“Standing ‘Alone’ facing the world and all adversity with God in his heart”

I was watching an old classic style movie yesterday that really made me cry! The protagonist of the story is a cowboy the “real deal” or the ones that were prevalent in the Old West when there were no such things as barbed wire fences and macadam interstate highways riddling the terrain.  A Cowboy or perhaps we can call him a frontiersman could ride his horse and actual best friend for days on end and not see any signs of civilization, but only rugged prairieland.  There sure was a sense of adventure and newness to each day living like that, and a real quality of Freedom, that I’m sorry to say we have no true understanding or appreciation of, living as we do; just being captive quarry in an artificial world of enslavement, be it our cloistered lifestyles or same old habitual mesmerized routines and meaningless rituals we go through daily with all of our modern conveniences, trappings and contraptions!  Which we falsely think give us “control and freedom” but actually “enslave” us, making us blind to “Reality,” in many cases so much so, that people look around each day doing their thing and just don’t get it! They don’t even have a clue or see the “proverbial writing on the wall” and realize how low humanity has sunken and were it is headed collectively and even down to each of our own individual lives!

This story clearly illustrated how this real pioneering spirited, good natured, and freedom loving strong man, with a big heart; was up against a battle he couldn’t win but deserved to, which was right at the time when the final transition from the Old West and bare-naked living by the air you breath working and living outdoors, or traveling the wide open spaces to wherever it led to, or perhaps at times working as a sheepherder and at other times a cattle drover; was all disappearing and receding into the distant mountains as well as into the memories of people like this man who lived it and loved every bit of it; but saw it slowly and then surely being stripped away and suffocated, in a sense out of existence, to never be seen again!  Something so beautiful was dying and not only it, but, this man’s heart with it! In this masterfully constructed classic, “Kirk Douglas plays an old fashioned cow hand who doesn’t fit into early 1960s South Western USA.”

What was taking its place was Jet aircraft, highways abuzz constantly with the drone and commotion of interstate trucking and automobiles by the thousands speeding down those byways and not really knowing them, or what realities had been lived out on those vast lands crossing them by past sojourners and free-spirited explorers; real people! It appeared all these people knew now was how to get from point A to point B in one Damned Hell of a hurry, because that’s how it is, with everyone being in a hurry to get here or there or get something or other, which now always revolves around money; a time when time is money, all calculated and collated in our existence like products on an assembly line; a world that screams to even hurry up and live your life like there is no tomorrow!  And for many that can even be the case often when they rush right into one problem or another ruining their lives; and even major accidents with these horseless carriages that speed down those unnatural macadam highways going so damn fast; that to a Cowboy it just wouldn’t make any sense what people were becoming!

So here he was being a Brave soul and one who saw the “black and white” of life, the dichotomy clearly, or how something is either good or bad and not all of these shades of gray in between, the way we modern people live, all racing around with some sort of blinders on our eyes like those used for carriage pulling horses to keep them looking forward only, but, far worse are the blinders people wear on their hearts and minds that inhibit their ability to see even just basic realities staring them in the face!  Not even able to distinguish sin from virtue or now good from evil! But this Cowboy being so “Brave” and fighting to stay “Free in heart and soul” was living a “Lonely” life; as the world was changing so much; it didn’t even have a clue what he was about nor even care!

But this Cowboy epitomizes what I’ve been seeing without blinders on my eyes or heart and even though this world says don’t bother trying or it will even attack one for trying to see reality for what it is without any blinders on the heart and mind; the “cancelling of people” in society even an “innocent precious life” because it’s a woman’s right to choose; in this ugly, fake, sinister, pretend and backstabbing world of “Trickery;” where everything is “calculated” for a “Buck and Profit” in somebody’s pocket or bank!  Sure they have the right to choose; we all do and the “ONE BIG and MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE” is to go to Heaven or go to HELL!  That is a major reason the insanity and evil that has been gripping the world over the last 18 months is happening in the first place! People like evil Bill Gates or George Soros and many others are always calculating how to get more money and power that they already have extremely far too much of already!  And still they and governments now don’t give a damn if they destroy the human race in the process of grabbing more of this money and power; it’s a creeping cancer that is devouring the world now! But much bigger and more horrible than this, is what human life has become, how cheapened it’s become; to the point where I look around and I can’t believe I live in such a sick twisted rotten world where people are actually making it so!

And that cuts to the chase as to what I see and had seen for so long; only just over this past week I got a shock or slap in the face to make sure I say what I’m saying now! Which is God is disgusted and fed up with all of this foolishness, selfishness, hatred, stupidity, vain materialism, egotistical worshiping self or false gods, secularism, hedonism, paganism and the utter in your face horrible debauchery and absolute evil that has taken hold of this human race; making it a “Devil’s Playground” for the most unholy being in existence, to twist or jumble up into knots!  And all the while so many humans run around like they think what they do is so important or OK, and just their thing, or maybe even love learning things the hard way like some idiots; so they say get out of the way I’m coming through or just going to do whatever again, to see what happens to my life in a hurry type attitudes prevail!

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I had my legs knocked out from under me with some kind of horrible food poisoning illness kind of thing, the likes of which I never had anything remotely like it before but it was so powerfully telling me among a few things, the one thing that I and all of you need to see and be cognizant of at all times, which is; this battle we’re in is going to get worse, and I see how still so many people even after all that has happened just want to brush it all off in and move on in a hurry going right back to how things were before the, Man Caused Evil Pandemic!  The same way people did after 9/11; for a little while people huddled together and gave lip service to one another then they went right back to the same old games and phony baloney of being a bunch of fools chasing their own tails in a sense, being lost and not caring to really figure out what they are doing so terribly wrong, and not even at least try to fix the bottom line underlying problems that they are reeking with!  In a plain way of putting it, we are all either going nuts or getting evil to some degree day by day and some people are both already!

I think many people actually don’t know what it really means to be a “Free and Virtuous Human Being” and most important, too many don’t really believe in “God or that the Holy Scriptures are real” as to what we’ve been taught or heard, how they are the “Word of Almighty God our Creator” and that is who we should be focusing our hearts and minds on, and need to hurry and listen to; not all this background noise or hocus-pocus malarkey nonsense of a mesmerizing, artificial, and unreal world of Sin!  Jeff Bezos and William Shatner are going to head into Orbit soon and why; when they are already in orbit in their gluttonous phony destructive lives living for the materialistic beast world system using all the excessive money they have reaped for such stupidity and for self, instead of putting those resources toward saving many lives or helping so many in need because of the fraud pandemic which caused them to lose everything!  That is much more important than their fantasy joyride; Life is No Joyride and God is fed-up with these warped and selfish wicked people!  No, instead they want to and do believe in Star Trek and our not too far down the road traveling to distant galaxies and meeting other life forms that at least know as much but probably lots more; right!  They can believe such poppycock impossible ideas even while all fellow humans are now in a global crisis they created, these elitist, globalist and greedy sickos, which may very well kill off billions, but God; that’s just too much to fathom or maybe it’s more convenient to say there is no God, then there is no accountability, and so Sin is OK; we can just do what we FEEL like doing, like many of the youngest generations mantra pronounces these days; the Devil’s Playground, don’t forget!

Just read how a 19 year old Billie Eilish announced she is cancelling her tour in Texas because she stated; “My Body,” as she is dead set against the Texas legislation regarding when human life cannot be terminated once a heartbeat is detected, that sure makes sense to me that it’s a life with a heartbeat and that doesn’t even get into the truth of how all Life comes from God and He created that human life with a Soul not just a heartbeat; so to me killing a helpless innocent human being is murder and is enough to get a one way ticket to Hell!! This “little” big-headed, non-humble girl doesn’t see that life as anything beyond “her” as in ME “Body Concept;” her blinders are in full operation!  I say to that punk kid, “shut the hell up!”  She is so stupid not to be aware that by being in a position where her words and thoughts carry across wide open spaces and continents even, how God is going to judge her for that, and it’s not a good ending for her by a long shot; if she doesn’t quickly repent and put her Trust in God, not this sick materialistic rotten world where she, basically an overgrown kid with zero wisdom who is making huge money, a bad thing in itself; but to boot is promoting sin on a massive scale!  And because that is the game she is owned by, making Big Money; so Money is King and Satan rules her as in her soul will be in Hell when she dies, if she follows that path to its conclusion; and that is a person in this crazy upside-down world that so many other people pay attention to; and make something out of her to adulate?  She’s a little monster (demon); so far removed from the real and honest life like that Cowboy lived; because make no mistake about it, demons now infest this planet and either influence people directly or in many cases now possess their souls; just look at Washington DC and what makes it a hellhole swamp!  And any of you arrogant types out there, that say cut it out Lawrence I don’t believe in demons, I tell you, you’re full of shit, you had better wake up it’s in your face, and beware, you may become full of demonic forces tricking you into giving your soul to Satan; on a silver platter as it were!

I tell you this, as I know from some hard knocks and even having this blanket of agonizing illness come over me this past week out of nowhere like an attack; how the time is getting late and God is so disgusted with what much of the human race has become, so flippant and wicked in their thoughts and behaviors; where now even seeing what is obviously murder, where there is the beating of a human heart up to a full term human baby, that it’s being terminated as not being an abomination! I just read yesterday that the number of human babies destroyed is now about 1.5 Billion; that is costing humanity and cutting us off from God with His wrath coming; modern man, that is us, is very EVIL! This woman and any woman, along with all the men that are part of that scene not seeing the proverbial forest for the trees that way; are either as dumb as stumps which I doubt is the case or they have become evil and don’t care, whether through brainwashing and lack of proper morality or demonic influence! Even hell doesn’t worry them at all, as they only care about this fake and artificial fame and glory to serve “self” and get more money; the drug of choice by most in the world today!  Gates has billions and wants billions more; that is all he lives for; so tell me why? Who the hell needs that kind of money and why more?  What does it do for that soul and does it make him a better human being than some Cowboy with no money riding his horse out on the prairie!

That Cowboy is a real man and human being hands down!

You know what; the title of that movie that was made all the way back in 1962 and a far better movie on all levels than 99% of all the trash they crank out today, did fit that Cowboy to a “T” which is a great title, “Lonely are The Brave.” Do you want to know the darn Truth about how I feel regarding all of this; even if not, I’m telling you; that I would rather be that Cowboy hands down for whatever time I have left to live in this world and would take that life he lived over this, if that world still existed, but it sadly does not; he was at the tail end of it all; then this happened!  Mankind has done a fine job of ruining this life and world to the point where all that lies ahead is the damned fate of a ruined world!

If you haven’t already turn to Jesus Christ now; before it is too late!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

For convenience if you have time the following link is the movie but I know its much better to watch on a Big Screen TV! This can allow you to do a quick check, like a preview!

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

22 thoughts on “FREEDOM”

    1. Hey Dawn! I mean really! Do you see these Alyssa Milano groupies and left wing space cadets screaming lately; of course you do, but, I got tired of all their horse shit long ago! What freaking wicked lost souls, and the sad thing for them is they are cancelling themselves right-out as in Doomed for Eternity, if they don’t make some giant efforts in the right direction for God SOON!

      Some modern people give a whole new dimension to the meaning of Dumb Ass!
      They have all the information and tools available at their fingertips yet they go in the opposite direction and become anti good and anti-God!

      Hey I bet you like that movie and roughly your neck of the prairie or mountains! I’ve got the DVD and the film was put together sweetly with such tender moments throughout, and man I cry at all of them! I love that Whiskey what a spitfire of a mare! Naw she is so sweet and cute! Beautiful mane! If I was able to be that guy in those surroundings and just for a while, it would be sweet for me! I would have to have Whiskey with me though absolutely!

      God bless you guys and thank you very much! I was thinking about you just a bit ago!

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      1. Try to see it Dawn you should get a lot out of it and I do find off beat or even forgotten movies because some are real Gems! I know Kirk Douglas before he died said that movie was his favorite and he made like 90!
        Take care Sister Dawn; you enjoy and be healthy!

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      2. You’re so right Dawn; I love old classics and this guy was in so many of the best! I think so many people don’t know what really good movies are and surely don’t realize what a real star like this guy was all about. Same with me, anything I ever saw him in was excellent! He’s done them all too, as far as genre and characters! The youngest people need to really check this guy’s body of work out!

        And growing up his dad was a Rag-Man from what I recall, back when growing up was really tough and basic or Spartan; and that movie Spartacus was great too! So many today don’t know what it’s like to have it tough; gee I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings how they don’t have the newest smart phone or whatever; but somebody needs to get real! And stop saying things like “My Body!!!” What about your brain, heart or most important soul?
        Thank you so much Dawn!


    1. Thank you brother! I felt compelled and something got me to watch that movie yesterday then it all connected to so much going on in the world and in my own microcosm! If you haven’t seen it you own it to yourself to watch the whole movie on a decent size screen with good sound that Jerry Goldsmith did some great scores! But, I love the subtle and dramatic heartfelt work and scenes, which go to the soul!
      Take care.

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  1. I recall reading a book about “Evil” – I think it was by Anglican Bishop NT Wright, where he says that when he started writing about evil that strange and bad things happened to him and his wife wanted him to stop. Since you have been writing a lot about evil, it’s possible that is what happened, but regardless, God turned it to good. I always liked the movies from the 30s and 40s and many of those were about Nazis or done with an eye to get us to enter into World War II, so that surely gave me a different outlook in life, than if I had watched more recent movies. I’ve missed almost a hundred years of movies…

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    1. Thank you for that insight and you are onto truth as I know from firsthand experience the enemy wants us silent especially if we offer an effective voice against evil! Look what happened to JFK and so many other famous individuals with those kinds of outlooks; not even scratching the surface of the countless unsung heroes that came before us!

      Actually some years ago I began speaking out boldly about some corrupted politics and scams being perpetrated on the public and troubles came, and only got worse. The worst was when during my employ in a government politicized work environment I had been asked to sprinkle holy water around the facility by a man who studied to be a priest. I figured he refused to do it because his visibility and location while working kept him more restricted whereas I moved throughout more freely, but then being assigned to working some nights I did it because on an overnight shift when the evil boss wasn’t around made it easy; this man was antichrist! I really didn’t belong in such a job environment in some respects, but who am I to say for sure, I was there for some reason as it wasn’t an easy job to obtain without high testing scores and political finesse which I really didn’t have, because the bigwigs, they were mostly corrupt people and I always liked getting a job on my own merits with no favors at all, just the opposite of that bad boss who right out of college with big political connections got slipped in which reminds me of a Hunter Biden scenario; so I did it!

      Immediately within a couple of days I was assigned to some work that put me in a position of working alone more, and then I was severely injured, resulting in some years of fighting to recover; even my own Pro Se lawyer! The catch is this whole evil attack and massive injury, it happened precisely on North American Martyrs Day. Did you ever see the Omen? That shows examples of some over the top such things happening to those individuals uncovering the truth and doing God’s work; and also the original exorcist film with Max Von Sydow related to this kind of thing too! My way of still seeing it now is I’ll do what God wants from me.

      Wow you missed tons of movies, but, I do like those older vintage ones and have some in my ever expanding collection. I too actually find those 30’s and 40’s movies very interesting and some are powerful! While also there is something to learn from a historical perspective and how filmmakers had worked back then too!

      Great comment to get me thinking and I really appreciate the interest and concern; very forthright of you!

      God bless you and yours friend!


      1. I did miss a lot of movies but not really all of them. I didn’t mean to exaggerate. I did like Jimmy Stewart, for instance, that you mention in a more recent post. Some very few that I missed, like The Godfather, I’ve wanted to see for years, but seem to never have the time. Even some of the later movies I saw and loved, like the Sound of Music and the Hiding Place, still had the World War II theme. Somehow Nazi Germany always cast this long shadow, as though I had really been living in Europe at the time.

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      2. Very interesting assessment friend, and oh sure we all exaggerate a times meaning we haven’t done this or that enough; but that is natural!

        Nazi Germany did and does still cast a long shadow having been such a build up to real atrocity on earth like never before and spurring on WWII which when we think how many people died, that fact is actually apocalyptic in scope relatively speaking as compared to what could happen if mankind pushed things to the brink again with our weapons capabilities now! And, that WWII period ratcheted up like that all over hate or power grabs like the same crazy world we are in today sort of history is repeating itself too much in all of human history!

        Scary but let’s also try to kick back and enjoy some of those fine works produced by top artists and entertainers, so we can see some of the happier times, really were; at least I think they were and I get some happiness from watching movie when I can to relax or learn too!

        Keep up the good work Brother!

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      3. I totally agree that we need to enjoy ourselves while we can. People get joy from different things, too. WWII now appears to be forgotten by many —- even people who were alive at the time. Maybe one reason we are reliving this is that too many got off the hook – both Nazi criminals and Communist criminals, who are sometimes even the same. Now they have many generations of literal and spiritual offspring. The Nazis killed Polish Christians, as well as Jews. And, they kidnapped their children and if they looked what the regime deemed German then they were sent to German families and if not, they were killed. By the standards used, many Germans would have been killed. Of the survivors, many still want to know who their parents are, even though they are pushing 90 years old. This was orchestrated by a General Krueger, who may have been the grandfather of the biggest BioNTech (Pfizer) vaccine investor and no one says anything. I am working on a post. There were three General Kruegers – all Nazis – two were war criminals and brothers, and one should have been considered a war criminal IMO. Americans tried to have this theft of children declared a war crime, but the Nuremberg tribunal let them off the hook. Two of the three Kruegers supposedly committed suicide, but may have escaped to South America.

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      4. Yes this is all very intriguing because there is so much truth that still to this day was not fully brought out to the better! The nefarious of the world have had their secrecy and hidden agenda all along!

        Take one look at Soros and that points out clearly what kind of diabolical enemies are lurking in the shadows; even now as well some like Soros right in the open! Now MSM is an integral active part of the agenda too! So much deception and wicked lies are being perpetrated for the ultimate enslavement of the human race!

        That was the plan back in WWII with Hitler and like you said Commies included, like Marx and Stalin; it’s all quite diabolical, as in demonic!

        Sounds like you’re working on a very good read! I’ll be watching for it!
        Take care and have a great weekend!

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      5. Thanks! You too! There’s a newspaper article out there which shows that Soros’ brother served in the Hungarian military, as I recall, that the USG had looked at. In the end Soros and many others seem to be self-serving, diabolical, opportunists.

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      6. You’re always welcome!

        Absolutely and ruthless cohorts of Satan, of that I have absolutely no doubt! That tells us how the powers of darkness have been and are at work in all facets of our fallen world that we now live in!

        Children of the Light must and will stand firm to our Lord’s word and promise; as everlasting life is ahead without any doubt, and He loves us forever!

        “6For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control. 8So do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, or of me, His prisoner. Instead, join me in suffering for the gospel by the power of God.” 2 Timothy 1: 6-8

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      7. You’re very welcome my friend and brother! Very synergistic thought going on between us is a good and positive thing and confirmation to see! Truth is Truth and anyone who seeks it and truly wants to see it will coalesce with those who are of like mind and desire without even trying; as they seek God who is all Truth!

        Romans 8:28 “28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.”

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      8. This is a movie that I love. I would love to reread the book even more. Most of my ancestors were deported here in a similar manner, some apparently by Cromwell. This is a different rebellion for different reasons but a similar story. My ancestors who created this country were a contrary lot, which is why they were sent here. We were the prison colony for the UK:

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      9. Wow! This is very compelling and interesting! Thank you for sending the link and I will delve into this by the weekend with some strong thoughts afterwards I’m sure! Quite a family heritage and legacy you have Friend! It’s so good that you are doing the research and have a passion for knowing more about all of it!
        God bless you! 🙏🕊✝️🕊🙏 🌟

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  2. Recall that movie well. Liked all of Kirk Douglas’ movies. When young, we have a tendency to want to live in some imagined future and when older, we have a tendency to want to live in the past wishing we were young again. Nothing like the good ole days. Right? The present is always pushed forward to tomorrow and no thought is given to consequences of choices made in getting there, even if it is a choice to destroy a life for the sake of one’s future career. Women who claim the Texas Heartbeat law violates their right to choose to end the heartbeat within their own womb for any reason other than a real medical risk to their own heartbeat if their pregnancy continued to full term, have no right to their own heartbeat if they deny the breath of life to the heartbeat they carry within. God made man from the elements of the earth, but he built (engineered) Eve from a single chromosome from Adam. Women are the motherhood of all living, not the Godhood!

    In life, for every choice there is a consequence as in physics there is a reaction for every action. There may be time variations between the two, but an outcome is as sure as there is an input. Present choices do need to be made for the desired future consequence, for the past has been forgiven. There are only two possible reactions for only two possible actions, (Ezekiel 33) I’ve learned to live in the present always looking to the future. The past was a learning experience and I don’t want to go back to school!


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    1. Wow man! This is a great and amazing comment! “When young, we have a tendency to want to live in some imagined future and when older, we have a tendency to want to live in the past wishing we were young again. Nothing like the good ole days. Right?”
      So truthful my friend and points to the fact of how our searching souls naturally seek “A Paradise Lost” that perfect balance and harmony that exists we know, perhaps to many somewhere over the rainbow! But think of that I know it’s a bit “Wizard of OZ and Dorothy” but we humans in our fallen state are seeking what I think a man with great wisdom pointed out so well about the dichotomy and broken nature of we children of God!

      I truly love what Archbishop Fulton Sheen had said; “The seriousness of any fall depends on the height from which one has fallen, and since one can fall from no greater height than union with Christ in His Mystical Body, the fall is accordingly greater.”

      1 John 5:19 ESV “We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”

      John 15:18-19 ESV “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

      Matthew 16:26 ESV “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?”

      Some people run wild dealing with this imbalance or burning lack in the heart while others follow Jesus Christ and His words of Truth to foster a true sense of wellbeing and purpose but even in that we are still in the flesh or imperfect state keeping us from getting to the very top of that mountain and to be finally looking into the promised land of peace and tranquility! For now it’s just outside of our reach yet it can be tantalizingly close at hand if we are genuinely seeking the One, our Lord, who can restore us to our rightful place with God the Father! Like the Prodigal Son all of us sons and daughters on that journey home to be reunited!

      Now to the urgent matter you delve into which I actually first thing early in the morning was already contemplating after reading a fine article regarding what a courageous good woman is saying about this very matter; and she once having been a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

      ‘I will never comply with evil’: Pro-lifer Abby Johnson on abortion-tainted vaccines

      The data and explanation contained herein your excellent comment actually the best comment I have ever received that delves into several foremost topics on my mind often if not all of the time, I will be contemplating further to respond in kind later as time is compressed at the moment for me but I’m sure I’ll be taking a quantum leap of faith here soon!

      I will say now that in a hurried scan of this information I see the convergence is holding steady and true to my long ascertained conclusion that Holy Scriptures told us all the story the whole thing in a nutshell if you will. The Great “I AM” had spoken to Moses and dejectedly gave him the 10 commandments! “The Alpha and the Omega,” the “ALL Encompassing” and the only way any of we mere children of God in a fallen state to boot; can begin to wrap our hearts, minds and souls around these eternally infinite conceptualizations is via the “Holy Spirit of God” and only to gain more insight or a bit more of a view due to what I quote Albert Einstein’s reference to the obvious limiter for we mere children; “To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the centre of true religiousness,” -Albert Einstein – “The Merging of Spirit and Science,” but by no means do we obtain a “True Full View” which only is possible and will come to those who follow Jesus Christ by carrying their crosses and remaining faithful to the end! Amen.

      Putting Things in Their Proper Perspective, Big Bang and Beyond; God’s Will

      God bless you!
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

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