A Tale of 2 Kidneys and Mitochondrial DNA

“The US Supreme Court has ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”

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A Tale of 2 Kidneys and Mitochondrial DNA

Reblog by: Lawrence Morra III

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July 28, 2021


People, you have to check all of this data out, and I mean it totally; you must be informed!


“Burden of disease analysis,” this being a term I was totally unfamiliar with before examining all of this data but isn’t now and begs the question in my mind and way of seeing things of who the hell has the Burden been placed on with Pharmaceutical Big Pharma Companies and Hospitals being totally immune from legal recourse by those of us who being so misinformed and lied to after receiving a horrible Frankenstein concoction such as the Covid Vaccine! We are literally as my Dad always said in such flying blind situations; “Up Shit’s Creek without a Paddle!”

Listening to Dr. Marty Makary opened my mind up to more and a bigger dose of reality, than I had even previously taken in one sitting; over this topic!

Medicine became more of a money making tool for the GREEDY than a path to preserving the health and longevity of the individual.

I heard the word “indoctrination” in this presentation which flipped a switch like turning on the lights, and that reminded me how the communists have through our own American Freedom System indoctrinated the newer generations with the idea of “Socialism” and how it’s all about the people and a wonderful thing, over say the American Capitalist System of providing wealth and power to a handful of elitist, greedy capitalists which this presentation does explain how some of them are doing great harm to us all showing that there are bad and good in all human groups! Although the purveyors of this toxic soup of Socialist Propaganda in America fail to mention that the communists are always a centralized brutal regime of greedy power worshiping Dictators; that have one goal which is to ENSLAVE and CONTROL all of the underlings, as minions of the State.

But back to the Medical profession; here in this incredibly honest presentation if you watch the entire videos and read everything here you will learn more in less than a couple of hours than you have most likely in your lifetime about this specific topic, of being another yo-yo while also being played by the Medical Healthcare Provider Machine where price gouging is a given, and this Incorporated Medicine is not so much about Hippocratic Oath desires of some good medical people, as it is more about the Medical Price Setting Machine having control over your life like a Mafioso Organized Crime Syndicate Network; that can legally “strong arm you” into submission not much different than loan sharks do with gambling debtors even though these hospitals or clinics won’t tell you that your legs will get broken and maybe your neck if you don’t come up with the money! But, they do devastate and destroy many people with crushing debt that devastates the injured needy poor human being, by putting them into a bad credit situation swimming in debt and in many cases, a lifelong interest mortgage debt for health, tossed upon their lives! Just like owing the Mob for the rest of your life, because you were sick or injured in a horrible accident; so had to only seek out medical help from often times, a so called renowned medical intuition that may even be a nonprofit hospital!

See what I mean about a so called Hippocratic Oath in theory being the driving force behind medical care, when in fact it’s really a Hypocrisy that got you over the proverbial barrel; the game of you were in need now cough up the bread or big bucks if you really know what’s good for you; because if not we will make your life miserable and rake you over the coals.

The law says since back in the days of President Richard Nixon that the hospital can charge whatever they want to, and you the patient have no choice in what it cost when you go into the hospital with say a broken leg or bleeding from and injury because you ripped your hand open using a chain saw cutting your firewood for your wood stove at home or some other such unfortunate mishap! This sounds to me like the politicians once again have struck, and along with the damned lobbyists have pulled another fast one, and put through legislation that favors the greedy profiteers and the exclusive club or the politically insulated, over the rest of us citizens who don’t have a clue and should just shut up being happy victims of financial rape; because you got some medical attention at the drop of a hat when in dire need!

The truth from this presentation and the book if you read will affect you as it pissed me off like it did the host of the show, who like me said he has a bit volatile predisposition on the neurotic scale, but, he did say what’s true here; so that anyone even if you are typically cool as a cucumber will be totally pissed once you see and know what these SOB’s are doing to the public at large because crooked greedy heartless scoundrels way back, built a better mouse trap to be an organized crime syndicate of graft, kickbacks and heinous corruption, allowing them the ability of using a strong arm tactic against the public to essentially pay into a protection racket albeit the Healthcare Industry, just like the gangsters of the “Roaring Twenties” did when they would go to small business owners and tell them point blank they need protection, “so nobody comes into your store or shop and burns it to the ground or maybe they come in to beat you up so they can take your profits for the day and steal anything they want!” Meanwhile these thugs rob you blind and “Screw You Over; Six Ways to Sunday” for the rest of your life with protection payments to in the same sense gangsters because of some perhaps catastrophic injury or health matter you or your family member suffered.

So this is what happened because of our sleazy politicians that sellout in a heartbeat to become rich; and so, they are in league with other criminals, middle men, instead of serving the public’s best interests which is what they were elected into office to do, but they do not; at all! Look at Biden that deep, darkest, filthiest swamp political creature; that has played the public this way for 50 years becoming filthy rich and more politically insulated, immune from prosecution for his crimes, by using the public as his own CASH COW to BLEED DRY!

Some hospitals will fake people out by saying they offer financial aid and will reduce the bill by a percentage which is only cutting some of that already highly “super inflated” out of control billing for care to you, if you agree to make payments for the rest of your life in many instances, and, beholding being in debt; so they did you a favor? Let me tell you folks, “it’s all about the money honey,” with these parasites.

These guys in the video both good doctors talking about being moral and ethical, do state categorically that they are not pushing socialized medicine or healthcare like the Obama administration had done, but, are saying in a “free capitalist system” which is actually good if the medical industry starts being totally transparent and not hide cost factors to provide care, and actually all hospitals and clinics should start really competing to provide the best care possible at the lowest possible cost to the working decent citizens like you and me!  So then we can live our lives without owing them to some hospital racketeers behind the scene, paying through our noses for the rest of our lives; because we needed help! Dr. Marty states that he had President Trump and his administration absolutely willing to work this problem out and make it right, to stop kickbacks or all of this corruption in the Healthcare Industry. There are too many middle men that control this industry to rip us all off. Unfortunately, Now with Biden in; I say good luck with that!

This is revealing “Toxic ingredients in pharmaceutical products often change and my body could no longer take them. But MDs make money from those companies and insurances do not cover homeopathic medicine. It’s apparent the pharmaceutical industry owns our health—what’s left of it.”

Totally immoral what is going on!

Now here is a major “Hot Potato” regarding “Vaccines” and why there really shouldn’t be any mandatory or coerced vaccinating going on, especially with garbage that hasn’t even had appropriate clinical trials before allowing them to even be injected in willing recipients; let alone just any person in public randomly, which is really playing “Russian Roulette” with innocent vulnerable human beings lives, in time of serious need; so why not just get a revolver and spin the barrel for each of us and say today we’re playing the game let’s see if you get to live another day!

“Author: Michael McEvoy…

A number of genetic mutations have surfaced in recent years, which have been studied in relationship to vaccine injury. This information could help both patients as well as physicians make more informed and science-based decisions regarding vaccination.

Vaccine injury has become a hotly debated topic in recent years. In the United States, physicians as well as vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability when vaccine injury occurs. Instead, the issue of vaccine injury remuneration is an entirely socialized affair, paid for by federal taxpayer dollars, through the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act. To date, there has been more than 3 billion dollars paid out to vaccine injured individuals. Many of these injuries include death, permanent disability and serious autoimmune conditions such as Guillain Barre Syndrome. Not all types of vaccine injury qualify for financial claim, however, and the process of reporting such reactions have limited qualifications. At the same time it is believed that vaccine injury is significantly under-reported, as many vaccine injury symptoms can be delayed several weeks or longer, making identification of such injuries difficult or impossible to detect.
The US Supreme Court has ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”. However, with the advent of recent genetics research, the term “unavoidably unsafe” may be outdated and no longer applicable. A number of studies in recent years have surfaced, identifying statistically significant genetic risk factors, which predispose certain at-risk individuals towards vaccine injury. Consequently, these risk factors should serve as criteria for vaccine medical exemption.”

I know this is a lot to read, but, let me tell all of you, if you don’t read all of this material then you are a fool, and don’t live with any interest in surviving the way you should; by being properly informed and discerning! Perhaps you don’t care about your own life or even your loved one’s!  I’m saying this because so many took the jab already and his data has been available all along!  I really hope you do actually care; and say this straight from and to the heart!

This is absolutely the Coup d’grace, the death knell in this entire forthright presentation.

“The shots you’ve been told again and again are SafeAndEffective are not. Since tests are available to show who cannot have any pharmaceutical products with these toxic items[including the shots], I can only conclude there is intentional targeting of Mitochondrial DNA clusters. And since Mitochondrial DNA is required for life, many of us will die.”
“I have to admit when the thought struck me that any such shot could be used to “cull” the herd, I was horrified. Of all the things I could have done with what I have learned I never thought I’d be analyzing this scenario.”

Let’s all thank Joyce Bowen for her outstanding dedication and long suffering over this acute health concern that impacted her own life in ways that are too heart wrenching for any of us to contemplate in our own families; so, we should take to heart and learn from this very wise and decent human being! I know I am humbled and truly grateful for what she has already done for me! Amen.
God bless her and all of her loved ones!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Okay—so this is about kidneys and mtDNA, but kidneys got me to this point—mine, that is.  Bear with me through my Tale which finally brought me to a discussion of mtDNA.  I’m in good company because the WHO’s Colin Mathers knows a lot about it.

About Colin Mathers

22.2. The Kidneys and Osmoregulatory Organs


I don’t think they looked this bad yet—at least I certainly hope not, but they were on the trend.



I asked a PCP to refer me to a Nephrologist because my GFR number was in the 50s and my creatinine [and other test numbers] were trending in the wrong direction.  I knew this was indicative of Stage 3 kidney disease and I wanted to try and find a way to turn my numbers around.


[My Harvard-affiliated-institution PCP did not sound so SUUUURRRRRREEEEEEEE but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.]

Six months later, I asked her again.  She said,



Something was rotten in Denmark, and I did not want it to be me.  By now my kidneys were down to 50% and my Creatinine was out of whack.  I had been going to a Urologist who had expressed real concern and I knew I needed help.

I took the initiative and called a Harvard-affiliated-institution Nephrologist on my own.  I told them my numbers and was shocked at the response I heard from the receptionist who guarded the nephrologist’s office schedule,

“You aren’t bad enough yet,” she said.

I hung up the phone, my eyes blinking wildly and tried to understand what had happened to medical care.  I had declined a free-pass to medical school decades earlier and my illusions [or delusions] as to how I would have treated people were quite different.


I had always thought Medicine was a profession that helped people until I learned that in 1973 in the USA, Nixon had passed an Act allowing Medicine to become profitable.  The minute I read about that Act the words




There’s No Profit in Healthy People,






sprung to mind.


Truer words were never spoken by this candidate for office.

                        Medical Money AQ466

And here are a few people I never agree with—except on this show. [Johns Hopkins and ZDogg are Vaccine-Injury Deniers]

Cutting Through The Medical Money Games | Dr. Marty Makary (Author of The

Price We Pay

I studied and studied and studied and researched and researched and researched until I learned pharmaceutical products were my nemesis and by association allopathic medicine. 

[Mind you everything in a syringe is not dubbed vaccination. Many heparin shots contain aluminum, and I can’t have those either.]


I sleuthed my way into why I was dying.  I had little time to spare.  Every time people held my gaze, I saw my grave reflected in people’s eyes.



Toxic ingredients in pharmaceutical products often change and my body could no longer take them.  But MDs make money from those companies and insurances do not cover homeopathic medicine.  It’s apparent the pharmaceutical industry owns our health—what’s left of it.

[Yes, yes I know—you want to get to the Mitochondrial part.]

Many of you know vaccine products took out my family—that’s Mitochondrial DNA.  Because I passed my Mito down to my babies, they were just as susceptible as me.

There are tests. 

There are tests. 

There are tests.







But today’s MDs won’t do them.  If we could have the tests many of us need, we could prove these toxins hurt us.  And these toxins are not just in the shots—they are laced throughout pharmaceutical product lines—with emulsifiers and things to even make sure they get into your brain.

There’s lots of information people do not know in the document below. My brainwashing as to how necessary these things were to keep me healthy made it very hard for me to read.  It’s about 1,600 pages long.  I haven’t finished it yet; although, I’ve scanned most of it.

vaccine guide

[Click Vaccine Guide above if you can’t see it.]

These shots are nothing more than toxic shots laced with viral particles to legitimize them as vaccines—I firmly believe that’s true. I further assert that these shots have always been experimental, and I do think they are being used to target Mitochondrial DNA clusters.

[An easy way to understand mtDNA is it’s DNA that comes down all the way from your cavewoman grandmother. So whole lines and millions [perhaps even billions] can be wiped out if this is done.]

Nobody should be screwing with DNA, RNA or any chromosomal material. It’s the field I studied diligently for from my preteens on through young adulthood until I had to give it up to take care of my vaccine-induced brain-damaged toddler. I still know a whole hell of a lot more than most about genetics. I almost wish I didn’t.

The greatest danger from these genetic modifications will probably be autoimmune disease—ALS [think ice-bucket challenge] ASIA [which I have and is completely unacknowledged in the USA] and more…

The numbers could be huge—and the very people who diagnose it won’t because they caused it and are part of the problem. It took almost 3 decades before they finally diagnosed me with autoimmune disease and they never diagnosed the problems I had with the toxins in pharmaceutical products. They just tried to prescribe more toxic products and there were those who became angry when I refused to take them. 



And all the while those people kept giving me the very shots that exacerbated my condition.  Go Figure…  They certainly aren’t my heroes.




The shots you’ve been told again and again are SafeAndEffective are not.  Since tests are available to show who cannot have any pharmaceutical products with these toxic items[including the shots], I can only conclude there is intentional targeting of Mitochondrial DNA clusters.  And since Mitochondrial DNA is required for life, many of us will die.

I have to admit when the thought struck me that any such shot could be used to “cull” the herd, I was horrified. Of all the things I could have done with what I have learned I never thought I’d be analyzing this scenario.

I had a childhood dream of curing cancer by tagging an across-the-board cancer-specific genetic anomaly with a cancer-specific antigen of some kind. I just had no idea some cancers walk on two legs and speak.

The Nuremberg Code therefore applies:

Copyright January 2021 by Joyce Bowen

Mitochrondral Eve: the deep maternal ancestor of us all

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Role of Mitochondrial Gene TFAM in The Progression of Renal Disease

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    1. Thank you very much for checking it right away Joyce! I’ve been a bit on the fly and had not happily posted it a bi in the rough without going over it with a fine tooth comb so there were the inevitable bugs which I just found in several locations and I’m sure later today I will find I hope not more than a couple more! But it is closer to the level of accuracy and syntax that I was hoping for too! I felt a lot of emotions reading your article and thinking as I went along, about my own personal experiences with the medical industry, especially in recent years at, as prior to that I was so blessed with good health not being in any need; so didn’t have a clue what was going on! I see how I need to learn so much more, but, I’ll try so I cannot just watch-out for myself, but to follow suit with you, doing as you do in watching out for the common good of all! You did a fantastic job here, and I’m honored to just toss my tiny effort in to help!
      God bless you!

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