Covid 19 Light Bight

Thanks for the positive knowledge! Been doing this and no masks since Spring of 2020. I had an industrial chemical injury to my lungs years back and weaned off of meds and antibiotics feeling better than in years while using all naturalistic approach to health! It works for me as I’m meds free and doing better than many people half my age! Use your heads folks and live right. Don’t abuse your bodies and health; making sure you eat the right things to keep that immune system powerful that God blessed us with! Amen.

An herbal tea I like is Green tea then I add fresh grated ginger root, half a fresh lemon with pulp, raw honey, cayenne pepper and it you hate such a bitter strong taste add some favorite fruit juice when ready to drink it. I add all the ingredients in a big mug then pour in the brewed tea so as not to cook those powerful components keeping them potent; really kicks the immune system into play during the winter months especially good! Keep your gut health strong; the key to excellent health.
God bless.
Brother in Christ,

The Tree of Life

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th January, 2022

Or Covid 19 Lite Bite. Take your pick. I am trying to complete a post on the Australian statistics on Coronavirus. This is coming together.

I am also trying to hammer together a post on Jay Pritzker, governor of Illinois. As he is rather a large man, and there is an awful lot of stuff on the internet about him, or a lot of awful stuff on the internet about him, this is a bit of a struggle.

To be honest, you could write a book about him. Then throw it at him. This would hopefully knock him senseless as it would be extremely heavy, and you could then chain him up for life.

Anyway, I thought I would do a small post to fill the gap for the starving masses (!) by producing a snack which will hopefully be of use. A healing…

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Parsley and apple soup – try something new


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Posted by Sophia Dane16. November 2021. Posted in Soups Tags:apple, parsley, Recipe, soup

Reblog by: Lawrence Morra III

Zero Lift-Off   Only The Beginning

November 16, 2021

Fantastic combination and I can’t wait to try it this week Dearest! The only complaint I have its the white bowl! I hate anything white as in the light spectrum or band of colors it totally lacks character or substance; true integrity! It is masking or hiding all colors as White light to our eye appears to cancel colors or steal them in a sense, interfering. You know like when someone is very sick they always say you look as white as a sheet, no color in those cheeks or you’re as pale as a ghost, and well ghosts from my experience are always as white as a sheet and not good characters.

And with such a wide array of colors in the natural palette of the light spectrum I always look for bold and rich color in things and even people, in their outward appearance as well as their inner designs and purposes; as genuine character and substance matter most of all, so colorful on the inside adds so much dimension and depth to a person! I could never trust a person that exemplifies white or carries that kind of aura with them like a brand, unless it were maybe a white flag of surrender of the enemy!

For me this dish will be perfect served in a bowl with deep rich color, say like a shade of blue, red or orange and be so much more appetizing!  Colors do trigger endorphins in the brain just like smell or taste it’s the whole combination that matters in the end! Red according to many experts makes the heart beat faster, to me some anticipation is always great, and yellow gets the metabolism going, so the combination makes for one big hungry appetite! Then after such a perfect indulgence one can sit back and take it all in with a sense of pride or accomplishment and feel “satisfied;” heck that is what any meal should do! My Mantra!

I’m going to try this as an experiment too!  No matter what; I will enjoy this, already am, and it’s a blast to get down to the truth of it! Amen.

          🌟🌟✨💫🙏 🤗❤️ 🙏💗 ✝️ 💗🙏 🤗🙏🌟🌟✨💫

All things in their proper place!

Sophia Says: 😃Wonderful, my friend! I have to admit I am thrilled with your comment! I will try with a bolder and richer color next time, so let’s see what the effect will be 😉. Although I have to admit that when buying dishes, I always choose white with details in a different color. 

Thank you again and I see how you feel! But, my deepest point in all of this perspective is to point to weakness and distraction that comes in all shapes and sizes! Having been a professional photographer in both still and motion pictures I did develop and eye for details and what clashes or takes away from the central subject! Accentuation is important and that is what I believe you mean when you say you get the colorless dish with only strong accent of some color or design pattern on it like say gold trim which is very typical and a standard tradition.

Also with that more colorless background the food tends to stand out as the central focus, in a sense not having any choice! But my concept of adding dimension to the presentation with perhaps an opposite approach where the container adds dimension, depth and more character to the overall presentation, while using added subliminal messages that actually enhance the featured item more! Rather than just making the stand alone against a blank or drab background the approach; this may be just what the doctor ordered! And in this case create more interest and appetite in the onlooker to want to try the item on the menu dinner plate or bowl for the first time; or in the least be developing a stronger appetite for it again.

A combination effect is what I’m driving at, and the enhancement of the desired objective in the first place; to bring product and consumer together in a rich enjoyable experience that has plenty of balance and a more secure truthful steady power, of not only flash in the pan eye catching appeal that can be so lacking in presentation or genuine staying power! Just as this is so true even in people, but, instead we are offering real substance or quality that is long lasting, so that in turn the relationship is more balanced and continuous, honest to goodness; real harmony filled with love and passion not only for the prepared dish but the overall experience really becoming more a gift from God; than some cheapened facsimile or even phony pretender!

There is good and evil in all things in this world as we well know, that clash and battle which was set in motion long ago, and these forces vie for our attention as well submission, so we mustn’t be fooled; but the power of truth, justice and light must and always will prevail over the false or lie! Even in the competition for our stomachs cravings, as we all must eat to live and live to eat; how else could it be said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all!

Blessings and success to you my Dearest Friend and Sister!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III
    🌟🌟✨💫🙏 🤗❤️ 🙏💗 ✝️ 💗🙏 🤗🙏🌟🌟✨💫

All things in their proper place!

apple, parsley, Recipe, soup

This healthy and delicious soup is prepared from baked parsley and apples. It has a very interesting taste. It is not complicated to prepare, and it is always worth trying something new!

We need:

  • 1 medium-sized root peeled and chopped parsley root
  • 1 medium-sized apple that you peeled and cut into quarters
  • 1 onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • Thyme
  • Large sea salt
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • 2 cups soup
  • Olive oil


In a small deeper pan, place the chopped apple and parsley root, pour over the pepper, thyme and pour a little oil.

Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes at a moderate temperature – until the parsley and apple are soft.

Meanwhile, fry the chopped onion and garlic in oil in a deep pan for a few minutes. Add the apples and parsley together with the liquid he released and two cups of soup. When the soup boils, reduce the temperature and cook for 10 minutes. Using a mixer or blender, puree the ingredients.

If your soup is too thick, add water. Add salt and pepper.


World Council for Health launches with publication of at-home Covid treatment guide

Let’s pray that we now will see the opposite promulgation of health data from all of the fraudulent, biased and manipulated propaganda narrative, that all MSM and most if not all government agencies along with many medical institutions have pummeled the public with 24/7 for the last 18 months!

Perhaps if enough responsible and appropriate individuals will stand up for Truth and Justice, no matter how much resistance or flack that may come their way; we could turn a New Leaf and open a New Chapter in the Nightmare called Covid-19, and begin an honest Full Recovery of The People as well as Societies; while all the responsible perpetrators for the Big Lie must and will face their day of Justice; paying a “Full Measure” for all crimes committed! Amen.
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

By World Council for Health

The World Council for Health launches today with a clear-cut mission to provide the latest unbiased scientific guidance as collected from around the world. This doctor-led guidance is to help the public make the best health decisions. It kicks off with a comprehensive guide on how to manage Covid-19 at home.

The World Council for Health is an umbrella coalition, starting with 45 health-focused groups from around the world. They will provide refreshingly honest medical leadership during the covid health emergency and for many other matters of health now and in the future.

One of the World Council for Health’s fundamental principles is to build trust with the public. Confidence in public institutions has been eroding, so The World Council for Health has established itself to be completely independent of governments, pharmaceutical companies and other financial and political stakeholders. In this way the council is…

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Take Your Medicine

Originally posted on hopesongblog:
“Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.” -Aldous Huxley Have you ever had your primary care physician tell you to eat right, exercise, sleep good, go to church, and surround yourself with friends/family/nature? Probably not. Instead, I’m sure they’re responses tend to lean…

What an Excellent overview of the actual situation Hope. Immediately I was reminded of what I perceived in all of this Covid fiasco. How we are interfering with the natural capabilities of human immune response in a way that was previously not the case for a virus if left to its own devices while people’s immune response is also encouraged or left to its own natural built-in capability allows for a 99.98% recovery success, especially if some simple steps are taken none of which involve injecting experimental concoctions into our bodies that manipulate our genes while actually serving to not try teaching an old dog new tricks but instead teach a younger dog new ones such as how to overcome a person’s immune response to these new dogs who are eager to learn and quite capable!

That in itself doesn’t sound too scary but what if at the same time that is happening the person’s immune system is also being trained to overreact and start doing crazy things like attack the immune system’s owner, and so like “a stupid pet trick gone wild” the person has such a hurricane over the top response take place, that the persons pulmonary system overwhelms itself with excessive fluid buildup and even bleeding as minute capillaries rupture and severe pneumonia begins taking place, while this same immune system fails to identify the new younger dogs learning their new tricks that now get them past the locked doors, and get inside the inner most barriers to help tear things up, making such a huge mess creating the “cytokine storm,” when things start going downhill fast; at that point nothing will help and respiratory failure occurs!

I get very ticked off about this while insane scenarios that are being designed, because I suffered a catastrophic industrial scale pulmonary injury in a hazardous work environment that messed up my life at the time severely and then forced me into acute emergency medical care when previously being 100% healthy and youthful, especially for my age showing no signs of slowing down, and being like individuals half my age feeling like I could easily reach 100 to 110 years of age no problem; to then becoming a basket case on all types of Meds. Antibiotics and Bronchodilators a guy that never smoked or even touched pot! I ended up even finding out that not only was the medical profession getting hazardous to ones health but that the workers compensation bureaucracy and insurance company marriage designed not to help you and I, but rather to cover or protect someone else’s backside for profit namely the corporations and insurance companies, so the lawyers for the most part are working in a failed system and are like doctors these days, mostly appeasers not real honest problem solvers or protectors of human beings!

I ended up being blessed to have the one judge in the whole system at that time who was going to listen to me and my determined request to defend myself while very ill, when it’s the courts interest to just move the case on out of the system quickly and efficiently, but my explaining myself sincerely and well enough, while also hedging my own bets because God was really helping me to perceive so many things simultaneously to clearly discern all factors like a good lawyer, that I could and would play a bit of politics or use the perceived leverage I had in my particular politicized circumstances to my advantage tactfully, and, I could project or articulate that I have such advantage clearly, to give pause to my request enough for the judge to say to me; that I could try this approach! And so then I went on to prove myself as a scientific deductive logic minded person, as well as a good lawyer be it Pro Se, without ever having a single law school course in my life! So my case instead of being put into the typical revolving door and booted out of the system as quickly as possible turned out to be an unusual case that went on for nearly four years while I tactfully fought my own battle and asked Jesus Christ to help me each day!

Another saving grace from God was early on I went to a top world renowned medical institution to get an assessment and by a God Send was placed into the care of a great humanitarian lady doctor/scientist/professor/department chairperson director at a most prestigious medical school, who was more old school than most any doctors these days and who once we had established our perfect doctor patient relationship could fully trust each other working together toward the most important common goal we absolutely had, which was my survival and success on all fronts! She said at that point to “remember moving forward Lawrence, that any other doctors you may need to acquire in addition,” to her wonderful care that as she went on to put it, “make sure they have your best interest at heart!” How many doctors or people these days take responsibility like that; and totally mean it without any doubt? I can tell you as my dilemma went forward I found she was like a diamond, like a saint or angel, I so love that woman; and nobody else came close to being like her, as I did see several other specialists over the course of my ordeal, but, I look back and see how with all of them it was the bottom-line and just going along to get along with them for the most part; as they were not that interested in me or my life!

So I shared all of this to say that this is how we all have to look at the current situation with regard to Covid and all of these bureaucratic decisions being made about our personal health and freedoms! Who is really going to care at the end of the day about you the way this saintly beautiful woman doctor did for me! Do you think these politicians or most doctors out there do and will? Not a chance, so we have to discern carefully and wisely moving forward; and always seeking Jesus to help us make the right decisions.

I was actually sleeping and suddenly woke up to find this posting here in my mail after only a few hours’ sleep just like I used to do when I was fighting my own case and would wake up writing what popped into my thoughts explaining my own objections or motions in the legal brief coupled with hard science that my beautiful humanitarian doctor provided to me, so that I could succeed and I did in the end pretty darn well; enough so that the Judge liked and respected me just as I did him and it was a good experience for us all to learn from in the end! He, this judge went on telling me how, “No lawyer could have or would have done any better,” than I did for my own case! This is what I hope I can pass on to people in this story here, to seek out the balance and the true guidance from our Lord that is there for the asking, but, we have to be willing to do the work or hang in there until we succeed or reach the final stage of getting to the destination God sees fit in that given circumstance!

Your line in this great article that jumped out at me right away was this; “He wasn’t money hungry, but compassionate and selfless to the core.”

That’s just like my wonderful humanitarian doctor God brought me to!

That is the problem today so many people are in it for self and money! A corrupted “Ways of the World” dynamic that pollutes and corrupts everything it can! We have to find ways around that game plan because we and our bodies that God designed for us to live healthily in are capable of miraculous potentiality and we don’t need some bizarre concocted toxic injections designed by not necessarily good men that “have our best interest at heart;” but who only care about power and bigger and more money! That was of course the premise behind this vaccine push both money and power or Control.

God bless you and all those who need help in this severely trying time. Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


“Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.” -Aldous Huxley

Have you ever had your primary care physician tell you to eat right, exercise, sleep good, go to church, and surround yourself with friends/family/nature? Probably not.

Instead, I’m sure they’re responses tend to lean toward: “hey! There’s a pill for that!”

It’s no wonder that holistic medicine (natural remedies) are frowned upon in this modern era. There’s simply no money to be made from a healthy individual with a strong immune system.

Today’s Doctor’s aren’t the only ones to blame however. Think about old Doc’ Baker from Little House on the Prairie, for example. He was a good doctor because he told his patients the truth (a hard pill to swallow). He truly cared about their well-being to the point of offending/angering his patients. He wasn’t money hungry, but compassionate and selfless…

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The Dirty Dozen or There’s no such thing as an ANTI-VAXXER.

Originally posted on 'This Side of Life':
The ANTIVAXXER moniker is propounded on by industry to keep you from even thinking about the VACCINE-INJURED There are, however, plenty of these: The “Controlled Opposition” category is extremely complex. It involves word-use and propaganda and brainwashing, too. If you do study it, it will take a while…

Hello Joyce…What a tremendous effort and comprehensive report here; I’m flabbergasted by what I can learn from this one piece of work and realizing now how much I didn’t know or understand well enough! You are a true “Truth Seeker and Warrior for God” in my humble opinion.

I was just talking with a sister earlier today about how much foolishness and waste of time is occurring on the internet on the many social media platforms or how people have issues that they are feeding or spreading in this cyber spider’s web I hate to say. I see things way more critically now than I used to just several to a dozen years ago and how I even used to slip into the traps that are readily available for people to become entwined in. I see how light and darkness are battling at a fever pitch everywhere now, and, I do know from even my own life experience that God is there, but the Devil is doing all he can to trip up those who are drawn to the light and truth of God Almighty; call it temptations, diversion, distraction or battle plans.

I responded to one of my postings from yesterday to a comment made on it, which you may have seen but even so I would like to leave it here as I hope my POV is relative to this so insightful dissertation and presentation you have provided graciously for anyone who is seeking understanding.

“Yes Mary Anne, that has become the new Mantra for many leaders and maybe most people in this God forsaken world of Fake Phony Lifestyle’s and People; “I Don’ Care Anymore!” A world of humanity running Pell-mell to the Precipice; not toward any Virtue or Glory, as for example the way our American Forebears saw life and lived it!

This is a world of delusion and “scam upon scam;” sorry to say, heading to “hell in a hand basket!” Now that is all so negative; and I admit even I don’t like to realize and see it so much as to how locked into this doom mankind actually is, but, the good news in what I just said recently in other writings and again now, is though this human race and civilization will implode due to all the evil straight from the “pits of hell” which permeates civilization, we know that it’s a “foregone conclusion” that “Victory” is on the way in short order, relatively speaking; because God in the “words” and reality of “Jesus Christ,” told us He would return to put an end to all this strife/turmoil, and that sin would be no more! I’m happy about that more than anything else!

This to me is what trusting in the Lord is all about! Amen.
God bless you and yours.”

Joyce, I’m very moved by your work and I’m happy to say you are not anywhere near the sort I was referring to when speaking with my sister! You are “exemplary” in all you are doing here and I pray God continues to guide you to do His will here or anywhere you “apply your expertise” because the world is in sorry shape like never before, and humanity needs the “special souls” out there “like you with the wisdom, courage and power of faith in God” to carry on making a difference.

I think I may have mentioned before and if not I am now how I will hope at the right moment that I will be inspired and directed to add something of substantive value to your efforts here if I can; because I would be honored!

Side note; for some reason I thought about you today wondering what you are doing on this site and how I would have to check today to catch up and then, lo and behold, I got online and saw your notice in my Word Press cue, and, I swear to God the very first new notification! And if you get a chance to ever review some of my older posting you can get to see how these little “dots being connected” or events mean so much to me and I know where they are coming from; with no doubt in my mind or heart! We are truly all in the hands of God!

God bless you and yours. Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

'This Side of Life'

The ANTIVAXXER moniker is propounded on by industry to keep you from even thinking about the


There are, however, plenty of these:

The “Controlled Opposition” category is extremely complex. It involves word-use and propaganda and brainwashing, too. If you do study it, it will take a while to gain a good feel for the nuances. In the meantime…

Let’s look at what has happened since 1986 and the passage of






H.R.5546 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 is not Broken; It never worked—Repeal it!








And the number given in 2019?



Well—lookie there—since those smiling people have been helping us, the pharmaceutical industry has gotten rich, rich, rich… I’d like to see the financials of those calling themselves “Anti-Vaxxers…” It would be nice to see how closely their financials track.

Mind you, I only have…

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Even If

“There is no cure or magic treatment”

Perfect! What a beautiful comprehensive write up on this difficulty you are experiencing that I can’t imagine being produced any better than what you have here constructed for all to learn from and share!


“There is no cure or magic treatment,” you “hit the proverbial nail on the head” saying this because after some of the nightmares I’ve had to sustain through over the last dozen or so years that were blatant attacks upon my wellbeing I too learned that there isn’t much that can be done or as you said, “no magic cures,” for so many of the things that hurt us whether they are physical or psychological.  Of course many in the medical industry will say there is this med or that one to manage the condition but let me tell you most of that is hogwash and most meds will mess up a person much more ultimately being toxic, and will eventually kill.

Too many people in this world are arrogant and self-centered saying they don’t need God and are so antichrist they are surely headed to hell in a hand basket; no two ways about it!  This Scripture is perfect, and you placed it here for a God given reason as I see it perfectly from my experiences that hurt me; and what it tells us all. It is a matter of Faith and what or who we put our Trust in; that is absolutely and unequivocally what God is telling us through our living in this world, telling all of us in Plain Truth by our experiences; but so many are rebellious! Here for such a short time and they would rather be on their high horse trying to deny the Author of the Universe, but they only doom themselves in the end; a test my sister!

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.” Psalm 28:7

I’ll say a prayer for you now and I thank you for showing such strength of character and heart that I know God will respond to in His way!  You’re on a mission for God and working to serve His plan.  Amen.
God bless you and yours.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6


Originally posted on The Most Revolutionary Act:

Excellent heads up for people to make note of for holistic home remedies that are very effective and simple to make.

For years I’ve made a tea which consists of using half a lemon juice, all the pulp and a bit of the rind grated into a large cowboys tin coffee mug that I use for its large size. I then add a good heaping tablespoon of fresh grated ginger root (sorry I make mine extra strong and you may only want to add two teaspoons) along with 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw wild honey. Then I toss in a few pinches of cayenne pepper as the last ingredient before the tea. Finally I add freshly very well steeped green tea which goes in last so as not to add heat to the fresh ingredients for too long, allowing their chemical properties not to be altered; basically keeping them potent. I use this concoction as an immune system stimulate or booster when feeling a cold coming on and it has worked wonders for me! Even over time curing me of a continuous sinus problem I had for many years getting severely clogged sinuses due mostly to environmental allergic responses or histamine response, which would cause my sinuses to become infected sending me to the doctor getting on the virtual merry-go-round of taking antibiotics and powerful steroids to open my sinus passages up! All of which would have a rebound effect even exacerbating the issue killing gut floral bacteria and then throw off the immune system further, to again becoming a vicious cycle of debilitating illness for many years. Some people I know had the same problem and would keep going in circles until a doctor would recommend even surgery to open all the passages up which is crazy in my book; unless a person was born with some actual defect!

Tin Mug

The headaches and debilitating effect of the problem were so bad at times it would prohibit me from working and then my needing to stay in bed resting as best I could. Sometimes I would add a half shot to a shot of ginger brandy, and this is a bitter pill or tea to swallow but good medicine isn’t supposed to taste luscious as my grandmother or mother would say when I was growing up. I made this curative drink up myself when reading about homemade medicinal cures along with having been an advanced chemistry student in my educational days giving me a leg up on useful chemical combinations or their properties found in nature, and after talking to my mother about how she thought lemons had such a good effect in warding off or reducing colds.

I actually haven’t made the quinine before but plan to start doing it, and I do know that many island peoples of the south pacific or even prisoners on the infamous French Penal Colony “Devil’s Island” took quinine pills to stave off malaria in those tropical jungle environments.

If anyone tries this I have to say, it did work wonders for me but doesn’t necessarily mean it will straightaway for you, although I was religious about drinking it when I started out almost daily then; eventually when I had no more sinus issues and slowed down drinking it I mainly made up some when I felt a bit ill like a cold or flu coming on, so I would nip it in the bud and drink it daily again; and lo and behold no cold came!

God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act






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