europe today, by which he means especially the rights of an individual over his own body.  

He said that the continuation of “COVID rules,” like the insistence on “green passes,” has created a type of “global prison” where everyone is monitored as if in a prison. 

The bishop elaborated that, just like under the Soviets, citizens are now treated like children, as if they did not “have enough intellect and reason.”  Thus, everyone is told “how to behave” by elites who “use the same terminology” world-wide. 

He called the world under COVID mandates a type of “slave society” with a “slave system.”  

In addition to social commentary, Bishop Schneider related the crisis in world government to the crisis in the Catholic Church, which he described as having a hierarchy that has been “infiltrated” by the materialist spirit. According to the bishop, the materialist direction of the Vatican can been seen in Rome’s focus on “Mother-Earth.” He remarked that Pope Francis himself is “behaving as if earthly realities, which are material realities” are “above the care of the soul.” 

Jim Hale asked the bishops if this stemmed from a utopian ideal consistent with Marxism, which purportedly inspires communists to try “to build a heaven on earth.” 

“This is communism, because Marx and Lenin, they said communism is the paradise on earth,” Schneider replied.  

“And so this spirit penetrated very much [into] the life of the Church and now in the current agenda of the Holy See, unfortunately.” 

To combat the materialist spirit, Schneider encouraged the faithful to “restore the primacy of the soul, of the care of the soul and of the eternal life.” He added that this “is the core of the gospel. And for this, Jesus Christ came to redeem us from our sins… and from eternal damnation and to open the gates to Heaven.” 

In the Soviet Union, it was not uncommon for religion to be co-opted by politicians and the state for political gain. Hale asked Bishop Schneider if he thought it was acceptable that self-described “Catholics” Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi receive Holy Communion while promoting anti-life and pro-abortion policies.  

Schneider said that there are no circumstances in which a high-profile Catholic who promotes abortion can be admitted to Holy Communion until he repents and publicly retracts his pro-abortion advocacy.  

“Never,” he underscored. 

The bishop expanded his opinion to any politicians who advocate for behaviour against the teachings of the Catholic Church.  

“These politicians, when they openly promote abortion or same sex marriages, they are they are not in union with the teaching of the Church,” Schneider said.   

“And so how can they… say ‘We are in full communion with… the Church,’ which implies the communion with the teaching of the Church?” 

The bishop described the reception of Holy Communion by a politician who rejects Church teaching as “sacrilegious” and “an offense to God.” He added that it sets a dangerous precedent as the public might see it as the Church “approving” grave sin.  

He said that it is “not charitable” for priests and bishops to offer Holy Communion to politicians like Biden and Pelosi, as it is like “allowing them to eat their own judgement.” He called it an “act of war against the love of neighbor.”  

At the end of the interview, Bishop Schneider thanked LifeSiteNews for its “meritorious and heroic work in these difficult times.”  

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider warns of ‘growing’ Communist culture in West

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

9 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider warns of ‘growing’ Communist culture in West”

  1. Dear Brother Lawrence,

    Thank you for sharing this and educating us all,

    What sprung to my mind when reading your words was what the old timers used to say during a good (truthful) sermon, especially in African American churches: “preach brother preach”.

    Your Friend in Christ

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    1. Those are good words you send too! Thank you for the thoughtful support! I’m just trying to relay what God can impart to me by His Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. If I end up seeming to do some preaching then so be it friend.

      On another note I’ve grown to totally dislike Chinese people in general which was never the case with me up until the last several years when I met some migrant men here that were totally stupid, arrogant and savages; the government was actually subcontracting some work out to a company that uses them almost exclusively so maybe stacking the deck too to keep them working while pushing small business owners and workers that are American into poverty or suicide in some cases; the freaking Dems will say they are being humane to strangers but what they are really doing is getting palms greased or kickbacks and really looking to collapse the middle class! This is what happens when you have a government that is more corrupt than not ruling society! If they get their way just think of all the social security funds they can renege on which they’ve been dipping into for decades anyway! Just more screwing of the public!

      Could a culture that has its annual Yulin dog meat festival; stuff your face with brutally live butchered, skin peeled off dog flesh, and while still alive tossed into boiling cauldrons hardly cooked a few minutes to have the flesh loaded with cortisol, as that being an indicator of what type of subhuman behavior these stupid savages that are a godless people must be constructed with aside from the fact that THEY COME FROM AN ATHEIST COMMUNIST EVIL REGIME EMPIRE; HAVE MUCH TO DO WITH IT!

      I’ll say this that the Dem party along with quite a few Repubs are all evil and as well they’re also being the traitors they are and letting these sort of low life trash flow into our nation in the first place and saying to hell with us Americans!

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      1. I would say that my limited experience with Chinese people was probably 50/50. I knew one who was a very nice Christian and had really wonderful Buddhist parents. To me the biggest thing is that the majority are not refugees and they have their own countries. Even if they were all wonderful, Americans need jobs in their own country. I’ve been rather late to understanding the dangers of the Chinese. Some of the Chinese appear rude and crude and others sophisticated. The French eat cow brains and the French and Canadians eat horses. Some Americans eat squirrels and raccoons.

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  2. “Some of the Chinese appear rude and crude and others sophisticated.” These can be more dangerous and unpredictable especially if godless Communists; that is a fact! Also the Tripe and so on are not removed from the skull of the animal and promptly blanched in boiling water then down the hatch. You’re missing the point they torture the dogs to death and eat them nearly raw wanting the cortisol like all the other voodoo concepts they have about Tiger Paw or Bear Liver and so on! The Chinese are a dirty and very wicked people in a general sense; then there are the truly diabolical as in aka Xi Jinping and all of the henchmen of the CCP! Don’t be fooled by these evil people! Are you forgetting the Cultural Revolution and Mao? Millions slaughtered and in recent years the Chinese committed genocide killing off as of 2014 1.2 million Tibetans! Agents of hell! If you were a liberal you would just brush all that off and say whatever! If we are in control of faculties and God fearing we CAN SEE INTO THE LIES AND MOTIVES! They are not our friends and far from it! I could conceive the antichrist coming from China and Bergoglio has been in bed with them the whole time kissing up! Is he requesting they fess up and live up to moral standards of the times and prove they promote human rights; which they do NOT!
    It’s not called the land of the Dragon for no reason! If China could take our nation over tomorrow keeping it intact they would do it in a heartbeat and then proceed to exterminate most of us that they couldn’t use as slaves!

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  3. China could invade tomorrow. Who would stop them? It had crossed my mind when you were writing before to wonder if the anti-Christ might be from China.

    No one has talked about General McInerney’s statement from last year about BLM and other events looking like the softening up of a population prior to invasion. On the other hand, they have already taken over so much, that military invasion may be unnecessary. If they take over, it’s because Americans have let them and they are around 20% of the world population. Chinese immigrants and Chinese in China need to be distinguished. We don’t need immigrants, period, so that partly solves the Chinese immigrant problem.

    However, are you going to damn even Christian Chinese? Or the many Chinese who oppose this festival? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lychee_and_Dog_Meat_Festival China is huge and even has different ethnicities. I don’t believe we can ever damn an entire population, even if 99% were bad. From what you wrote, I think you mean the majority, and not everyone.

    I may leave the comment on Bishop Schneider for another post and another time, because it really doesn’t fit into the discussion on China.

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    1. I find your question of aren’t there some good Chinese, a bit disconcerting to say the least. Have you heard that war is hell; I believe you have and just mentioned it in another comment recently? We are at war just in case any of the real good Americans; haven’t noticed! Whether it is the Chinese taking us over from within and then slowly sending most of us off to death camps or the Islamist’s chopping our heads off; because unless you could prove you are a full bore Commie or an Islamist that is what would be your fate! Both groups subscribe to Satan and that is the war we are in globally now; of the godless against the Godly! Jesus taught that God will “spit out the lukewarm,” and to me the wishy-washy fit that description perfectly.

      When the A-Bomb was dropped on Japan at the close of WWII did the pilots on the Enola Gay ask if there were any good Japs and wonder if they on their mission should back off from their sworn duty?

      Did the end of the war in which millions had already lost their lives and Japan wasn’t about to cry uncle in; justify the means? Or let’s consider that there are 2.2 billion Chinese and how they are propping their nation up “all of them” to be the leader of the world, a Communist Atheist Minus some Buddhists and supposed good ones mixed in, which are for all intents and purposes artiest too believing in a false god! And so excuse me, if they do all become the leaders of the world with a CCP ruling it do you think they will care which of us in America are Christians Jews or Atheists when they come to our country and take over?

      Further doesn’t it appear that the Land of the Dragon that tosses live dogs into boiling vats alive to eat them and their cortisol calling it a festival is a bit evil, insane and or barbaric? Did those Buddhist or Good Chinese stop that type of thing in their country? Did they stop their nation from being a “brutal evil atheistic regime” that has “committed genocide” on many occasions? I come up with a big fat zero to all of these questions and for Good Reason. To me there are no such thing as Good Chinese and Bad Ones; they all are the enemy now by proxy and or guilt by association; so guess what, I care about fellow Christian Patriotic Americans more and will defend them and my country before any other nation or any of its people that are the enemies of mine! That is called being a True Blue American. I never believe in giving aid and comfort to the enemy or going to bed with the devil! Lindsey Graham and other lying dirt bag politicians do and they are many of the persons responsible for allowing America to go off the rails the way it has! He back on April 3, 2011 said on Face the Nation that Islam should be given some elite and untouchable status in our nation putting them outside of and above the Constitution of the US when he stated “I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war”; and basically he said all True Blue Americans would be the radicals or even domestic terrorists to think or say otherwise! He would prefer that America allow Sharia Law to be alive and well in America! Or maybe he means us non-Muslim Americans can peacefully co-exist with Jihadists by just letting them do their own thing in “our country” that they or Islam do not believe in or give a rat’s ass about, and actually are sworn enemies of; being in direct opposition to one another; so why should Islamists who live in America have to abide by our US Constitution or our Christian principled and founded nation under God!

      I see too many people getting priorities mixed up in this once Great Nation and when push comes to shove; so many will just give in and give up like the sheeple they are! This is a priority on my mine!

      God bless,
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

      I do agree on the attack potential and the buying out of Americans and America, aka Biden has been in their back pocket nearly his whole ugly career! Strong possibility the antichrist is in China or at least they are in direct linkage with him and his nation, Islam aka Iran/Turkey/Syria or N. Korea are somewhat potential other locations.

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