ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: An Urgent May 13th Appeal to the Mother of God

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May 14, 2021


Just over the last 24 hours a person came across my path here that was no accident and her blog contained many interesting well done or written articles, but one came immediately into my consciousness for good reason.

I wrote a reply to an email after finding something I had written last mot to a very devout Catholic woman who also we know from blogging here! This new woman asked about me in an email so I prayed and then upon doing a search in my exorbitant files one popped up as the first and it should; as I told her when we seek Jesus Christ dots or incentives are connected or brought into our sight or consciousness to help guide us! Now this was the first article I came to this morning of great importance to all of the faithful as well it should be. That woman’s blog which I visited last night for the first time had one article that came immediately into my view out of an enormous index of all well written and presented ones!

What does this mean; well it connects directly with what this woman asked me about me, and would I tell her how I meant I was tested by fire!  That previously written reply to another Catholic woman blogger fits this direction just as this article here today by CP&S and the article I read by this woman last night with an actual accompanying video presentation that spoke to one particular subject matter and named the current false pope!  All of this rings to a head what is going on and I’m now 100% certain what truth is being revealed is this!

My personal trials and encounters with evil over the last 15 years that reached a fever pitch over the last several was making it abundantly clear that Bergoglio and many worldly respected individuals by the masses are all part of the Scam-Demic or if you prefer NWO Reset under way and it  is all a global satanic cult! They are all worshipers of Satan and preparing the way for the complete totalitarian takeover of the planet and to bring in the antichrist to rule it all!  Our government systems are all corrupted and poisoned with this evil and the battles will ensue as we move forward in this Helter-Skelter madness that the human race is being thrust into! We are in WWIII which is mainly a spiritual warfare initiated by all the forces of darkness to bring all of this the material world to a head. Satan and all of the fallen angels are attacking, Bergoglio knows this; and so you know where he stands in all of this!

Here is a piece of what I wrote previously that coincides now with what Archbishop Vigano is telling us.

Hi again.  Oh I see this clearly we are in the most unprecedented time in earth’s history and not by accident or coincidence but purely biblical prophecy and God’s plan unfolding exactly the way He foretold us it would. I caught on to Francis when I starting seeing cracks in his approach to issues and then the subsequent failure to address key issues forthrightly but to instead be like some progressive Obama turn the Church into a political took for the left or radical departure from the conventional standards of Catholicism.  But what really worried me was when he came to America to address he US Congress and his direct linkage with the UN becoming part of the political beast and all of this went in hand with his not responding to a letter I sent to him which I know arrived a few years ago requesting his advice regarding Deep State, Freemasons Illuminati oppression in my locale that I had a direct run in with in which they nearly killed me but did turn my life upside down while still carrying out an agenda to benefit a group of highly toxic criminal corruption and power that has done not only damage to me directly attacking me in plots one that caused chemical injury to my lungs but more importantly my community as well entire State.  I didn’t even get a letter of acknowledgement about such a horrible situation from him or his staff which is a dead giveaway. No true Pope would ignore such an unusual and sincere letter that I wrote very eloquently from my heart of hearts unless he was a damn beast which he is and a very evil man! We are no doubt in the latter days and I have faith in God He is the only reason I’m still alive and able to take care of myself and have the determination to be ready to serve Him when He wants me to.

But, it’s also very sad and painful now to face the fact that this world is going to hell in a hand basket very fast and complete devastation could be a blink of an eye away or it can be a long protracted time of horrific tribulation of unimaginable suffering and that is the one scenario that I pray won’t play out because I believe it would be so much more merciful of God to end the misery quickly and being all love I tend to think He won’t allow things to go that far, so I have hope.  Our human race is seething with unimaginable and filthy rotten sin to its core which is too much to live in I feel. My first article brushes on this matter I wrote to the Pope about and indeed was one of the main reasons I started to Blog, after I got an article published in the local paper only because I used to know the publisher back when I was a News Photographer but that was the only article that the powers that be were going to allow in that paper or that I was going to be allowed to get published in the area period.  I do see Francis as the falsehood that Muhammad was in his time to concoct the evil ideology that he did I too feel Francis is up to the same ulterior designs all fed by the most diabolical evil from Satan himself. This all tells us that the anti-c is here and I stumbled across something that mentioned that he would have been born around 1960 but to me that wouldn’t matter as much as the truth that he is ready to take his position soon to usher in the final conflict or Armageddon. 

The thing I remember in Scriptures that bothers me is how it says in Revelation how fierce and horrible times would become that if those days were not shortened it would be too much to bear even for the elect! I’m just a low down sinful man like anyone but I take credit for knowing in my heart I have always loved Jesus in spite of any of my sins and I think of Dismas on the cross next to Jesus Himself how He loved Jesus a man condemned to die for being apparently a bad man or criminal and yet God’s mercy is always greater than His judgment for those He loves! And I know I came from a good beginning always being a good heart and kind to a fault which I still am. I recently broke down so bad when a dove I had rescued on my property had seemed to be recovering during the pandemic but then a miscalculation on my part caused the dove to suffer and die that gentle little bird that I wanted so badly to see fly away free and happy again, which broke me up to pieces. I mean I’m really and still bothered by it weeks later now. Then I can leave it to God and say I know His awesome omnipotent power can right anything so that is fine in the end but I think from this to the scene of all the Unborn being ripped apart and even experimented with now having hearts removed while alive without any anesthetic is only the work of Satan through human minions doing evil to an innocent baby like that is intentional to lash out at God and His children.  I have to be honest that for this alone I see this world has come to the point that it’s not fit to continue.

I really pray that God please hurry and help us and I cry for it! A consecrated woman of the Church told me several years back that I was attacked for a reason, it was no accident that it occurred on North American Martyr day and that someday I would know why it happened the way it did.  Thanks for the interest and i just decided to open up I’m not even too sure why but I do tend to talk too much when I decide to do it for whatever reason. God bless you.

By the way I woke up toward 3 am much too early again only have a few hours’ sleep the night before, and just got back to catching up online so I feel I’m here when you just sent this message for good reason. It just came in as I was taking care of a couple of files and getting ready to hop back to bed.

“Thy Kingdom Come”

The signs are so evident and clear for those that wish to see! Only open your eyes and look at this more than troubled world, this falling world, and you see its now apparent limitations mounting up to a dead end! The parameters of maintaining the success of the whole of it, its populations, ecosystems, life sustaining raw materials and even the means of keeping it all, is an exercise in futility!  Its fundamental essence intact being unattainable, is too obvious to ignore as now even the battle ensues by those that desecrate and attack the word of God and His Church; which is the sign that clearly spells out the end of this world is fast approaching, as men once again as in ancient times in massive numbers reject God, even defile and put themselves above Him! 

It’s all too obvious to me that time is running out quickly for all of us and this is the time to not falter but hold fast your faith in Him, it’s so obvious that there is nothing else that can be trusted to provide comfort and security from what is coming to this world; as the most powerful among us try to hoard or consolidate all the earthly riches they can, thinking that will protect them or give them some measure of longevity they prove themselves the jokers in the deck; as they mock themselves in spades the biggest losers; as they separate and move furthest away from God’s Church to join the condemned and damned of this passing world! 

Look and see, then decide quickly, where you stand while you can; because the time is at hand.  Thanks to God in the highest, He who gives to all abundantly, but He only takes His own with Him into the “New and Everlasting Kingdom Come.” Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: An Urgent May 13th Appeal to the Mother of God

ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: An Urgent May 13th Appeal to the Mother of God

From The Remnant:

For over a year, the whole world has been held hostage by an elite that, under the pretext of the pandemic, intends to create the conditions for the Great Reset and the establishment of the New World Order. This latest revolution, planned by the enemies of God and the human race, is certainly an infernal work, and as such it must be combated by recourse to the spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting, and penance. I exhort faithful Catholics to recite the Holy Rosary daily during this month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, adding this supplication. May the Mediatrix of All Graces, the Queen of Victories, assist us with her patronage in these moments of apostasy and grant us the virtue of Fortitude to resist evil and obtain the conversion of sinners. 

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

August Lady and Queen of Heaven, turn your gaze upon us Your children in this hour of darkness and affliction. Do not disdain to hear and answer our humble and confident prayer, at a moment when the forces of the Enemy are multiplying their infernal assault against God, His Church, and the human family.

You who are the model and example of humility and obedience to the will of God, enlighten our rulers, so that they may remember that the authority they exercise comes from the Lord, and that they will have to answer to Him, the Just Judge, for both the good they have not done as well as the evil they have committed. You who are the Virgin Most Faithful, teach those who administer public affairs to honor the moral obligations of their office, refusing any connivance with vice and error.

You who by your intercession before the Throne of God heal the evils of soul and body and are rightly invoked as Health of the Sick, guide doctors and health care workers in their profession. Help them to care for the sick and to give assistance to the weakest among us. Give them the courage to oppose those who would force them to cause death or illness with inappropriate treatments or harmful drugs. Invoke the Divine Physician of our souls, Our Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to awaken in their conscience an awareness of their role and their duty to promote the life and health of the body.

You who during the Flight into Egypt saved Your Divine Son from the massacre of Herod, deliver our children from the moral and spiritual threats that loom over them. Protect our little ones from the true pestilence of sin and vice, and from the criminal plans of the ideological dictatorship that wants to strike them in body and spirit. Strengthen parents and educators to oppose the experimental use of a dangerous and morally illicit drug on our children. Thwart the attacks of those who assault their innocence, trying to pervert them from an early age by corrupting their morals and warping their intellect.  

You who were consoled by the presence of Your Son in your passage to eternal life, be close to the sick, the elderly, and the dying, especially those who, due to inhuman regulations, face death alone in a hospital bed, deprived of the Sacraments. Bring them comfort. Inspire in them repentance for the sins they have committed and the desire to offer their sufferings in reparation for these sins, so that they may close their eyes with the consolation of the friendship of God.

You who are called Mother of the Priesthood, enlighten our Shepherds. Open their eyes to see the present threat. Make them consistent witnesses to Christ Your Son, courageous defenders of the flock that the Lord has entrusted to them, and valiant opponents of error and vice. Shake off from them, Virgin Most Holy, all human respect and all connivance with sin. Inflame them with love for God and their neighbor, enlighten their minds, and strengthen their will.

You before whom all the demons of Hell take flight, defeat the diabolical plans of this hateful tyranny, the deception of the pandemic, the lie of the workers of iniquity. Make the light of Truth shine upon the lie, just as the true light of Christ shines upon the darkness of error and sin. Confuse Your enemies and humiliate under Your Foot the proud head of those who dare to challenge Heaven and want to establish the Reign of Antichrist.

You who by divine decree are Mediatrix of All Graces and Our Co-Redemptrix, obtain for us the grace of seeing the triumph of Your Immaculate Heart, to which we consecrate ourselves, our families, our communities, the Holy Church, our Homeland, and the whole world.

So may it be.

13 May 2021
In Ascensione Domini
In Apparitione B.M.V. Immaculatæ

Author: Lawrence Morra

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