America continues to allow evil to run this country

twilights-last-gleaming-david-dehnerAbsolutely my Patriotic God fearing and Loving American Citizen Brother! Evil has been allowed for too long in many areas of government be it Federal State or City/ County to fester into a network of criminals supporting criminals throughout and not serving and working for the People but instead ripping off and ruining everything in America they can! They care nothing about human life or God they are despot criminal DEVILS!

This portion of your narrative hit home for sure and I PRAY to Jesus Christ that the majority of our fellow Brothers and Sisters see it the same way and become activated by God’s Holy Spirit to stand up for our rights and our Nation under God voicing their opinions and then the responsible good authorities go after these criminals and lock them all away!

“The problem is that too many people are focused on hating Biden and not at the rest of the evil lurking in the White House.”
“Much of the comments I see on social media is asking Biden to resign or be impeached which won’t do any good when the main problem hasn’t been resolved which is all the corrupt politicians in office as well. They all need to be taken down in order to restore God in the country.”

Please let’s do this PEOPLE! All good Law Enforcement, Military, remaining Honest Political Officials and Bureaucrats let’s take back our Republic under God and people like me out here, the citizens you serve; are going to back you up 100%! God bless. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


9/11 was a terrible tragedy in this country and really should have been a wake up call for Americans that evil is running the show. Unfortunately those who were already aware of what was happening was seen as “conspiracy theories”

22 years later this is still happening

The corrupt politicians in office continue to do whatever they want and not care about the consequences. I bet this tragedy in Afghanistan was done on purpose to get rid of Biden hoping that people would stop complaining about him. The real truth is people will continue to complain so long as there is a corrupt politician in office. Among these evil, corrupt politician pet projects is to force electric vehicles on the American people. Americans are not buying electric vehicles so they gotta try and replace the president. The problem is that too many people are focused on hating Biden and not…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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