There is Only One Race and This Tennessee Teacher Proves It

“prevailing winds of change for profit”

Great to put this up Mary Anne; and I say to myself what the hell is wrong with these corrupted minds and hearts of these destructive, out of control wicked minded BLM Rabble-rouse complainers, including all of the Pro Athletes that join in and take a knee, or the Corporations that have signed on to this nonsense to virtue signal, and are obviously playing the people for percentages or the prevailing winds of change for profit!

Brings to my mind what those children and teacher did back in 1970 as the old adage goes “if you want to do some good before you go ridiculing or condemning someone then try walking in that person’s shoes for a while to understand him or her. Because you really don’t know what it’s like for that person unless you actually have!” I remember how my grandparents and parents would say that to me growing up. It really made me think a lot about how others are living or what they are going through!

Martin Luther King (2)

Or put in a very American as in Native American way, rather very nicely, I think this adage says it all; while all these complainers or radical leftist nasty attitude people would actually learn for a change and do far better to make progress for society as a whole if that really is their honest ultimate goal, in helping things get better or really improve for all. Truly, if they would only follow this old wisdom; from a people that saw so much change in a land they occupied over millennia! But found the strength and courage to see things as they truly are, accepting and making the best of the circumstances; when giant changes ensued!

Cherokee proverb, “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.”
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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