I Hope I’m Wrong; Doesn’t Look Like It Though

“Anyone promoting or administering this Covid Vaccination is spiritually corrupted and a traitor to the human race.”


Both of these gentlemen have presented concise reports saying and encapsulating everything I’ve been seeing and understanding though my communion with the Holy Spirit of God the Father in Heaven through our Savior Jesus Christ ever since this crisis began requiring this cocktail abomination jab.

I’ve prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to help me discern what is going on with this world especially since the Wuhan Corona Virus Global Event began. No matter how I’ve looked at this situation and examined all the truthful expert data I could find my position and outlook only solidified.

Over the last few months different things happened, even little things that were out of the usual day to day cycle for me.  One was when as it turned out this year old kitty I saw following a couple who were walking through my area past my home.  It caught my attention because you don’t see people out for a stroll or hike with a kitten in tow ever around here.  Being an animal lover who feeds the wild ones let alone domestic kittens or other such pets it gets me worried, so I went out to follow them, to ask if that was their kitten to which they answered “no it just follows us and the owners have a home near ours.”

So I did inquire with the owners about the kitty being loose and told them large hawks or fox do come around lately that I’ve seen quite a bit, so it might be best to keep her inside and safe from any danger.  The father of the family said she won’t stay in she just bolts out the doors when she gets a split second chance.  We had a nice conversation and got acquainted then I said I needed to head home and left them.  I got up the road and took a turn then suddenly I heard a cat whaling and crying out, when I turned in the direction of the crying I saw the kitty following me, so I stopped and called to her picking her up to pet her.  I talked to her a bit then placed her down on the ground and told her she should go right back home; which she did.

Screenshot_2021-06-23 The Demonic Nature of the Covid Vaccine - t the Mark of the Beast (5)

A few evenings later I happened to look out a window out back and saw in the darkness a shadowy movement and as it turned out it was the kitty looking for me I suspected; and so went right out to see her.  I told her wait there and went in to fetch some leftover chicken dinner to give her.  I would have brought her inside with me to visit but as it also turns out from that first encounter with her, I had picked up poison ivy from handling her all over my hands and was trying to get over that!   Along with, the fact that my dog being older and set in her ways may have not done well with a strange cat in the house even for a moment as she barks at dogs and cats when we’re outdoors so to keep the peace I left the kitty out.  After she feasted on the goodies, I went back to see the family about their kitty to explain what I saw going on and that some kind of action needs to be decided on and that I’d like to help if need be. The father told me the kitty won’t be happy any other way, she likes her freedom, and maybe she will settle down to sitting around soon enough, he could only hope.

She came around one other night and again I went to talk to the owner and we stood outside in the chilly evening having a heck of a long conversation getting better acquainted.  I did try to seek an answer for this unusual event to do some good for the kitty.  Turns out that was the last time anyone saw her, the owners have no idea what happened at all.  I told them we can only hope that someone else was aware of her and loves kitty’s and took her in to make her their own.  It still bothers me months later because I wonder if I should have been the one to do more and even told the man that recently; how maybe I should have offered him a few hundred dollars if he would allow me to take her in then I could work on getting the kitty more settled into home life.

Screenshot_2021-06-23 The Demonic Nature of the Covid Vaccine - is it the Mark of the Beast (2)

So I only injected this into the overriding more serious purpose of even posting this article today; because maybe there is a moral to this story about the kitty and it might have some significant relevance in the scheme of things after all.

Let’s put it all in clear concise perspective; we are in World War III but worse than that revelation we are in the Final Spiritual Battle between Heaven and Hell.  We children of God are caught in the middle of it being the prize or spoils of this war.

Screenshot_2021-06-23 The Demonic Nature of the Covid Vaccine - is it the Mark of the Beast (5)

We God’s treasures are being snatched away from Him by the Evil One in unprecedented numbers!  I’ll say this only because I know it’s true; in comparison to people who lived a few generations ago and especially hundreds of years in the past most of you have been at times or know people who are a spoiled rotten lot being so overly materialistic, self-serving and vain; just look at many pro-athletes taking a knee so arrogantly when the people that made this country possible never would have done such an arrogant disrespectful thing!  Or entertainment celebrities who take the cake for living decadently!  Game players and glory seekers who thrive on attention and adulation of self; basically “playing the game,” the crooked ways of the world, becoming worshipers of self and or heathens practicing paganism; that are marching away from God Almighty toward Perdition!  Time to saddle up and get ya shit wired; is now!  I really don’t care if you or the Man in the Moon like me or not and I really don’t even want to know any of that; it means Jack!  I know what the bottom line is all about and “been there done that” so I have no interest in being someone “who is chasing their own tail” as the adage goes, or anyone else’s.

“In His goodness and wisdom God chose to reveal Himself to make known to us the hidden purpose of his will” (Dei Verbum)

The document Dei Verbum (Word of God) is one of only two dogmatic constitutions issued by the Second Vatican Council, the other being Lumen Gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church. As such Dei Verbum (henceforth DV) is one of the most authoritative and important documents of the Council.

Via this video presentation, this statement at the end is absolutely correct as I see it, and perhaps you will also!

“Pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for discernment and whether this vaccine is of any benefit to our health the answer will be a resounding no,”

“Anyone promoting or administering this Covid Vaccination is spiritually corrupted and a traitor to the human race.”

Church report

There we have it to me in a nutshell, as the world marches toward the Precipice of Oblivion with such things as a false Pope and a cheating fraudulent criminal vile man as the President of the US; who the criminal Democrat party cheated into office with the cheerleaders of MSM more than happy to accommodate whatever narrative the guilty need to promote in order to conceal their crimes and sins at any and all cost!  This in order to not uncover the TRUTH, for We the People and Citizens of God’s Creation!  We are not going to be heading into some utopia or peace on earth but rather the exact opposite; and we all need to face up to the fact that evil has overcome so many top echelon members of society now; making it a foregone conclusion that this is the End Time prophesied in the Bible!  And so, it’s imperative that any of us who are not sure about it all, get attuned to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God will come to you, to instruct you as you walk your daily path to Salvation.  This world is falling away fast, and now is the time to respond to God’s will; not our own, or any supposed leaders because most of them are too far gone, or sold their souls to the Devil and are possessed by sheer diabolical evil forces from Hell.  Amen.

Heart of Jesus docu

God bless and protect His children, in the Glorious Name of Jesus Christ!  Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra

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These video messages came to my attention early today in my email from a devout Roman Catholic friend who prays the rosary every day and attends the Tridentine Latin Mass weekly.





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