Yet “unvaccinated” is likely to soon mean anyone who’s missing the latest booster dose. By late September, “unvaccinated” or “not fully vaccinated” likely will mean anyone who’s not had two or three doses of a COVID shot, depending on which brand the person took initially. Who knows how many more boosters are in store?

The president’s final blessing to those “on the front lines of this pandemic” and to “our troops” was particularly painful, because it is precisely these people with deep knowledge of the disease and the vaccines who are refusing the shots in large numbers, and who now are at risk of their livelihoods.

These people who put their lives on the line during the pandemic are being asked to lose everything if they exercise their right to refuse this medical treatment.

What can we do?

  1. Understand that you are the unvaccinated, no matter how many vaccines you’ve had. The administration is looking for scapegoats because COVID is still here, and it’s likely to be here for awhile. The “unvaccinated” term is likely to be a moving target, perpetually ratcheting up what it means to be “fully vaccinated” and “unvaccinated.”
  2. Get educated. Sign up for Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) The Defender. It’s free. Tell your friends.
  3. Speak up! If you think mandatory medicine with experimental products is not a good idea, now is the time to speak out. Let your elected officials know, call the White House, go to your school board meetings. Remember Pastor Martin Niemöller’s poem, “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.”
  4. Act on your conscience. Consider participating in Walk Out Week starting today, Sept. 13. Stay away from medically coercive schools and jobs.
  5. Find your tribe. Join CHD chapters on our website, or check out affiliated organizations including Health Choice, Millions Against Medical Mandates, National Vaccine Information Center, Informed Consent Action Network and others.
  6. Demonstrate. Show your support for health freedom at peaceful rallies across the country.
  7. Don’t quit your job. If your workplace is mandating vaccination, explore lawful exemptions. If your exemption is denied, force your employer to go through the steps of terminating you. While unpleasant, termination is the only way you can preserve your rights. Lawyers across the country are already bringing lawsuits based on discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act, constitutional grounds and others. You may be able to receive back pay and reinstatement if lawsuits succeed. If you resign, you will not be able to vindicate any rights — your departure will be considered voluntary, even if it was not.
  8. Vote your conscience. If you have the opportunity to vote in November, vote your conscience. If your elected officials are not honoring your most precious rights, vote them out!

Based on President Biden’s speech, the next few months may be challenging. Here’s what you can count on from CHD:

  • We will not give up.
  • We will stand with you.
  • We will provide daily need-to-know information.
  • We will advocate for your rights — in our Community Corner, on CHD Live! and in all the work we do.
  • We will keep fighting in court against medical tyranny. We will continue lawsuits against the FDA’s faux licensure, against federal censorship and against mandates for vaccines, masks and testing. We will continue to fight for the right to religious and medical exemptions and the right to free and informed consent, unfettered by government diktats.
  • And foremost we will fight for our future, our children.

Please support our work in any way you can. Thank you.