Satan: Our Constant Enemy

Originally posted on Looking for the Blessed Hope:
Welcome back, history buffs and Bible students!  Yesterday, we launched a new series entitled, Spiritual Lessons from Israel’s Six Day War.  If you missed our intro, click here.  You will better understand our analogies if you know the history of the Six Day War and the preparations…

Biblical Prophecy is now confirmed and there will be no other great Kingdoms on Earth! America is the last one serving the Gentiles spoken of in the Holy Scriptures that would happen just as Prophesy said it would in the End Time.

“The Winds of Truth and Justice are Here!”

That was what I wrote in a relog of this previous article.

Since then nothing has happened to convince me that what was said back then in that article and for that matter anything said in all Biblical Prophecy isn’t absolutely true, and now; is unfolding right before our eyes!

Today and last evening I wrote in two other blog articles what came to me without any hesitation and flowed from my heart and soul; God is working in us if we are listening to Him! But rest assured Satan is absolutely working overtime in high places and through many of his most committed servants or slaves now, like no other time in all of history. This article is what I consider the ground zero of all satanic influence and the crystallization of Satan’s diabolical plan.

Here in this fine blog article is more of what we all can be thinking about and actually doing as we all move forward into what will be the most difficult and frightening time for humanity. But, if we have Jesus Christ with us in our hearts we have nothing to fear but those that should and will fear are those that have transgressed God Almighty and are in league with Satan. They are DOOMED for Eternity and there is no denying it or escaping it!

Let’s all pray fervently from deep in our hearts on bent knee each day to our Lord and Savior because He is our Rock of the Ages and Good Shepherd who is going to deliver us from all sin, iniquity and from this ever increasingly crooked world, where Satan sets up his rule over his vast multitude of minions.

I close with these words I offered from the Holy Spirit back in May at this same site that are obviously further confirmed not by me at all, but by the voice within that comes from our Lord by His Holy Ghost.

This is another sad but true escalation of the hatred and evil being directed at Israel by Hamas which we know is a Terrorist Proxy for Iran.
We need to pray devoutly to God Almighty through our Savior Jesus Christ! “This is prophecy unfolding” in our time and with the evil that has infested our US government we know that everything will get much worse. These are a most dire of times we all face so pray for our brothers and sisters in Israel as I know many of them care about we Americans and pray for us as well.
God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Looking for the Blessed Hope

Welcome back, history buffs and Bible students!  Yesterday, we launched a new series entitled, Spiritual Lessons from Israel’s Six Day War.  If you missed our intro, click here.  You will better understand our analogies if you know the history of the Six Day War and the preparations for it.

Make no mistake, Israel won the war because the hand of God moved in her favor!  They also followed Biblical principle.  What do these verses teach you about preparing for battle:

Indeed, the best chance of success in war is to have a plan.  One of the first strategies in planning is to know your enemy!  Israeli intelligence sent spies into Egypt to understand the enemy and their plans, and we are wise to employ the same strategy to escape the snares of the devil!

Satan is often…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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6 thoughts on “Satan: Our Constant Enemy”

  1. Very interesting to read what Einstein had to say. Was he a Catholic? It’s very Catholic. On a lighter note: when you were in string theory did you mean you played the guitar? Thank you for an uplifting piece.

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    1. Hi Mary Anne…He was raised as a Jew but his parents sent him to a Catholic grade school for the better education at the time; those nuns as you know made sure they study; no slacking off!

      Haha, I did study or take guitar lessons as a young rascal but no I was talking about the astrophysics study of the theory where String Theory tries to model the four known fundamental interactions gravitation, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force together in one theory. Einstein was the first to make advancement in this direction with his theory of special and general relativity. He tried to explain gravity solely in terms of geometry.

      But the world of science was completely turned upside-down by Heisenberg and others when they added quantum physics. until this point, the classical model and electromagnetism were doing a great job, explaining the phenomenon and interactions at the macroscopic level.

      Quantum Physics now enabled physicists to explain the microscopic world as well, the minutest particle physics. Eventually, weak and strong nuclear forces were discovered and we got to the four fundamental forces of the known universe. Then I was referring to Dark Matter and Energy because in Scripture I did read that Jesus mentions how there is more in the unseen world than in the seen and now the theory shows how the Dark Matter and Dark Energy outside of the visible and material plane universe that we are in and made of, that they have proven this Dark Energy is there, sort of how they know about Black Holes now; but this Dark stuff is more encompassing than all the energy in this world its enormously more powerful than all the energy in this world combined!

      I think that is when we are trying to define God because He is all knowing and encompassing so of course He is more powerful than all this existence; its a mind blowing idea but I’m convinced He is that powerful and not convinced that billions of years ago other beings were out in this universe like some people try to say!

      Just because the universe is billions of years old we must remember God is the Alpha and the Omega and timeless so this time thing is like an illusion to us; and she was saying how she agreed with some who say beings could have been living in this world billions of years ago and I say no way but maybe a hundred thousand years ago or more but the time thing is playing tricks, Einstein was deep into that relativity thing of traveling at the speed of light everything slows down and comes to a stand still sort of with us from our vantage point because we have this concept of time passing and God doesn’t exist like that, he always was and will be, the great I am that I am!

      Time stands still for no one they say; but it sure does for God He is timeless and is!


      1. That is wonderful stuff! A little deep for me but I can glean an understanding of sorts. What we learned in our first Catechism in grade ,,, Where is God? god is everywhere … fits right into that. You were wondering what heaven was like … it is definitely a solid place because Our Lady is there and she was assumed into heaven body and soul…the Assumption..Her grave was empty when the apostles went to honor her. She had a choice to go right to heaven without dying but she chose to die like her Son. From Mary Agreda … the great Saint chosen by Mary to write her life for us

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  2. Hi again Mary Anne! That is really wonderful stuff, that star stuff! What you say is too! Are you kidding you have such inspiring insight and understanding that can only come from the great source of all understanding and what we know to be wisdom!~+

    “You were wondering what heaven was like … it is definitely a solid place because Our Lady is there and she was assumed into heaven body and soul…the Assumption”

    So appropriate that I think God inspired you to mention this here and as I wrote my reply I had not jumped ahead directly to this point of your comment to respond to it, but did continue my trip to write what came to me spontaneously, and I wrote about Einstein to address your very insightful point of Einstein sounding quite Catholic which was “perfect” as it opened a door which would tie some things into this overall process and point about his thinking in this matter of his own perspective about “religiosity” in the statement he made which I quoted! But then all of a sudden a great hero and defender of the Faith, Christianity, came to my mind! And so I wrote about him and his “mother,” but when I looked at your reply again and saw that I wanted and needed to say something about the Assumption suddenly at the end of my reply. So I began to carefully consider my thoughts and feelings as to what is to be said, and I came upon a text and audio presentation on this matter immediately in a flash, the very first finding. I will point that out at the end of this long reply as to what you are reading this moment, this one, when I went back to the beginning of my reply to insert it “here and now;” so a most fitting sort of “back to the future” kind of answering for me to do when talking about Einstein who spoke about time and traveling at the speed of light, how time would slow down while back on earth all would pass into the distant future which is what my writing did regarding this one point that needs to be answered now. Thankfully I didn’t’ accelerate to the speed of light or on my return to the starting point of this long “commentary journey” I would sadly discover everyone I knew and this blog gone! Now as I leap forward you can take your time and move through this present time until you meet me in the future! I will be there!

    Oh my God yes you remind me of my first Catechism when in grade one; how the nun as I truly remember her saying so beautifully that “God is Everywhere,” and you are so perceptive and aware to see how what Einstein said in such matters of the incomprehensible sounds very Catholic, as he too has those wonderful nuns to thank for helping to open his mind and most importantly his heart to God and Jesus!

    Einstein is my absolute favorite scientist and always has been because he is of course the father of physic, but I see the beautiful soul and kindness that man displayed his whole life, a genuine kind and giving, humble heart of a man as well, those nuns did well, God’s will, to convey the “something special” that God wanted them to impart to Einstein producing not just a great scientist but an instrument of God in the end; and it worked in spades as he went on not only to be the most genius person to come along in this realm of understanding of time space continuum and all the forces surrounding the conceptualization of matter and energy; basically existence in this plane of consciousness, but he became a heralding messenger to God’s children that would question the unknown, and Einstein stated verbatim how any scientist as well as lay persons should look upon these realities we find ourselves in. This was in fact as I see it a direct “God Send” directed by the hand of God because there are so many others in these disciplines who reject God straight out of the gate as being fantasy, but, they are so dead wrong as they will find out when it’s too late for them, unless they “relent and repent.”

    Another man like this in another profession that I feel equally inspired by was C.S. Lewis, who actually went from being a devout Christian always in Church every opportunity with his beloved mother during his childhood, but through the painful tragedy of losing his dear mother Flora Hamilton Lewis in 1908, too soon while he at still the tender age of 10, with the “stiff upper lip” in favor at the time; meant he wasn’t allowed to grieve. He became an Oxford don and led a sheltered life. He seriously questioned his religious beliefs and finally left the church.” but then like a “God Send” as he rejected God for a time, was only to then be “touched by the hand of God” and I’m sure all those fond memories of being with his mother in Church together; he came “full circle back to Jesus Christ,” and then went on to become one of the greatest most prolific author advocates of Christendom! This along with having many fine close friends who were very Catholic including priests; even though he stayed with his mother’s church of England specifically, the “Holy Trinity Church” in Headington, Oxford, an Anglican church. He was another man I greatly appreciate and love. Such wonderful examples of what a man can and more importantly should be in this world!

    Oh my God yes Mary Anne to be inspired as you have to bring this crucial point of great importance here now. When I speak of great examples of men I admire but to the Heart of Life hereon Earth in our trial, struggles and tribulations the center of Humanity her Immaculate Heart that became as one like I’ve said how any mother with child are so close, the closest any two humans can be during that period, creating an unbreakable bond which did occur, when God sent Jesus, God Himself, into her womb; Holy Mary Mother of God. I have written several times about how amazing and what a beautiful gift women are to God’s plan. It is the “Woman” who brings forth the new child and Mary was to bring forth the Messiah, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Almighty incarnate being in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the only woman to ever exist who became the vessel for God’s Immaculate Conception and His New and Everlasting Covenant for the Salvation of Humanity! Mother Mary actually was one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the Mother of God making her not only truly Blessed among all women as the angel Gabriel announced to her, but she was once and for ever made an integral part of the Holy God Family in heaven with her being the Holy Mother of the Church that her beloved Son Jesus Christ established and raised as He had declared He would.

    “18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:18

    Our Holy Mother having been brought immediately into God’s Holy Presence upon her death, assumed, to me its clearly evident her having been not only chosen by God to be the Blessed Virgin who is blessed among all women as the angel Gabriel told her, but she had to be sanctified and made Holy, prior to the time of the Immaculate Conception and forward to the birth of Jesus Christ, continuing on to eternity as “Holy Mary Mother of God!” Even more special than any Saint; which are also blessed and many were assumed into heaven.
    “Both Enoch (cf. Gen. 5:24) and Elijah were taken up “into heaven” (II Kings 2:11) in a manner quite out of the ordinary. And so are the “two witnesses” of Revelation 11:3-13. If one interprets John 3:13 as speaking about Christ uniquely ascending to heaven, that would be acceptable. We would then have to ask the question: what is it about Jesus’ ascension that is unique? Well, the fact that he ascended is unique. Mary did not ascend to heaven. She was assumed. There is a big difference. Jesus ascended by his own divine power as he prophesied he would in John 2:19-21: “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up . . . he spoke of the temple of his body.” Mary was powerless to raise herself to heaven; she had to be assumed. The same could be said of all Christians. Jesus raised himself from the dead. Christians will be entirely passive when it comes to their collective “resurrection.”

    Holy Mary being taken up into heaven is there not just to be content and passive either being in paradise but continues to play the active role of the Mother of the Holy God head family and her miraculous gifts staring with her Son our Savior Jesus Christ are manifesting continually as the Father’s will is that she be an integral part of His Divine plan and purposes and many facts as well as miraculous events as we know have been attributed to this reality of God’s plan involving Our Holy Mother.

    I know that this whole blog article and now the comment becoming an article unto itself has been all inspired and a God Send. We should all be or become aware that or Father in Heaven and His only begotten Son the Savior are united in a perfect God head family in His eternal kingdom, and Mother Mary’s pleas are always part of the Father’s plan as her passion and love for her Son our Savior is permanent and was from the moment of the immaculate conception when God as the Son of mankind was with His Mother! That bond is absolute and eternally Holy, so Mary serves the will of the Father, but, she is a Mother not only of Jesus the Savior, her Son, whom she is with in heaven; but she is obviously the Mother of the Church; the God head Family by the Father’s will through Jesus Christ!
    Of course Mother Mary is to be venerated and asked to petition for us in heaven just as all the saints can pray for us, while she is uniquely the only one with that most high and special connection to our Savior being the actual Mother of Jesus one heart joined to the other forever. Amen.

    This resource site I’m listing, which has an audio presentation all about this subject of our Blessed Mother Mary’s Assumption it will certainly serve to provide many details for you to consider and be inspired by, I believe.
    God bless you.
    Brother in Chris Jesus,
    [audio src="" /]


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