Who Should be Pointing Fingers and at Whom?


Who should be pointing fingers and at whom; We the People Should, and the guilty are right in our faces daily!

This mess has been brewing while they all kept kicking the can down the road for decades, and why you may ask?  Because of all the wheeling and dealing going on south of the border with our own elected corrupted officials making boat loads of money playing the shell game and funneling tax money to foreign governments in aid and getting kickbacks in corporate deals or even laundering money!  Why do you think Trump has all the house and most of the Senate doing back-flips and many gunning for him because he called it straight and said you’re all a of bunch of bandits that put the infamous Mexican Bandit Pancho Villa to shame, making him look like a girl scout!

Do you think Lindsey Graham or Adam Schiff and many of the others that have been on foreign relations committees and intelligence material dealings wouldn’t have a clue about all of the hanky-panky going on over the years?  Of course they knew and many were in on it or turned a blind eye because it was just so big and out of control; they all went along to survive, caught up in the inertia of a colossal corruption and failing of our system and now the shit is hitting the fan and then some!  Look how lovey-dovey the Bush’s were with the Obama’s but they piss-on the Trumps, because up to then it was all status-quo, business as usual and keep duping the public; We the Suckers, not We the People!  I know about my own state’s nefarious dealings which have cooperation in DC making it one big Deep State MESS.  Scams up the wing-wang!

This hasn’t been our government “Of the People” for at least 50 years and even more than that depending how you figure it.  It’s just that now it was becoming a freaking nuthouse!  Giving license to screwy policies and fringe groups or even as now illegal invaders getting as much or more rights than you and I the American Patriot Citizens!  This bullshit has to end soon or there must be a REVOLUTION; and I mean the REAL DEAL 1776 REDUX!  But now it’s not the British are coming; they and all the corrupt among us, even of the World; NWO are already here and have the power over us!  They manipulate the shit out of us all.

On top of this some of the same people were in on the media being bought and paid for with no true FCC or Congressional oversight or regulating that would protect “We the People”, it’s been all about those in the inner circle with the agenda and who have the power to dictate to the others how this plane will fly, or it’s all going to come crashing down as they seem hell-bent on making happen!

Things are so bad that people like the greasy, commie, half dead creep Bernie is actually a presidential candidate with the likes of a freak puppet AOC ranting on the news how Bernie is the man and America needs him!  WHAT?  Does anyone in their right mind not see all of this pure lunacy and BS flying in our faces with this narrative orchestrated by the fake mass media and can even think for a millisecond that Bernie could run this country for 5 minutes or that any of the other candidates aren’t equally as flawed and totally not of the caliber necessary to run the greatest country on earth which wields so much power militarily and politically in a time when CRISIS is CONSTANT?  If you don’t see what I’m saying you must be a part of the problem too!

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

14 thoughts on “Who Should be Pointing Fingers and at Whom?”

    1. Yes indeed but sadly I’ve seen how far too many individuals in our political system are not what they profess or even appear to be! “A wolf in sheep’s clothing “as the old adage goes! These are very dangerous destructive people in seats of power and authority over the rest of us and God is watching giving so many graces and opportunity for atonement, but look how McCain went down and now Cummings, defiant and pompous right to the last day and hour it appears! What a horror that absolute earthly power was allowed to corrupt absolutely! Then the only true Absolute our Father in heaven said “end of the line” for them and others to come! I tend to see these as warning shots across the bow giving yet full opportunity for the others pushing the same evil agenda! Those who hurt and even ruin the lives of God’s children! Woe to them! Amen.

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  1. To fellow Patriotic Americans on another post!
    Spot-on and Truth! These lost Libs are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches during a NYC power outage! They scurry to and fro with frenzied madness being those that live between the cracks and crevices of the civilized world that many great minds and hearts have constructed to glorify God Almighty and His plan! We do His will; while they work in the netherworld to undermine all that is good!


  2. Another Patriotic Fellow American expressed how upset she is on another platform with our politicians and turncoats, so I had this response!
    Jan, thank you so much my fine fellow American Citizen! Yes, I get as angry and worse at times but its only because I care so much and know how far left and off the rails this country already has gone; so far in fact that we may not be able to reach our noble goal of restoring America to her Foundational Greatness! Too many people are sheeple, brainwashed, don’t give a damn or are just plain crazy and out to lunch to ever do any good! Look at the Brexit fiasco that’s all smoke and mirror BS to dupe the populace to keep them all in place while the high and mighty including of course at the top the Royals; who all turn the screws in deeper and hold onto absolute power with all of their cronies; evil! Then the network news here this week running the nonsense soap opera of how things are so rough for Meghan Markle as she complains of all the pressure and being in the spotlight! I should care? “And Harry’s documentary was ‘utter disaster and will ’cause chaos for Royals!” More deflection from the real TRUTH and serious LIES being perpetuated against We the People! Hey; freaking ass-wipe Mass Media, what about what OUR PRESIDENT has had to deal with CONSTANTLY since he was ELECTED PRESIDENT!? None of you Scum in the MASS MEDIA care one bit about your PRESIDENT and his lovely family! Kiss the ass of Meghan Markle, a nobody and Prince Harry born with the silver spoon down his throat and you PISS ON THE PRESIDENT EVERY DAY continually running the Evil Dem party’s narrative! You all are COMMUNIST, EVIL, and DEMONIC OBSESSED VILLAINS!

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  3. Another of my responses to a Fine Patriot American Citizen on another platform to her accurate assessment of how bad things have gotten in our Nation!
    Toni, No doubt and it is coming unless the truly evil and guilty presently in our government and many before them are brought before the American People to provide a Full Measure of Justice for their Treason, Sedition and Atrocities! Read what the puppet News Agency of the Left Evil Dems had to say!
    “CNN Field Production Supervisor, Gerald Sisnette: “The Only Way This Will Go Away is When He (Trump) Dies. Hopefully Soon.”
    Copyright © All rights reserved. | CoverNews by AF themes.
    Are they freaking kidding that is pure outright in your face SEDITION and they must be locked up!
    They incite those radicals or crazies in the population to rebel and even attack our President! This is fomenting violence against our Government and top executive! Many in our News Media are working more for the enemies of America than for “We the People!”
    Time to round up the “Patriots Posse and Cavalry” and go after all enemies of America; and we have the proper accommodations for them at GITMO! Start with that scum bag Schiff and his leader Pelosi! This Fiasco Must End soon, or no-way or no-how will this Republic stand! And, go get that Gerald Sisnette NOW!

    Who should be pointing fingers and at whom; We the People Should, and the guilty are right in our faces daily!


  4. Great, what you have written about America is unfortunately true about India and all the democratic countries of the world.
    The Marxists, who have occupied the media, universities, are actually internal jihadis. Dealing with them is more important
    I like the way you write
    Your written the enemy of of civilizations; islam was great, I read it many times.

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    1. nitinsingh I hope you are well, and thank you sir for your kind regards. I’m glad that you find something good in what I write from my perspective here in America as I see you do the same there in India! Because none of us knows how long we have to live and this is a day to day or even moment to moment journey I do try to speak from my heart in order to share hopefully truth with others of like mind and cause! You come across to me as a very sincere honest man also who sees the world around him with his eyes wide open and with his heart seeking to know truth and purpose from God our Creator who made us for His great purpose and plan. That said, I see this world of conflict as a war between good and evil that is getting worse and will reach a level of confrontation which will be horrific beyond imagination and beyond sad; but God will intervene when it is time directly to end all conflict and suffering. Meanwhile, we should try our best each day to fulfill God’s plan by doing our best to understand and share our hearts and minds in the battle before us.
      You are correct about the internal Jihadists which you wisely explained is infiltrating our societies to pervert, corrupt and conquer minds then hearts so that they can eventually conquer all who are not of Nation of Islam. I’m sad to say they are doing a good job of damaging our societies and civilization which appears to me to be just like how locusts do great devastating destruction when they invade healthy vibrant crops that are nearly ready for harvest and leave behind ruin! Look at countries like Syria or Iraq as examples of how much destruction Muslins have caused in their own homelands; so yes of course they will do the same in foreign lands if given the opportunity! Keep the faith in God and let us continue to have a dialog as long as we can, because my friend, we do have Hope as long as we are alive and able to try our best that God will answer our prayers and pleas for deliverance. God Bless You and Yours.


      1. Oh yes we must be willing to take up our crosses Jesus Christ told us this, as we will only see things get worse here on earth and I do believe the Holy Scriptures of the Bible God’s words which speak directly to us about the End Time how difficult life will become here just before Jesus Christ returns here to earth! Our enemies as the children of God are many and we must have faith in Him; He is our salvation and path to eternal life!

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