Traditionis Custodes: The New Atom Bomb

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By Dr Peter Kwasniewski at Remnant Articles: Seventy-six years ago, on July 16, 1945, the first atomic bomb was detonated in a lonely desert 210 miles south of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Today, on July 16, 2021, Pope Francis has dropped an atom bomb on the Catholic Church…

Enough is Enough! I’ve stated with a clear conscience for some years now that Bergoglio is a Heretic and fraud Pope and now I must add that to me there is no doubt in my heart or mind that he is the Devil’s incarnate beastly antichrist advocate on earth, as in he is directly influenced from Hell just like the now Puppet POTUS of these United States of America is also!

Francis slapping female pilgrim worshiper

This past week Biden who since last year could not speak without mumbling or losing his train of thought; but while he was at a press conference speaking fluidly with not one glitch I knew why, because I’m sure he is being spoken through, now that we are in End Time; by demonic forces! They absolutely do the work of Satan on earth and if anyone can’t see this then I feel sorry for you because you are either deluded, mentally incompetent or one of the cohort minions marching to hell with them! I say some very bold and honest to goodness from my heart things, not fearing anyone or any earthly consequences; because I know for a fact from my own life experience and certain events that were thrust upon me, that this is the Time to take a Stand if there ever was one!

Pope and China docu

“By their fruits ye shall know them”: this was the message of the Gospel this past Sunday, the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost in the quondam Extraordinary Form, better known as the Mass of Ages. The fruits of this new motu proprio will be widespread confusion and increased division; temptations to bitterness, discouragement, and despair; tensions and headaches for bishops across the globe; crippling hesitations in the minds of young men who had considered becoming seminarians under the provisions of Summorum Pontificum; a large migration of Catholics to the Society of St. Pius X (for which I judge no one!) and to sedevacantist groups (which, on the contrary, is nothing other than tragic), simply because ordinary Catholics cannot—and should not have to be able to—understand how a pope can act against the Church, her tradition, and her common good as Francis does and has done, again and again. All this, and more, will Jorge Bergoglio be called upon to answer for at the dread judgment seat of Christ.”

God's judgmen seat sm print

This excerpt rings loud and clear to me and is coming from heaven! If there ever was a time for the leader of the Church to be present and accounted for to lead the flock or faithful as a good shepherd on earth as the “Vicar of Christ” this is a most unprecedented such time, with so much catastrophe and mounting turmoil being propagated more each day; but Bergoglio is off his rocker and into the unseen darkness of the netherworld; and as I see him just a shadow of a man! Here in the US General Miley just referred to Trump as Hitler; and he is a leader of the military here; but a Woke one! In the greater sense he is not Woke but he is dead to the world, humanity and God! These people like this fraud Pope and Miley along with the Biggest Puppet Biden are pushing the human race to annihilation and total evil! I will leave a link to an article I just completed that I was so compelled to write I had to stay up when I was in need of sleep badly! This is all too important I was thinking; and then your article here came into my mailbox as I was writing!

Francis Heratic docu

I only want to express what I truly know in my heart is crucial and most imperative now for anyone who cares and loves Jesus Christ; because that is who I do anything like this for; not myself or anyone’s approval other than God Almighty! Do what you will with me Lord; I’m in the ready to try my best for you, though I am a lowly sinner and fool; I’m only here because of you and for you! Amen.
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Please say some prayers to Saint Mother Teresa along with our Holy Mother and also Saint John Paul II.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Traditionis Custodes: The New Atom Bomb

By Dr Peter Kwasniewski at Remnant Articles:

Seventy-six years ago, on July 16, 1945, the first atomic bomb was detonated in a lonely desert 210 miles south of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Today, on July 16, 2021, Pope Francis has dropped an atom bomb on the Catholic Church that will harm not just those who “adhere to the Latin liturgical tradition” but everyone who values continuity and coherence, reverence and beauty, our heritage and our future.

The document is dripping with condescension and heartlessness, designed like a Swiss Army knife to equip bishops with as many ways of inconveniencing or hounding tradition-loving Catholics as possible.

As I opened upTraditionis Custodesthis morning, my eyebrows rose at the improbable title (Traditionis Perditores, “Destroyers of Tradition,” would have been far more accurate), and then my incredulity rose with each paragraph. By the time I had finished the accompanying…

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2 thoughts on “Traditionis Custodes: The New Atom Bomb”

  1. Sadly, I believe you are correct; Francis is a heretic at best. He and Biden have similar agendas. We’re living through remarkable times and only Heavenly advocates can help us.

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    1. Pam…thank you for your clarity and great insight sister in Christ Jesus! You sure said it here and with the Middle East devolving once again after a glimmer of hope while the world is becoming so helter-skelter becoming more wicked by the day.
      I can fear the worst is fast approaching now; but, I turn all this over to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with faith in Him alone, which gives me such great hope and strength; because we know by His holy words we will not be forsaken; if we Trust in Him! ✝ Amen.


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