MSM SILENCE: Elitists Gather In Swiss Town To Finalize Our Enslavement, “The Great Reset,” & NWO

MSM SILENCE: Elitists Gather In Swiss Town To Finalize Our Enslavement, “The Great Reset,” & NWO
j Uncategorized June 19, 2020
Mac Slavo
June 15th, 2020

“Nothing will ever be the same again.” It was the mantra that we heard in many countries at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It came with a warning that a “new normal” would replace the existing order. Easy travel, interpersonal relations, large gatherings, even things like shaking hands would have to give way to long-term social distancing, drastic rules, and surveillance. But these changes on the personal level are only a part of the picture. The World Economic Forum, together with Prince Charles of England and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has launched an initiative revealingly dubbed “The Great Reset,” with the objective of “rebuilding” the world’s economic and social system in order to make it more “sustainable.” –Life Site News
The Great Reset Is Here: Prepare For The NWO & Enslavement

Zero Lift-Off
Only The Beginning by Lawrence Morra
“Lock-Down and Isolate the Citizens in a Plandemic”
I’ve seen it coming for quite some time now but when COVID-19 hit and just immediately after the failed soft coup d’ etat by the Democrat Fascist Party I recognized that the plans for NWO had been accelerated to a Fever Pitch! Think of it Governor Cuomo of New York and Mayor De Blasio of NYC intentionally sending into nursing homes severely infected COVID cases to infect the fragile elderly in those facilities with the sole intent of killing them off as useless baggage but more importantly at the time to increase the number of deaths due to the Wuhan Corona Virus in order to pressure the Congress and all State governments to Lock-Down and Isolate the Citizens in a Plandemic to control everyone and push the NWO agenda. This is WWIII, and make no mistake about it, they want us all enslaved or dead! I’m including some articles i recently wrote which I hope will be helpful to you.
Lawrence Morra

The following articles I wrote should be very supportive of this article; and in gaining a better perspective on the current circumstances globally.

Wake Up To The Truth

Mac Slavo
June 15th, 2020

Make no mistake, this will be absolute tyranny on a global scale. The mainstream media is silent as the elitists who want power over every human on Earth plan to meet in a Swiss town to discuss “the Great Reset,” a push to a one-world currency – one in which they have ultimate control.

The plan is to make sure a “post-COVID” world is built the way they want it. Slavery and totalitarian control. If you haven’t figured out now that the system was put there to protect them, not you, line up for the Bill Gates sponsored vaccine.  Things are going to get much uglier, and quick. The objective of this meeting is the “rebuilding” of the world’s economic and social system in order to make it more “sustainable.”

It sounds good, right? But, by more sustainable, they mean more enslaveable.

“Nothing will…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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15 thoughts on “MSM SILENCE: Elitists Gather In Swiss Town To Finalize Our Enslavement, “The Great Reset,” & NWO”

    1. That’s the impression I get from all you see but even the Dove was like an Omen to me because how and what it looked like in my eyes to see the death it hit me like a lead pipe. I think the human race had blown it totally!

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      1. Oh evil is running rampant in a form of collusion on this planet the likes of which has never been seen before! Could very well be ramping up to antichrist time because so many people are living that way or are antichrist!
        Topsy-Turvy don’t even come close to covering it my fiend!

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