A Harvard doctor just exposed the chilling reason why so many physicians lied about the pandemic

“CIA, FBI and DHS with the Deep State Machine were in full clandestine operational mode”

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June 27, 2021

So here we have it people what I said straight-out of the gate in March of 2020 that the Wuhan Corona Virus was a deployed weapon to stir up a global storm by the Chinese CCP to take down Trump and put the planet into communist like lock-downs, to fulfill the Global Monopolists plans of totalitarian control of the entire planet!   The added benefit for China was to not be held to account in paying out hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs and to continue getting away with stealing intellectual properties as the left and Democrat party have allowed for decades playing footsies with the CCP!  Which I alluded to in my blog postings with some examples of the strategy as being something right out of the Great Science Fiction Classics like H.G Wells’ “War of the Worlds!”

I said it plainly that we were being duped and the whole thing was more hoax than actual killer pandemic and that governments along with medical institutions were playing along due to NWO operatives already in full deployment to  gain the upper hand with all the masses around the globe. In America the CIA, FBI and DHS with the Deep State Machine were in full clandestine operational  mode!

Eventually God will make sure all the truth is known but we by no means have any smooth non-conflicted road ahead on this one issue; oh no, Truth be known it will be worse!  Now that the cat is out of the bag as it were; the nefarious are going for broke, no holds barred!  That is why a maniac in the White House made a statement this past week that the People will need f-15 fighter jets and probably nukes to go up against its own government; basically this freak Biden dared the Patriot Americans to bring it on; the man is contemptuous and pure evil!  They have Evil Dark Plans for all of us!

When you have a top well-renowned doctor out of the liberal more leftist leaning institution like Harvard coming forward to spell out what is going on you can rest assured that things are getting and will be getting much more massively out of whack going forward!

As I stated previously quoting highly reliable sources; this was in my posting, “We’ve Been Had; The Global Hoax:”

Manufactured Panic?

The next important question to ask ourselves is, are health authorities making this pandemic out to be more serious than it actually is? Many scientists and epidemiologists from around the world have expressed this belief, and many of them, as a result, have been censored by social media platforms. Why is there an authoritarian “fact-checker” going around censoring information, evidence, and opinions being presented by some of the worlds leading scientists in this area simply because it opposes the narrative given to us by organizations like The World Health Organization? (WHO)

Are masks being used to prolong fear and hysteria?

John P. A. Ioannidis, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Stanford University has said that the infection fatality rate is close to 0 percent for people under the age of 45 years old. Why are we taking such measures for a respiratory infection when tens of millions of people get infected and die from respiratory viruses every single year?

Why is there so much controversy surrounding the deaths? For example, in Toronto Canada, “Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19 are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto.” (source)

Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, recently stated that, even if it’s clear one died of an alternative cause, their death will still be marked as a COVID death.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced a change to how it tallies coronavirus deaths amid complaints that it inflated numbers. This has been a common theme throughout the US as well as the World.

Vittorio Sgarbi, Italian politician Mayor of Sutri gave an emotional speech at a hearing on the 24th of April where he emphasized that the number of deaths in Italy due to COVID-19 are completely false and that the people are being lied to.

This isn’t even the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to manufactured deaths.

What’s really going on here? Is this actually about the pandemic, or was Edward Snowden right? That governments are using the new coronavirus to impose more authoritarian measures on the population, measures that will stick around long after the virus is gone? You can read more about his comments here.

Lawrence Morra III

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We’ve Been Had; the Global Hoax

[ June 25, 2021 ] A Harvard doctor just exposed the chilling reason why so many physicians lied about the pandemic

The fake narratives around COVID-19 are unraveling.

Truths that were once censored are finally coming to the fore.

And a Harvard doctor just exposed the chilling reason why so many physicians lied about the pandemic.

Released emails as part of a FOIA request proved that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other established scientists believed that the lab leak hypothesis was credible regarding the origins of the coronavirus.

But the corporate-controlled press and social media castigated anyone who raised questions about the lab leak.

However, the dam has finally broken, and the lab leak appears to be the most logical theory.

Occam’s Razor would have suggested that the lab leak was always the likely scenario, but the establishment used brute force to push the crumbling Wuhan wet market theory.

And Dr. Alina Chan argues that doctors and researchers refused to give the lab leak theory because they were afraid of being associated with Donald Trump.

The Blaze reports:

“Alina Chan is a postdoctoral associate at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University and was among the 18 experts who signed a letter in May demanding that the Wuhan lab leak theory be investigated thoroughly. The letter is widely considered to be a turning point in the debate over the origin of the pandemic. Chan told NBC News that some scientists were motivated by political considerations in their denial of the hypothesis.”

Chan said, “At the time, it was scarier to be associated with Trump and to become a tool for racists, so people didn’t want to publicly call for an investigation into lab origins.”

This shows the dangers of political correctness.

Establishment politicians told people to “trust the science,” but the science has been hijacked by politics.

The scientists were afraid to tell the truth because Orange Man Bad.

This cowardice could’ve cost a lot of people their lives.

That’s why political correctness is so dangerous.

It forces people to say things that are not true, and it breeds dishonesty and distrust.

The same scientists who were imploring people not to protest draconian lockdowns were also telling people that it was okay to march in the streets shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers in order to protest systemic racism.

That’s how institutions lose their credibility, which is exactly what has happened to government, corporate media, and even scientific organizations.

Political correctness ruins everything it touches.

Stay tuned to Conservative Underground News for any updates to this ongoing story.


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