The World Will Drag You Down

“One Day at a Time”
“the final analysis”
“Pure Absolute Love”

Hello Brother! I have to say first of all it’s not anything I take lightly to see you appearing so disappointed. Life is a most precious gift and yet there is this harsh reality of the dichotomy of life’s endless battles even within our own bodies running smooth and then others times not so good while yet still for others not so good all of the time! It appears at times to be a losing proposition at best with highs and lows. Never quit is an adage my Dad taught me that is time tested and proven to be a better plan than I don’t care or what’s it matter maybe it’s better not to be born in the first place. Another acquaintance said that recently just as countless others have in this world.

I was talking and entertaining over the weekend with a sister of mine talking about great movies and stories with awesome sound tracks or musical scores and we both thought this old tune was so prophetic in that it was talking about the time it was written in but how it could also apply to now in basic terms of the subject matter of the song, of its ideas; conflicts between peoples across the globe. Listen to this and then read on please. I’ll tell you I watch and listen to this and I cry. This life and world does beat us up and gets all to the grave eventually, but it is all still totally worth it; because there is a purpose and plan. We’re in the quagmire or between that rock and a hard place but we must never quit.

Personally I look at a man like you from what I can ascertain from your genuine thoughts and feelings in your writing and say you have so much to try hanging in for; taking it like Saint Mother Teresa said, “One Day at a Time;” who saw so much destitution of the human condition in all ages of human beings suffering and struggling nonstop, even just to obtain the bare essentials and health if they were able to. She once was talking to an outcast in Calcutta who was found in the street dying, even had leprosy and he asked her “why are you helping me I’m dying and just a rejected man with nobody!” Those are the basic words as I recall but she told him “you are a human being and child of God’s and if you are dying you still should die with dignity.” Man I tell you that woman was a Saint in spades; a true Angel of Mercy! You’re an intelligent man and I can see sensitive with a good heart so just think what Jesus sees in you! He knows us through and by our hearts and there will be no fooling Him by anyone.

I noticed you said you were wrong about Trump, but even though I knew he was a best option going and a more Godly driven man than anything the Democrat party was offering up and even most Republicans; you saying this now showed you have character and can own up to your “successes and failures,” take ownership as it were, God loves that, because you do know that nobody is perfect and we all make a mistake or drop the ball from time to time. It is like a high wire act at times it seems, trying to carry-on in such a tumultuous conflicted man made system that is very poisoned and afflicted with corruption, hatred, sins and evil. People like you and me with so many others are the counter measure that keeps it at least going on with hope for a great outcome in “the final analysis,” because I know its true God will judge all and everything will be made to be in its proper place.

I just wrote something on the 26th and I really would appreciate it if you read it over and take all the time you want but let me know anything you can about it and what thoughts and feelings you got out of it. You can even write to my email to keep it more direct to me if you prefer.

For now I will leave this excerpt from my blog posting that comes at the end of the long essay, “Why are We here; Is it Worth Being Born?”

But I hope you read all of it and think about Dismas when you get there and consider the Truth and message God gave all of us with His plan and most profound event in all of human history!

“I Lawrence say with absolute confidence God is with us right now and never leaves our sides, but we do have crosses to carry while here which is absolutely worth it! He Jesus Christ overcame all of this conflict and suffering and did it out of “Pure Absolute Love” and I tell you as I look around this world, me an imperfect nobody, I see so much I wouldn’t want to be any part of, yet I’m so happy to be dealing with the blood, sweat and tears of it all; because I have a shot through Jesus Christ of making sure that my life a gift from God was and is all worth it because He overcame all obstacles to Paradise; our path is to follow Him our Lord Savior and Redeemer. Amen.”
God bless you and yours!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Why are We here; Is it Worth Being Born?

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

4 thoughts on “The World Will Drag You Down”

  1. That song makes me cry. The Vietnam days were so damned hard. These days are no softer. We thought we stopped them then.

    We didn’t.

    Life went on and we slept.

    You might not be so pleased with that Trump guy in the end.

    NESARA and GESARA Act – Has It Already Been Enacted?

    NESARA/GESARA is the NWO by another name. They’re nothing if not creative. Dig a little deeper on this. They’re using the bait and switch. Trump is Plan B.

    The UN will gain control and we’ll be done.

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    1. Well Joyce I wrapped my head around Quantum Physics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity but the truth as I see it is there are no extraterrestrials but there are spiritual demonic beings that these guys talk about in terms of inter-dimensional beings traveling the worms holes and what not. This is all a ruse by Satan to get the world ready for Antichrist so hold on to your sorts and take a deep breath and pray and if you never do this would be a good time to start because the next chapter will get hairy!

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      1. I see it as intersecting realities. I see everything as predetermined—a function of protocols and algorithms.

        I was pondering theoretical physics when I stumbled on some paper. Whatever it was led me to conclude we do not have free will—we have freedom to choose, but not free will. It was like touching a hot stove.


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