The Tearing Apart of America; Many Taking a Pound of Flesh

🇺🇸Louis 🇺🇸 USMC VET  Thanks Sir for your continued service and Patriotism to Our Country as we face I believe the worst hardships and attacks upon our Nation which began with the 9/11 evil that was directed on American soil and that Evil was perpetuated by internal forces as well as those outside of Our Sovereign Nation under God these United States of America!  We will stand Our Ground and defend this Nation from ALL enemies with every ounce of strength and love that we have for this Land and Our Fellow Patriotic American Citizens, I dare say I myself declare to my very last breath!  God Bless America the Land that I love!  God Bless You and Yours Fine Sir and Friend!

🇺🇸Louis 🇺🇸 USMC VET Without a doubt all you have said here is accurate and truth!  I see all around me especially being in a locked up solid Blue state how it went from typical political banter and some cronyism with a sprinkle of corruption in the past to a now completely wired and fully corrupted MACHINE that is so anti-American I dare say it is now Anti-God!

A project here costing taxpayers hundreds of millions which I know violated the 5th and 14th Amendments outright while crushing citizens lives or kicking them around, only I was one that resisted tooth and claw putting a target on my back which is still there and can remain until I see culpability; scamming the public to ingratiate cronies and fat cats making our own government here a crime syndicate way worse than the Mafia used to be once upon a time! There are so many not just politicians or fat cats that sold out but almost everybody and his brother has signed up with the evil program to get something for nothing for themselves!  It’s basically everything is up for grabs and get some while you can, winner take all! This is like “Let’s Make a Deal,” screw America!

This shit has got to end before it is too late or the country will sink into anarchy and chaos!  The freaking senators in DC have been complicit skating around many evolving issues over the years just trying to hang on to their own vested interests and had a devil may care attitude, the old keeping the status-quo or passing the buck and kicking the can bullshit, like the Bushes and Romney and even McCain who I forgive more because I think he became very defective during his prisoner of war hardship (who knows maybe even some facsimile of being a Manchurian Candidate plant who came close but no cigar); and then after his war ordeal daddy and others only enabled his madness!  If nothing else, without trying to throw stones at anyone in particular it just comes down to very ineffective governance and certain politicians were much worse than others!  I don’t mention Dems because we all know how ugly looking and evil they have been as they became the party of Satan!  But, the problem now is they allowed too much to get out of control and we have multiple internal battles to fight and win while a host of enemies already live here from Iran and other parts of the Middle East as Americans many not having any desire for our American heritage and values to survive, waiting on the sidelines like vultures looking for their pound of flesh; and now freak-in Caravans looking to drive another wedge into the bleeding heart of America!

We are at War and must get tough and I know the Marines and all the other service branches are up to this tall order, so I pray we will be expeditious in Victory for America! God Bless You and Yours and These United States of America! ✝🙏

Lawrence Morra



The Sierra Club; a Tool of the Left

The following is a letter sent to me from the Sierra Club and my reply!


Shootings, pipe bombs, hate crimes, conspiracy theories — our hearts go out to everyone touched by the violence and hate over the past few weeks, especially our members and supporters in the Jewish and African American communities. But even as we mourn, we must not let political violence escalate while our government’s leadership fans the flames of hatred. We must fight back — not with anger, but by confronting darkness with hope and action.

After years of hateful political rhetoric, the past two weeks have seen a rash of intense political violence. Last week, in addition to the mass shooting in Pittsburgh, Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones were murdered at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky after the murderer tried to enter and attack a predominantly black church to murder its members.1 Over a dozen pipe bombs were mailed to news outlets and politicians.2 Fear-mongering about immigrants, a rush to further militarize the border, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories peddled about refugees and George Soros — these hateful actions were fueled by rhetoric dangerously embraced and repeated by Trump and his allies.3, 4 And still Trump doubles down — calling the press “the true enemy of the people” and embracing the term “nationalist,” as he and his political allies continue to call for the jailing of their political rivals.5, 6, 7

At the Sierra Club, we believe in protecting the human and natural environments. All people deserve a healthy planet –that means not just the right to clean air and clean water, but the right to live in safe communities, and includes the  right to a life free of discrimination, hatred, and violence.

As an organization with volunteers, staff, and members from all walks of life, we are in solidarity with those communities who have been attacked because of their identities and who are mourning. end


Many organizations are not what they appear to be and some people can’t see the forest for the trees!

What the hell are you talking? All the Democratic Party has done since the last presidential election is fan the flames of division and exclusion while not even accepting the will of the people that voted! The election was over and Trump was duly elected and no sooner that occurred when the Democrats would not accept that result and they all began the ugly rhetoric and insane attacks upon the new President and Our Democracy! Obstruction and division is all the Dems are about so they can maintain power and control.

You left wing nuts are all the same talking crap and fueling the hatred and confusion of the masses to your own ends to get power and money! You are a bunch of lying hypocrites and I’m sick and tired of everyone one of you Leftist, Socialist Nuts cases; so take me off your list I’m not interested in lies or propaganda! You’re acting like a bunch of Communist or Nazi stooges!  Look at the disgusting way the Dems behaved through the most recent SCOTUS confirmation process being so partisan and corrupting the process with a pile of lies and crap to derail Kavanaugh!

All of you are so demented you won’t even see the forest for the trees; that you Democrats are in fact the bad guys, and you better get right before judgment day or you will be suffering for eternity! Or maybe you have no belief in God the one God that will judge every human soul! I’m done with you people, change and get a life or be damned it’s your choice and grave!  And stop trying to use hope and goodness for another tool in your arsenal of manipulation tactics!

As Dad always said, give a bad guy enough rope and he’ll hang himself! Seems like you are all on that mission in spades! Sierra Club was once a decent little organization with good values and people; it is now a scum city tool of the LEFT!!!

Now for my conclusion to what this means to me in no uncertain terms!

Folks ask yourselves if you really have faith in God and His plan or have you been putting your hope in the man-made plan of this world? It’s been said that in the end time of this world which has always been passing away since sin entered man; that this world would become so corrupted by the Evil One  people would prefer death over having to carry on in the earthly life; that despair would replace the desire to be here!

To me it isn’t hard to see that we have arrived at such a time and place in human history! I heard a scientist on 60 minutes over the weekend which once was a reputable news program but it too has been used to manipulate the masses!  This scientist spoke of so many worlds out there in space that there has to be life and therefore he is so convinced that the SETI program is going to find it in time because computers are speeding up the search process!  He and many others believe in the plans of this world! What if the only intelligent life that exists is on this little speck in the cosmos? And even if there is someplace trillions of light years away its absurd to think we can find it or if we did so what!  There is no way anyone or anything can travel those distances, it’s all a dead end but this smart scientist is too stupid or stubborn to admit his error!

Instead of looking for answers in this material world which is thoroughly influenced by the Prince of Darkness all people should be looking inwardly into themselves on a spiritual plane of thought and consciousness and be seeking the Eternal God the Creator; who knows all things and will give us the answer we need and truly desire! To be free of this death and destruction and be Delivered unto His Holy presence and Eternal Kingdom as we live here caught between two opposing forces of Good and Evil, trying our best to hold onto Faith and Hope each day as we do what we can and help here and there to the best of our abilities! Not to be caught up in pie in the sky nonsense or how the computer is going to save the human race, that is all poppycock and wasted energy, but more importantly the Devil wants people to lose their way and become more caught up in Falsehoods and misdirection!

Don’t be fooled, this is all being used to manipulate just like our once Iconic Great America is being ruined and manipulated by evil now which has really gotten hold of the Democratic Party and made it a gateway to EVIL and the Devil! Many in that party have sold their souls to Satan and don’t you follow them! And yes, I bring up politics because it is entwined in everything of any importance in man’s activities now, but is being targeted and used by Evil to ruin and destroy many souls! Amen

Lawrence Morra


This is What we Getting At


What follows is by means of God’s direction pieces of a human interaction caught in time that came out of an impassioned debate and challenge by opposing forces in the ongoing battle to win souls! The catalyst that brought this battle into focus this time was Stephen Hawking leaving behind his last statements to the public in which one admission and a clear denial that he says there is No God.

Judas you maintain garbage and do not speak as a Christian therefore you are not one! It’s not a deal where you can be a partial Christian or believer in the true and living God! Jesus Christ said and proved who He said He was! No other human being could or ever will be able to lay claim to what he did! He is the Savior and nothing is going to change that, nothing you say or any other turkey on the internet! There is a mountain of historical fact and that coupled with TESTIMONY and Prophesy prove he is the LIVING GOD! You speak with a forked tongue and condemn yourself! You have time to seek the truth and be saved but only you can make the decision to accept Jesus or not! So far you prove that you are too haughty and high and mighty to accept the PLAIN TRUTH! You seek to destroy and lead astray others which are major abominations against GOD! Hawking didn’t accept Jesus by his own broadcasted confession and acknowledgment that he said there is NO GOD! You are doing the same on the net! You put yourself in grave error and danger of damnation! AMEN

Everything you said there is poppycock and nonsense! What you think you see and know as being the TRUTH about this reality and existence is based on pieces of philosophies of mans and science that you concoct into a fashioned tool to deceive others as though you are a superior man and know what is going on when you do not at all! You ramble on with gibberish and no actual truth or solid ground on which to stand! You are like smoke! You speak about man being so failed and not able to get up out of the pit that he tosses himself into, and yet you try to say that man is growing up in a sense to be more cosmic and somehow will leap beyond this tattered and torn state of being; to become in the sometime future an all wise and knowing creature that will be on a transcending level of other dimensions and star trek kind of reality! What a joke!!! You talk about running blindly and yet that is what you are doing; the PLAIN TRUTH has been handed to Mankind in the Name of JESUS CHRIST! That is GOD! What you believe to be God is a figment of your imagination! I dare say nonsense! You have nothing to offer and nothing to base it on! That comes out to ZERO!

Judas read all you have said and see who the idiot is, the same in the mirror! You can’t say you are a Christian and not accept all that Jesus Christ professed and he is the LIVING GOD ALMIGHTY! He is the only one that could possibly take away all the SINS and failures of the “human race” which you yourself said, is so flawed and screwed! You are trying hard to be a forked tongue “deceiver “ but you fail miserably because TRUTH will TRUMP YOU EVERY TIME!!! Castles made of sand! Do NOT STORE UP YOUR TREASURES ON EARTH BUT IN HEAVEN!

I respect everyone for their beliefs, and as someone who was once a Christian for half my life, I like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but your childish behavior isn’t doing anything to win others over to Christ. You resort to petty name calling, and your overzealous attempt to prove that you’re right has utterly poor execution.

Right Jason, from your own mouth or mind you say you were once a Christian, which tells me all I need to know about you; and that I’m not going to take your advice about anything let alone how to win over others to Christ when you obviously reject Him! Thanks but no thanks you aren’t doing very well here other than most likely executing yourself; as the old adage goes give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves! You should probably try a conversation with Robert Torn who might appreciate the fact that you were once a Christian seeing he is a Christian and Jesus Christ bashing expert! You have much more in common with him I dare say than most people on this trend! Amen

You realize it was the Pharisees who mocked Jesus for disregarding the law, but Jesus simply said “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” You mock me for being an unbeliever, and you yourself can’t extend the same love that Jesus commands his followers to give to unbelievers. I don’t know why I even bother with this conversation. I think I’m just that bored. Lol.

I don’t mock you for anything you mock yourself I clearly stated that with your own tongue and mind you state what you are. You are an unbeliever but more importantly you admitted that you once were a Christian which means you reject Jesus Christ! I merely stated the facts as you presented them. Then you conveniently think yourself a Christian for the moment and slice a piece of Scripture from the Bible to conveniently use in your attempt to mock me saying or implying that I’m casting stones and must be like the Pharisees! Don’t talk to me with a forked tongue you will be in serious trouble if you try that trick on me!

If you are an agent of evil you are barking up the wrong tree; I told you who you might have more in common with and to go toy with that person or any like him! I don’t take kindly to devils and serpentine thinking individuals, some are lurking in this post trend and you could very well be one of them! I have battled against evil and still do, so don’t try toying or prying into to my motivations! From what you already announced openly to me you best be working on making up your mind and heart as to whether you have totally rejected Christ Jesus or you are being lukewarm and not sure what you want to be! That is a personal decision, and I won’t be interested in figuring that out with or for you! I do accept that you have attempted something here but because it isn’t clearly defined I will not be engaged with it, that is really up to you to be certain what you want and how to go about achieving it, when talking to someone like me regarding my relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ!

I will add Jason Ritter that if you had a substantial relationship with Jesus Christ for many years as you stated then I have pity on you for having given up on your faith, and what Jesus means to you! I fervently compel you to seek him out in prayer and meditation, reading His word to see what He has to say to you, the Holy Spirit will touch you if you go to him with an open heart and humility! I think that would be the best thing for you to do at this time! Amen

As to Hawking some say, and they called this man a genius yet he was but a fool.
I guess he has found out the error of his statement by now. Too late to make an editorial change.

Oh how true Mary! And the painful truth is for him he wanted to be one, and it clearly states in Scripture there will be those that choose Hell and will march right in! A bit of anger and selfish pride toward God is all it takes to accomplish that feat!
Obviously he was a fraud, phony, fake heathen atheist who thought he knew it all! Get lost punk, glad to see you gone! He was another jerk scientist out to make a buck! Those grants and fellowships sure gave you a good life style while it lasted jerk!

Interesting that none of the ‘religious’ folks here want to take Larry on…
Only devils do but they get a rude awakening! Much easier to do one’s self in than to join the CAUSE!!!

Hey Damien, God actually talked to you? And you were knocking it when others were saying the same thing and you had to put up those sophomoric photos poking fun at them! But, I see you are a man of no faith in God by your very actions because He told you to ignore us guys but here you are always poking around in the business of folks that love Jesus and talk religion quite often! Go figure why would a guy that admits he has no faith or interest in such fools that believe be hanging around on their turf? Could you be a “closet” Christian you really do believe and just pretend that you don’t because maybe you got the idea they would think you a fool otherwise? Something just doesn’t add up about you at all! Well, the truth does have a way of always coming out! mmhhmm Amen to that!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “common sense is genius dressed in working clothes.” Stephen Hawking failed that!


Lawrence Morra

Pushing Elephants to Extinction


Yes it does quite sadly and horrifically continue to be a GENOCIDE!  Because there is Zero Accountability and the mismanagement of Nations; too many corrupted officials or stupid peoples that only care about continuing their petty lives of menial sustenance and reproducing more of the same generation after generation; producing a self-sustaining scourge upon the planet!   This is a War across the entire planet, and the true enemy is mankind!

And saying the current President of the United States of America just doesn’t care is a lot of hot air!  How many governments are there in Africa?  Have you found out how many of those leaders care?  How about the millions of people in Africa, how many of them care?  How about the entire Communist China Party members or people there in China that use Ivory for carvings and trinkets or make magic potions with animal parts; actually care?  Get the point?  No matter how much Trump cares will not change the EQUATION!!! Too many conflicting, crazy, stupid humans that are F-king up the planet and each other and MOST DON’T CARE!!!  You will never get enough of the authorities or peoples to be on the same page and STOP ALL CARNAGE!!!  It’s called a SLIPPERY SLOPE; that goes one way and ends up with one result!  We that care about these matters are a minute fraction of the population overall!  Go figure, and here we are talking about how bad and when will it stop?  One fast way would be for massive numbers of the human race to suddenly vanish or be obliterated, that would push the needle in the opposite direction!  Gee, maybe the Rapture should come very soon, that would get a sizable number of humans off this planet!  Better yet, that would still not solve the problem, so maybe it all comes down to it will all stop or end when it is THE END, JUDGMENT DAY!   I for one will love it!  AMEN

Lawrence Morra

The Murdering of a Puppy

I posted a petition to help in seeing that justice is served for the murder of “Princess” and the suffering this caused for her family!  But, unexpected “Revelation” came from this horrible tragedy!

The following quote was used from the petition as the heading to my post.

“An innocent puppy was reportedly shot and killed while on a walk with her family, including an eight-year-old girl for whom the animal was a gift.  The alleged shooter, 19-year-old Johansen Concepcion De La Ros, was reported to have shot the puppy with a rifle from a second-floor balcony.  When arrested and taken in on animal cruelty charges, he apparently claimed it was an accident.  According to reports, Roshelle Paron was taking the family dog, Princess, on a walk around the neighborhood when Princess was shot. When police arrived, Princess was covered in blood and laying limp in Parson’s arms. Witnesses to the event pointed to Concepcion De La Ros as the killer.”

All of the following transpired as I was seeking answers and higher meaning to this extremely painful and senseless tragedy!  These following written exchanges led to much further insight and inspiration, all from a Puppy and a Girl!

Thank you very much for your quick and sure response to this most egregious tragedy; at one moment a happy little puppy named “Princess” and her “Human Princess” an 8 year old child having a wonderful moment in time loving each other and life!  Then for all of that to be destroyed by evil acting through a vile young man whose heart is either missing or possessed by evil forces enabling him to destroy all that beauty and good in a heartbeat!  This reminds me of how in the movie “John Wick” a puppy left to him by his recently lost soul mate as a final GIFT and goodbye is snuffed out by those demonic criminal thug men; then the ensuing rage that John Wick rightfully feels when he goes on his mission of retribution and justice!  I cry each time I watch that movie and see that scene and it brings home so many painful things that have happened to me in the last dozen years; brought to my doorstep by that same kind of evil in the world! I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and have carefully thought through some deep questions I’m facing along with my own writing; and I actually watched John Wick again a couple of nights ago leading up to me getting an email this morning about this puppy! I freaked out and thought there must be a reason!  Now I’m contemplating that reason, and at least for now I was to be inspired to act upon this current petition which I could have passed by. The motivation to send out this post to all of you will have a ripple effect as indeed it should, but I will be continuing to seek insight as to what further meaning I’m supposed to see in all of this so I might facilitate additional positive action that will be necessary soon or in the near future! 

I can sense there is something coming so that I can make a difference and that mission will become clear as the time to do so approaches!  I share this because this is how I think we all should gauge our daily lives and behavior, in accordance with higher thinking and inspiration on a spiritual level of consciousness!  I have to end for now with a clearly evident point that my focus and perhaps many of yours should be as well, which is; evil’s attack upon “Innocence!”  Peace!

Hello Doc Dear Friend!  The Leader of so many Animal Advocacy Efforts has brought the needed lift for this good cause to be taken to a higher level in order to carry the most weight possible in forcing CHANGE!  I know we aren’t social scientists or law makers, but we are all good decent people that see the ugly crimes and sins being committed all around the Planet and we must demand that it stop while substantive change be implemented and ENFORCED! 

Talking or slaps on the wrists, those days are over and that is what led to these more horrific, shameful and barbaric behaviors by all aged men and sometimes women!  I will say this again as I have said in other posts or articles I have written; CONSEQUENCES, there must be a heavy penalty for ANYONE who commits an obvious evil or otherwise criminal act upon another, be it a PUPPY DOG or A PERSON!  No excuses or passing the buck for political reasons or anything else!  This was an outlandish crime and the criminal minded despot that did it needs to pay the price and live for many years in PRISON! The fact of what he did and the surrounding circumstances prove beyond a doubt that this individual is extremely dangerous and cannot be allowed to be in society!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all you have done and do in the Advocacy for all Sentient Animal Beings!  I especially want to thank you for the inspiration you have been to me in my own desire to help promote the respect, love, appreciation, protection and preservation of all sentient animal life on our amazing planet! 

Yesterday I received an update from another wonderful advocate Mary, which although bittersweet news it does drive home the fact that more municipalities across America are not just going through the motions and giving a slap on the wrist of perpetrators of Animal Cruelty cases as in the past and some serious consequences are being metered out!  This case of little Princess the Puppy must still go through further investigation and prosecution but with the off duty eyewitness police officer along with the actual weapon used to shoot and kill Princess while out walking with her family, this should be an open and shut case as long as the sentencing will be appropriate and put this dangerous individual behind bars for a long time! 

I’m going to copy the news article again to this message as I did elsewhere, but before I do I want to close with an afterthought about this loss of Princess!  I remember a puppy about the same age as Princess that was being cared for at a local shelter, it was an Akita stray that I became interested in but the city shelter during the short time that the puppy was there at the shelter had noticed some behaviors that they said were troublesome and they decided to ship the puppy off to another shelter a few towns away that had more capability in working with difficult cases.  I started going to the other shelter to visit that puppy over about a two week period and had talked to the director and staff on a few occasions!  One day while visiting the puppy as I was playing with the dog just outside of its kennel area in a large open but enclosure area a man walked up who was one of the staff and said it was time for the puppy to go see the vet now!  He explained that the decision had been finalized that the puppy needed to be put down because it would most likely grow up with temperament issues and they had tried to make sure that it was certain before making the final decision.  He went on to say how the puppy looked cute now but could be a potentially very dangerous dog when adult size and that would be a difficult dog to place while of course there are liability concerns if the dog ever got loose or did some vicious attack to another dog or a person!  When the man walked the dog off to its end I only saw that little puppy behind with tail wagging and that image stayed infused in my brain since!

I left the shelter and went to the ocean to cry and ask God why this is happening!  I got to the beach and it was a cold late fall afternoon, and as I walked along I saw up ahead a lady sitting alone by a huge rock on the beach.  As I was passing by her I saw she was smiling and I had been crying so she asked me if I was OK!  I stopped and told her what had just happened and she told me how she had died on the operating table after a drunk driver T-boned her car and was revived which was a story unto itself!  Then she said “don’t be sad anymore you did all you could and do you realize that you gave that dog the most important thing it could receive on this Earth during its short life?” I asked what she meant, and she told me “you gave that puppy genuine unconditional love, and it felt that love you gave to it so freely, that is what matters more than anything else now, you did a beautiful thing and the dog knew you loved him!”  Princess also got the most valuable gift that life has to offer, Genuine Unconditional LOVE! 

Princess, she too received that most precious gift that comes from God before her short life ended!  As it turns out that both young Roshelle and Princess experienced a horrible and painful tragic loss, they did in fact for a brief time share “Perfect, Innocent Unconditional Love,” that can never be destroyed! 

The following is the Update News Article about Princess: South Florida Sun Sentinel Oct. 8, 2018

“Off-duty Officer Miguel Osorio immediately phoned 911 to report seeing the sniper who shot a Chihuahua puppy dead. Davie police have released a recording of the 911 call in which he describes the Sept. 29 pellet-rifle attack on a pup named Princess. The dispatcher may not have realized the urgency of matter, asking if officers should show up. “Do you need police — or just paramedics?” she asks. Osorio replies, “I need police. Yeah, they committed a crime. That’s animal cruelty. “During Osorio’s 911 call, he says, “I was driving by and I saw it happen.” He describes the man with the weapon, perched on a balcony. The 911 call was edited to omit Osorio’s name, but Davie police have previously identified him as the off-duty Pembroke Pines officer who helped. Osorio later repeated to the dispatcher, “I need police!” The dispatcher assures him that police are on the way. The officer describes how the weapon was some sort of pellet gun. “I didn’t hear any shot, and a gun that big would have made a really loud noise,” he said. “So it’s got to be a BB gun or some sort of paint gun. They killed a dog.” Davie police arrested Johansen Concepcion De La Ros, 19, on charges of animal cruelty. If convicted, he could face five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.”

In closing, I have seen the stark reality of how the consequences of sin and especially hate or lack of love is further “separation” from God or Pure Complete Love!  But, Sweet Innocence and Purity of Heart or Unconditional Love is “Forever Alive and Connected with the Eternal Power of the Universe, God!”

Lawrence Morra

The Out of Control Left

The Nazi Left

This is a Fine Man and Great Human Being Soon to be The Next Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America! God Bless Him and This Great Nation!!! Amen

What the democrat party and its cronies along with a flaky half-baked Dr. Ford with the biased media have done an evil thing in weaponizing a false and uncorroborated allegation from 36 years ago with the sole purpose in mind being to bring down a good man and ruin his shot at being a Supreme Court Justice! This will not happen and all those who were in the wings plotting and scheming to accomplish this most heinous act and attack against this man and this Nation will suffer the consequences of such evil!

He isn’t guilty of this weaponized torpedo assault by the evil left wing politics of this Nation that proved they stop at nothing to get the ultimate power they want! I can tell you shit that will make your hair stand up on end that has been going on in my home State and how wicked these people are and they attacked me on several fronts violating my Constitutional rights and no one will lift a finger! I’m freaking fed up with this screwed up system of Govt. which went  way far out of control with Obama and Biden running this Nation into a deep quagmire of sick out of control socialistic, Nazi like politics using Gestapo tactics when they can’t get their way! The Ford women is a pawn and quite obviously very flaky as to what has and hasn’t happened in her life! Anita Hill was a completely different situation and time and even she was a stain on our nation’s integrity! I’m not so much for Party Lines I’m for Truth and Honor and Justice for America!

The accuser Ford could have been attacked at some time back in her childhood but that is not proof that this man is guilty of anything! She wasn’t a convincing person and to me appeared too flaky and forgetful she couldn’t even keep up with the documents and dates over the past days! Then we are what? Supposed to think she knows enough about something that maybe happened back when she was 15 and couldn’t remember if she drove back home or how she got home? She couldn’t drive anyway because she was 15! I think she is a sick confused lady that the Dem party was able to manipulate! Kavanaugh is a fine gentleman and did nothing wrong, he has a exemplary history and record, not many people can say the same about themselves including many of the Senators on that committee! Many miss the point of how the Dems and this mixed up woman have caused so much pain for Kavanaugh’s children and wife with crap that didn’t happen back 36 years ago!!! This is a freak show!!! Very sick society at this time! I hope you see some of this, that I point out!

Planned Parenthood who has been running highly toxic lies and wicked media campaigns against this man; is by the way in my view a radial and hideous organization that has talked many young women into murdering their unborn babies over the years, and I tell you for all the money in the world and power I would not ever want to be in any of their shoes when they have to face God!!! And they will!  Kavanaugh is what they need and actually the entire country needs!!! God Bless You and America

Lawrence Morra


Human Cruelty and Exploitation

That eat all flesh

Dairy Industries Dark Secret

Mankind does have its high points of accomplishment and decency but also has its low points that are quite exploitative and very indecent like this!  Mankind in some ways is above other living flesh beings but in some ways is far less in his cruelty and indifference, making himself lower than the worms that eventually eat all flesh!

Lawrence Morra

Thumb Nail Sketch of What Happened for a Friend

Good to see you up and at em!  Yeah, isn’t it great that little Denali is improved enough to be in a foster home, what a little fighter, and thank God for all the prayers being answered, along with her being in the care of the exact right people!

I had a rotten cold for over two weeks, pretty sure I caught it when I went to this little quaint church I wanted to try in the neighborhood, seems a person attending with a bad cold in tow spread it to several of the other attendees in including yours truly! I never go around others if that sick, so disrespectful or stupid!   Then it got my sinuses going which I’m dealing with now but other than that pretty good, you asked thank you.

As far as what happened it could be a long story to fill you in on many very pertinent facts but I’m pretty sure you don’t have the time Dear Friend!  So I’ll try hard to encapsulate it with a thumb nail sketch!  Out of 75 guys that took an exam for a Govt. job I got the 2nd nearly perfect score, and the highest score was achieved by a guy who had just one more correct answer than me who already had a similar job and certifications knowing the field of expertise which I did not; we both were a couple of correct answers short of 100%.  Everyone else I found out a couple of years later had mediocre scores.  But the politics to land the job was the key like in many such situations, so they basically pick who a “certain person” wants even with a low score.  The other guy got the job and the following year after a guy died suddenly, they needed another person to fill his post, and a nice lady that was on the inside who had met me during the previous exam process told key people I was the right guy to hire, so I got a call and then the job!  I never asked anyone to get me a job like a crony but some thought I must be a crony to get the job!

Later during my employment in the position it turned out the head honcho was a very evil man and for a bit over 20 years he had driven people out and targeted some!  I turned out to be too much of a threat to his behavior and record along with other corruption I was witness to and other impropriety there, so I became a target, and for a few years I went through the meat grinder taking everything they could throw at me and not falling into either a trap or messing up something they knew would be enough to get me fired!  I never had such an uncomfortable job where I went to work not just to work hard and do what I was hired to do, but also had to fight for my survival or livelihood!

This was at the peak of the economic down turn too so I wasn’t going to just jump from that job to a better or as good opportunity, that was the reason I got LinkedIn!  Then the powers that be mainly driven by the evil one set me up for a big fall doing a job that was highly dangerous and without all the appropriate measures being taken to make sure nothing went wrong.  I could be fired for insubordination if I questioned the orders which I felt I should just from what I knew about this chemical related procedure that I had never dealt with or even watched others do!  I just tried my best to use my own intelligence to get through the day and unfortunately that wasn’t enough so I got exposed to toxic chemicals and particulates to my pulmonary system.  I got so sick that I went out on a workers comp case but then the system was rigged to get me off quickly to go back to work which would not happen as even my doctors said I can’t be in that environment; but the creeps didn’t want me to come back that was the idea.

The lawyer I had was just a jerk who appeases the crooked system which practically all do, and he was more concerned with his political future than doing the right thing for my welfare!  So I fired his ass and took control of my comp case and luckily had a few cards to play in this political game I was tossed into with the judge presiding over my case; which allowed me time and leeway to work things out to my benefit over a longer period and get on my feet while getting back to my chosen work!

There are a few backstories in play the whole time of my employment and injury/settlement case that make it all much more complicated as some much bigger fish were being fried than I’m telling you here; all of which resulted in other things happening to me and around me during this time!  The crooked, evil politics is what really made for an ugly mess with I believe evil being the key problem!  I’ve been writing a lot of this over some years so if it gets to a certain level of completion the most relevant factors will be shown for what they are very nicely!

I hope I didn’t bore you or take you away from anything important for this diversion, but if you had a little time I feel good about it!

Did you like the “John Wick” movies?  You must like watching Keanu Reeves doing his work which is visually very dynamic, I like him very much almost as much as one of my younger sisters who loved watching those films again with me after their original release!

To me there is nothing better than totally honest to goodness human communication between persons of trust and value!  As we know there isn’t much of it in the world these days, sure there might be lots of communicating but most is not as genuine as it appears or is claimed to be!  Too many people with hidden agendas and seeking to take or get something not give!  Sadly, too much about self and loads of confusion mixed with stupidity to go along with this massive deflection of truth and integrity! All the games people play!

Well, now I’m sure you’re wondering why me?  So much stuff for me to think about here and couldn’t Lawrence have poured this out with someone else?  I’d like to think you appreciate it and get it too.  How it actually all relates to what is going on with regard to poor animals that you and I try helping and advocating for so much!

Thank you for taking the time and God bless You!

Lawrence Morra

Just for Laughs

In a chat about a recent decision in England to ban puppy mills, this lady put it this way when she heard the good news!  “Love the Brits! Clearly more enlightened than our politicians! Assuming the typical puppy mill is run by white/ghetto trash types,”

And there was more but I knew right then and there what I wanted to say!

Come on Lady, you mean black ghetto gang banging types would be fine? And can’t leave out MS-13!  Besides that I haven’t seen any politicians that are worth a damn on either side of the pond, that’s why I VOTED TRUMP!!! MAGA2020!!! Don’t need no damn liar politicians especially the ones that are in the Dem party calling themselves progressives, which is a alternate term for saying SOCIALIST SCUM BAGS!!! Don’t need no damn Marxist commie pinko party types here in the USofA! Let’em just try gettin a foothold, they’re gonna get lots of lumps! In their TEA of course!!! Got to boogie, time for my spot of tea!  Yeaaaa, I went to Britain and it did rub off on me a bit! Jolly Good Show!

Then another Lady said, “Bark, who says that meowing good news?”  To which I had to retort:  Isn’t that Hark?  Twas Shakespeare who wrote “hark who goes there?”

Lawrence Morra

The Silencing of Lambs

I do agree with many things you say as usual. I do however have some pretty stringent ideas of my own about the overall picture of what is going on in honest to goodness terms.  Because society is so loose with moral decay or no morals in some cases with easy access to abortion, morning after type pills, too much materialism and self centeredness along with a host of other cultural ills people have grown careless, crude, reckless and indifferent to an actual human being forming in a mother’s womb.

And regardless of what time frame the fetus is in developmentally that is a human life with a SOUL according to my belief, a precious gift from God the Creator of all things and no one should have the right to terminate or destroy that life because killing a human being is purely MURDER!  I know how you say either side of the political divide strong language and imagery are employed to illicit fear or emotional response for the unborn, but I will tell you categorically people should be shaking in their boots and be more afraid of making a wrong and potentially evil decision more than any fright they have experienced from the best horror movies or an actual horrible life experience; because to even be just “potentially guilty” of what I’m alluding to before God, if I were a woman I would be in panic mode if I willingly terminated a small precious human life that I may pay for that wrong decision eternally in Hell!  I hope you and all women get me when I say it is “too much of a risk” to screw around playing gods and jeopardize one’s own soul to eternal damnation, so I would opt to go with all other risks associated with an unplanned pregnancy rape or otherwise!

And let’s face it way too many people have sex for recreation not any real love even in couple monogamous relationships, I know because I’m the first to admit I did it with a few relationships I had over the years but not anymore!  I had those long term relationships thinking that gave me the green light and to just have sex for the sake of having it available as a recreation between two consenting adults!  It’s been a long time since I looked at things that way or practice such behavior.  I think the old fashioned way of our grandparents and before them of courting a person you care about then if all is going well marry that person and have intimacy out of devoted real love and then build a family!  Nothing more beautiful than that between a man and a woman!  But all this loose sex and talk on the shows and making it a sport is a F-N nightmare and makes me puke!  People have become so base and stupid I want to see them disappear at times!  This crap has to stop and it may be way too late for good change and instead time for the second coming to knock the shit out of everyone!  And it’s become F-N shitty attitudes, no morals with way too many people, along with completely out to lunch concepts of what life is and should be, which is actually making this a HELL ON EARTH to me!!!

There was a nice time to live on this planet and that was many years ago, now it’s a scum bag shit hole with way too many dirty rotten people!  The good ones better propagate and flood the societies with the old style human beings or this will never work out!

Lawrence Morra