People in the hospital are not dy!ng from C0V!D says hosp!tal nurse – Added details about Remdesivir

Excellent video to watch here and get firsthand accounts from decent people! Wake up America!

Screenshot_2021-12-06 People in the hospital are not dy ng from C0V D says hosp tal nurse – Added details about Remdesivir(5)

Just in case there are still some folks; these essays I do here on Word Press could reach to be beneficial in providing some solid reliable data to the equation so that such persons will have their eyes and minds wide open to the TRUTH, while there is still time to respond to the global Communism plan of installing Totalitarianism and then depopulating the planet of hundreds of millions of citizens if not billions before 2028! There is no Conspiracy Theory but there is a Reality Agenda in place and anyone with their wits about them who has been conscious and paying attention during the last 2 years should understand by now that there has been a comprehensive global plan put in place; to take basic rights away from the masses and be able to put them into lock-down mode whenever the dictators, who are the leading people in the government power structure along with medical government bureaucrats like ANThony Fauci.  Just today the insane and satanic New York Governor Hochul ordered another Lock-down Emergency; you see how this will play out going forward!

I don’t like being crude or projecting images to people that are sickening or even gross; but speaking the total truth is now imperative as we are at war and it’s going to get much worse, unless a Miracle comes to the rescue from God giving people a reprieve from the diabolical events that are ahead in the not too distant future; that is why being cognizant of all of these things should inspire people to pray diligently to Jesus Christ! What we would truly benefit by as a Freedom loving people is to see a full implementation and restoration of the Rule of Law put back in place to actually get the governments going on apprehending all corrupt agents like Fauci!  They are completely responsible along with many other individuals; who once in custody, to then be tried and convicted as its quite obvious what they have done and are absolutely responsible for; Crimes Against Humanity, Mass Murder or Genocide, so the time is coming to begin, stretching many necks at the end of a rope, which is a Full Measure of Justice in this case; totally appropriate and warranted to bring societies and civilization back from the brink of destruction!

The following essays I posted this week are chock full of helpful and vital factual information for any of you to consider while you try to understand the gravity of the situation and what is going to happen to many of us citizens if these nefarious persons and their plan are not stopped soon.

One thing I read in a special report which like other cancelled information I’m always concerned it may disappear was how Bill Gates with several other top billionaires are working very closely with Communist China already; having been in a comprehensive plan to depopulate the planet. Here is a portion of that agenda presented in this article which I do include the link to the full article.
“Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and nine other American “foreign experts” in engineering and technology have been elected as new members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). This might seem an odd fit for uber-capitalist Gates, since the CAE is the People’s Republic of China’s elite society of technology professionals who have proven their service to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Communist State. But like many other super-wealthy westerners, Gates has shown himself sympatico to authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Together with David Rockefeller, George Soros, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, and a small clutch of additional billionaires, Gates formed a cabal they dubbed “The Good Club,” which seems to be fixated on population control. Its members are uncomfortably comfortable with China’s coercive (and murderous) One Child policy as an answer to population “problems.”

China’s People’s Daily reported on November 27 that “Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and chairman of TerraPower, has been elected as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), one of the country’s top academic institutions.” “The CAE recently elected 67 new domestic members and 18 new foreign members,” the news report stated. “Among the 18 foreign experts, 10 come from US, 3 from the UK, 3 from Australia, 1 from Japan, and 1 from Russia.”

The relationships are established and the plans have been leaking out to the public, so we are looking at a global puzzle if you will, which we clearly see by bringing the pieces together what the agenda actually is!
God bless America!
God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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5 thoughts on “People in the hospital are not dy!ng from C0V!D says hosp!tal nurse – Added details about Remdesivir”

  1. Yep! I’ve been using the name Dr. Faucinstein for a while now, but I think that it may be just a bit insufficient to the totality of his atrocities. After seeing The High Wire Episode 245 and its interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. and his book, Faucinstein is more than a monster. He is and has been a demon (no angel) of death, a satanic scientist (SS) who has proclaimed himself as “Mr. Science”, the god of the unholy trinity of CDC, FDA and NIH. Then there is his false prophet Biden and his many priests praising everything about the great Dr. Faucinstein, SS, death and hell.

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    1. Absolutely appropriate and I love it! I like to call them the way I see them too and it’s too God easy to see what that man is! My question immediately is why hasn’t any of our US Congress seen him this way over the decades; four of them, and not preferred charges or at least a Senate investigation? Well I think we both know the answer and it’s not pretty or saying much for the State of the Union these United States of America or is it United States of Communism? Ditch Mitch is really proving my conclusion about him lately in spades; totally an insider as corrupt as any Demoncrat Socialist has ever been and why wouldn’t he be invested with his Chinese brother-in-law in one of the biggest ship cargo container companies in the world! They’re all cleaning up while selling us out to whoever wants to deal with us when the crying is done! Maybe it will be the Taliban God knows they have a nice little High-Tech Army that’s well supplied with gunships and whatnot thanks to two-timer Scranton Crazy Joe! Maybe Ditch Mitch will cut-em a cheap deal, to ship those gunships to our shores so they can use them on the citizenry! That way one hand helping the other and eliminating mutual objectives.
      Hey Faucinstein is absolutely diabolical and usurps demonic forces from hell; the menace should have been locked away in GITMO ages ago and summarily executed, so those are my honest sentiments of that SOB and the others!

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      1. When the blind lead the blind, nobody can see the pit. Don’t have to be a Vulcan with pointed ears and green blood to see that logic. Ha! Oh. Try USSA (United Socialists States of America) Been that way fir some time now. LOLGB+

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      2. All true but America has been allowed to be led by the blind, asinine and stupid for decades now; so might be a bit late in the game to get enough of the lost up to speed without some miracle!

        The United States of Communism?

        Dah; our enemies even told us so and who cared to listen and take preventative measures? On the contrary they got busy helping them! Ah-huh, we had a nuclear arms race but when it came to using the old noodle better than the bad guys it was, “fat and skinny had a race up and down the pillow case and fat said it wasn’t fair because he lost his underwear!” Thanks Bernie you troll, that never worked an honest day in ya life or held a real job outside of being a blood sucking commie; in American Government no less! What is this crap? Just too many people out to lunch or on the take is the deal!

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