Hope for Humanity in an Ocean of Sin

“God doesn’t roll dice” 
“she is making a difference”

It has to be obvious that we are all still here at the moment because God isn’t finished with us yet and can see in humanity an abundance of good that not only needs saving but can be saved; or He would have obliterated this realm long before yesterday or today.

In my travels yesterday I ran into a nurse I had met just prior to when the Pandemonium began now over a year and a half ago.  I also got talking with a social worker I met in the super market and with both of them our conversations revolved initially around the insanity and utter shockingly behavior of some small groups of people that have done so much harm to the human race and brought or inflicted so much evil upon the lives of many deceit innocent people who didn’t deserve what they got out of this turmoil.   The social worker agreed with all of my perspective, and especially when I mentioned how I had read so many stories about individuals who had given up totally!  Like a man I read about who had a tough growing up and earlier life but pulled himself up out of almost hopelessness in NYC living on the fringe, even overcoming a drug addiction to go on to becoming a self-employed proprietor of a small neighborhood  business that was doing very well while Trump was president, and as his sister said in an interview he was the happiest and most hopeful he had ever been in his entire life.  Then the scourge of the pandemic set in and all of his dreams were shattered as the lock-down and societal rift that ensued especially because of DeBlasio’s heavy handed crushing restrictions on small businesses and even the interaction of the public on so many levels, put his whole self-sustaining endeavor out of commission.  As the weeks and then months ensued with further madness such as the riots then the subsequent failed election for president by what he saw as obvious corruption and the furthering of evil in America, he decided it wasn’t worth it anymore and things would never be the same so he took his own life!

We admitted how there were countless such stories around the globe and it was so sad and tragic how many people who were decent people trying to survive in the end did the same thing seeing no hope.  The social worker blew my mind when she came right out and said, “Lawrence and it’s going to get a lot worse.”  I said thank you for being so candid and straight up with me because I’ve been getting sick of people who talk a talk or give total lip service or really BS to me all the time, especially online playing their little games of wasting time talking about nothing of any substantive value.  She told me that’s why I don’t spend my time on the internet at all!  I said bravo to you and God bless you and your husband, and because, after all how could you waste time like that when you are doing and have so much to do of importance every day!  I said thank you for doing all the good you do and you found a friend in me, if I could ever help you I would.  I then told her that little Gem I have repeated here many times about Einstein and what he said to that other physicist who said the “Big Bang” came about because of a massive number of random events happening in an instant to which Einstein retorted to this very brilliant scientist; “Very interesting my friend, but you overlooked one thing; God doesn’t roll dice!”  This brought out a huge smile and “thank you for that Lawrence,” to which I said sure only glad to help; tell your husband that one I’m sure he will like it!

Later as I had a much longer conversation with the nurse I had met in a similar way but hadn’t bumped into and probably wouldn’t ever again unless it was ordained from above because it was out of the blue how we met apparently totally random; so especially now not being any general routine or repeated weekly behavior that could bring us to another such encounter being statistically impossible, it’s needless to say we were both surprised and inspired to run into each other again, and his time of all places in the supermarket!  But this isn’t one that I shop in, but only after deciding to pick up a special chew treat for my dog at a nearby store stopped in for the convenience of it being on my way home from another activity.  We actually talked as long as I think anyone has ever in such an unlikely situation, probably a definite record of some kind especially if such persons had nothing better to do, or just wanted to do as my dad always referred to such encounters with good old friends, as “shooting the breeze.”  We talked about a multitude of things from the pandemic to you name it, but really all so important and interesting or in the very least pertinent and helpful to have such a meaningful exchange about any of those things!  Especially the reality of suffering that so many have gone through over the past year; along with even just fun talk about our companion pets who are still the same and unaffected by all of what the human race has been going through; and how they bring a simple joy and peacefulness to us.

Then the clincher came after a “few hours” of hanging out talking, that as it turns out actually tied into what the social worker had said!  And it was something I had mentioned in my previous writing; about my personal battles inflicted upon me by some very nefarious persons in his world, like the same sort of despots had just done to the world recently; like those that caused me to be in the biggest fight for my life ever!  Which from the resulting aftermath as it turned out; immediately after winning a pro se court battle with a massive insurance company with a top huge law firm representing them, in a highly politicized case, with its sole intent and purpose being to crush me like a cockroach; I had my epiphany!  I announced that my “new mantra in life” was now going to be “trying to make a difference;” which was what crystalized now again out of this long conversation yesterday evening; when this nice lady and nurse said, “she is making a difference!”

One thing that came out in both conversations was my saying to both of these very nice ladies whose life work revolves around helping other people with difficulties or problems with health and circumstances; that God wanted this meeting to happen!  So that will be my focus on how God is right there in our lives to help us see, say and do the things we need to move forward!


Because; we are after all is said and done, in His great loving hands!  Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III


White dove

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

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