“Scorched Earth”, Australia & New Zealand – Nov 6, 2021

As I see it now talking about secularism or apostasy being so prevalent now it’s just as clear that even far worse than that is the fact that the masses are mostly “Luke Warm” even in spite of how much evil has reared its ugly demonic head over the last couple of years; and God said he will spit such out or reject people who will not make up their minds and more importantly “hearts” as to what they fill their hearts and minds with!  And in today’s world sadly it’s not God with far too many people; even many that claim they do, are deceiving others or just themselves speaking falsely!

A prime example of that falsehood is Joe Biden and other high ranking leaders in our government and even churches!  Biden in his first few months in office which he doesn’t even have the right to claim as legitimate, appropriated $469 Billion dollars for abortion making him the all-time abortion king, showing just where his priority is which is to serve his master Satan!  This same monster that claims he is a Christian Catholic and wants to receive the blessed sacrament of the mass like any other person; but a person has to be in a state of repentance and grace first; which he can’t possibly be!  He is according to standing history and precepts of the church disqualified being in horrendous mortal sin and willingly continues his sin, not caring what God says so therefore truly blaspheming Him; so he cannot have the Holy Blessed Eucharist placed in his totally sinful evil body and soul, as he is carrying out acts of not just Apostasy, but, of Abomination, as he serves Satan just like Obama did; and they both are clearly already property of Hell!

This is what we faithful are up against a completely reckless and evil “Ways of the World System” that is hell-bent and as Saint John Paul II had correctly stated now decades ago, “we live in a Culture of Death;” in which basically people are quite willing to do even with all they can see and hear, with their own eyes and ears so in turn they too serve the Beast!  Which I believe is this corrupted world, “hell bent ways” system that is ruled by Satan!  The massively destructive hate and evil fueled riots during the summer of 2020 promoted, even condoned by many in the government, which was obviously all evil; is now worshiped in America more than Jesus Christ!

It’s too far gone, and out of control and what bothers me now, is how many people I see on the internet or even in the immediate world around me that just keep accepting and going along; many of them playing phony games of promoting self or not caring at all.

This first blog link below contains some information and other links to additional essays I wrote that all revolve around this idea of massive death and destruction that is coming, just like the Biblical Prophecies told us all along would be the case in the End Time; the Four Horses of the Apocalypse are upon us; and will be unfolding soon enough!  Depopulation and massive die-off’s is something I was aware of as well as my knowing that the vaccines were all part of the demonic plan to destroy humanity and bring great suffering to the people before the End comes, along with turning as many souls away from God as possible!

I got so turned off by some people that I interacted with here on this site last year and moving forward by their foolish behaviors and outright lying as they only seek to glorify themselves or get something else out of people online, I blocked them; as they are about taking and getting; a big game! One lady with tens of thousands of followers is all about fakery and lies thinking she is getting to do some good here when all she does is promote self and capitalize where and when she can! I had asked verbatim as she being a Catholic if she saw how diabolical and wrong Pope Francis is and how he has promoted falsehood, but, all she could say was “I support the pope;” so I saw then she is one of those fake Catholics like Biden or Pelosi that are not even real Christians!  She wasn’t being truthful; or taking a stand for Jesus Christ and the whole Truth of God and certainly not humble; but rather playing politics and watching her own bottom-line.

Here is a portion of a previous essay that cuts to the chase!

Wuhan Flu shots were designed to “slow kill” the masses through time-delayed death

It is one thing for the genetically modified (GMO) virus to be intentionally released, but a whole different thing for the medical establishment to then introduce an injection for it right in the middle of an alleged “pandemic.”

In Montagnier’s view, this approach is an “unacceptable mistake,” at best, because all it will do is spread even more “variants” of the Chinese Virus and kill more people – which appears to have been the plan all along.

We have Donald Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed” scheme to thank for this nightmare, by the way. While some of his diehard supporters still insist that Trump should not be blamed because he was simply “misled” by his cabinet concerning the nature of the injections, Trump himself is aggressively pushing them even to this day, despite the tens of thousands of known cases of injury and death.

Evidence continues to mount that Chinese Virus injections were designed to be a “slow” kill for many, meaning their detrimental impact takes a bit of time to manifest. For some, however, injury and death will come immediately, as we have seen in the headlines as of late.

All of this would explain the mad rush to vaccinate people at “warp speed,” using any ploy or coercion tactic necessary to reach the desired target. Once enough vaccinated people start dropping dead, the remaining unvaccinated will more than likely resist, which is why the Biden regime is moving quickly to get as many people injected as possibly, preferably before July 4.

“The powers that be have your DNA from the swab tests in a database link with an artificial intelligence that will determine the best time for one to die, and it will be by a ‘natural’ cause like stroke or heart attack,” one commenter at Disclose.tv wrote about people who are not necessarily vaccinated but who have undergone a covid “test.”

“A certain frequency will resonate with the target only by the mobility tower closest to your home. Skynet is not sending droids, but frequencies.”

More of the latest news about the death and destruction being brought to bear by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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The Master's Voice Prophecy Blog


Their idols are silver and gold,
The work of human hands.
They have mouths, but they cannot speak;
They have eyes, but they cannot see;
They have ears, but they cannot hear;
They have noses, but they cannot smell;
They have hands, but they cannot feel;
They have feet, but they cannot walk;
They cannot make a sound with their throat.
Those who make them will become like them,
So is everyone who trusts in them. – (Psalm 115:4- 8)

Today the Lord spoke to me for quite an extended period, the same things over and over. I have put them into categories for easier understanding but I received them all in one long conversation that I recorded as best as I remember. 

Vaccine Fallout & Boosters

The Lord spoke once again about the covid 19 vaccines. He said that people all over the world will die in record numbers…

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