“…I must warn you that the battle between God and Satan, at the end time, is now. …”

“Not everyone that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven”


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June 25, 2021

Humbling, but, so wonderfully stated here in this article presentation, is the most important and relevant factual truthful perspective for any person who, in clear conscience with an open heart, needs to think about NOW; as if being told they had one last day to live! Because the truth is whether you can actually see this or not by what is going on in plain sight each and every day, it is going to happen and could any day or moment now. There are many specific indicators that were provided to mankind in the Holy Scriptures as guideposts or markers that would continue to act as warnings or if you will, wake-up calls, to be prepared if you haven’t been doing what is required of any of us; who seeks Salvation and everlasting life with God.

I wrote last June these words regarding an article that surfaced pointing to a very specific Biblical Prophecy, which would be such an indicator, that the time was very near.

Biblical Prophecy is now confirmed and there will be no other great Kingdoms on Earth! America is the last one serving the Gentiles spoken of in the Holy Scriptures that would happen just as Prophesy said it would in the End Time.
“The Winds of Truth and Justice are Here!”

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‘The Temple Mount Is In Our Hands’: The Words That Still Shake Israel 53 Years Later
JERUSALEM, Israel – Fifty-three years ago, Israeli soldiers captured the Old City of Jerusalem.


On June 7, 1967, the 55th Paratrooper Brigade of Commander Mordechai (Motta) Gur broke through Jordanian defenses. What happened next resonated throughout the world and electrified the Jewish people.
Commander Gur broke the radio silence and said, “the Temple Mount is in our hands.”
It marked the first time the Jewish people controlled Judaism’s holiest site in more than 2,000 years.
“Within six days, we returned to the biblical land of Israel, all the mountains of Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights. We returned to the Old City of Jerusalem.” Rabbi Yehudah Glick told CBN News.
“It was liberated and reunited and here we are 53 years later, a new government, Jerusalem is united. It’s fabulous, it’s the Word of God coming out of the book, materializing and becoming a reality in our time in front of our eyes.”

You Better be Preparing Your Soul Now

Also last June 4th to be exact I saw then a forecasting many of the things that have happened since and are happening now especially in regard to secularism along with the atheistic horror of Marxism poisoning our societies and moral codes deep into the heart and soul of America to destroy it and this being the last great manmade kingdom; is the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back,” meaning here that the final Judgment is upon us in breakneck speed, no two ways about it!

Michelangelo-Sistine-Chapel-Ceiling Sm Print

Just a couple of days ago I wrote this; “By artistic imagination and vision the great renaissance masters depicted the height from which mankind had fallen in such beatific renditions that captivated the heart and soul; giving the onlooker a sense of heaven.” Now to be honest with pop culture icons who presently captivate many of the youth of today, say like Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga, if we don’t see moral indignation and worshiping of material sensationalism or the Fools’ Gold of the Ways of The World as I call it; with the likes of Taylor Swift in music videos portraying the Whore of Babylon, America, with Satanic themes throughout, or even Lady Gaga saying in her past big hit, Born This Way, “It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ‘ Cause you were born this way, baby.” She also says “don’t be a drag be a Queen,” just as if an everyday matter of fact promotion of vile decadent behaviors, being transgressors and homosexuals, while worshiping money and materialistic pleasure life is the way to go!

Taylor Swif Demon look and posessed sm print

Just last year a woman in her 30’s was all pumped up about meeting Taylor Swift and excited about her presentation at a Film Festival, as if she is someone to emulate; to ride on her shirt-tail! And it was so sickening to me to see this woman behave like some wacky spoilt groupie child in her early teens; that I said I’m done and stop following such people on this media platform! I bring this up because way too many people that should know better are running around like banshees playing with fire and evil, in a world gone mad for self-glory and fame! That is pure evil and will give those people a one way ticket straight to hell, promoting evil to others like a joke of some kind! Way too many of the people on this internet are lost and sensationalism groupies looking for attention and adulation, but, they are stupid as well, because time is just about up; and here they play “Ways of the World” nonsense, giving the Devil his due; to accomplish what?

I went on to say a couple of days ago; “By artistic imagination and vision the great renaissance masters depicted the height from which mankind had fallen in such beatific renditions that captivated the heart and soul giving the onlooker a sense of heaven.

But today these visionary arts with their generation are long past and we have been catapulted into a generation of High Tech bombastic Helter-Skelter visions of cold harsh technology with all of its artificiality and bleakness. Computer games for children like Fortnite with all sorts of fantasy violence and mayhem!

That ancient generation was a time of the uplifting of humanity, a time when certainly the majority of citizens would see the destruction of the unborn as clearly diabolical and wicked.

This wayward generation that we are in in now has flipped that idea on its head and even flipped out, to where life, even the innocent unborn is now denigrated as being just fetal tissue; from a fetus not a human being, because until it is a born breathing baby one can hold; it’s not a human being. How preposterous and evil an idea! What about its God given soul! Surely those that see it as just tissue don’t believe in any soul or God Almighty!

“Not everyone that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but, He that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 7:21

Matthew 7 21

I think that coming out of that more golden era or ancient time when humanity truly was seeking God, and elevated humanity through art and noble acts of heroism, attempting first and foremost to be closer to God Almighty, and know Jesus Christ intimately through actual inward and outward behavior, has now since waned. It’s degenerated to where we see massive departure of faithful from the Catholic Church along with other Christian denominations like never before in history. The Bible very clearly warns that in “the latter times” churches will “depart from the faith,” and will “no longer endure sound doctrine.” Under Bergoglio we have seen this happening in double time.

The Bible says there must be a time of a great falling away, a time of apostasy, when the son of perdition, the Antichrist, will be revealed just preceding the Second coming of the Lord.
I had also said these things like you have brought out here quite well; being so very timely.

Let’s put it all in clear concise perspective; we are in World War III, but worse than that revelation we are in the Final Spiritual Battle between Heaven and Hell. We children of God are caught in the middle of it; being the prize or spoils of this war.
We God’s treasures are being snatched away from Him by the Evil One in unprecedented numbers! I’ll say this only because I know it’s true; in comparison to people who lived a few generations ago and especially hundreds of years in the past most of you have been at times or know people who are a spoiled rotten lot, being so overly materialistic, self-serving and vain; just look at many pro-athletes taking a knee so arrogantly when the people that made this country possible never would have done such an arrogant disrespectful thing; they actually knew virtue and honor earning the hard way! Or all these entertainment celebrities who take the cake for living decadently! Game players and glory seekers who thrive on attention and adulation of self; basically “playing the game,” “the crooked ways of the world,” becoming worshipers of self and or heathens practicing paganism; that are marching away from God Almighty; toward Perdition!

Biden hate

As the world marches toward the Precipice of Oblivion with such things as a false Pope and a cheating fraudulent criminal vile man as the President of the US; who the criminal Democrat party cheated into office with the cheerleaders of MSM that’s more than happy to accommodate whatever narrative the guilty need to promote; in order to conceal their crimes and sins at any and all cost! This is being done in order to not uncover the TRUTH; for “We the People and Citizens of God’s Creation!” We are not going to be heading into some utopia or peace on earth but rather the exact opposite; and we all need to face up to the fact that evil has overcome so many top echelon members of society now; making it a foregone conclusion that this is the End Time prophesied in the Bible! And so, it’s imperative that any of us who are not sure about it all, get attuned to Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit of God will come to you, to instruct you as you walk your daily path to Salvation. This world is falling away fast, and now is the time to respond to God’s will; not our own, or any supposed leaders; because most of them are too far gone, or sold their souls to the Devil and are possessed by sheer diabolical evil forces from Hell. Amen.

In closing I want to make it clear that what I wrote last June when bringing out what Albert Mohler was speaking to has absolutely increased exponentially and we can rest assured the Biden administration is working hand in hand with Satan! Here is some additional commentary of Mr. Mohler to see for yourself how secularism is rampant and damaging as much good as possible each and every day.


“In an interview on Thursday’s 700 Club, Mohler said that a dramatic shift took place over the course of a decade on the attitudes about same-sex marriage. He believes the speed at which Americans accepted this radical shift on a moral issue such as the definition of marriage is a hinge to the rapid secularization of the culture.

“There’s no event in human history on which human beings turned on a moral question like that so quickly,” he said.

Mohler believes that as the culture shifts more toward secular thought, and as many mainline Christian denominations follow suit, those who hold to an orthodox view of the Bible and Christian morality will find themselves more and more on the outskirts of society. “We certainly see that orthodox Christianity is seen as a problem by the cultural elites.
What we believe is what they believe they have to overcome to liberate humanity, he said.

Mohler also believes Christians will pay a higher and higher price for their beliefs, including increased hostility from the government.

He says that Christians need to respond to all of this with confidence in God and confidence in the Gospel.”

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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