Who is Jesus Christ to You?

God Bless This Real Woman and Child of God’s in the Most Precious Holy Name of Jesus Christ! Amen and Amen.


Deborah I was so touched and moved by this posting of yours, and even got tears in my eyes; thinking of the young girl you were back then having to feel such shame or ridicule in such a tender, gentle, innocent heart with so much love in it!

Yet you carried on with God’s Holy Spirit guiding you and giving you courage, as you would not let go of that one hand of Salvation that you held onto regardless of what this mean and ugly “Ways of the World” was saying; you would not let Jesus be taken away from you, so you endured the pain and sadness brought on by others so that you could be right where you are now; doing God’s will! Amen!

Thank you for your courage and most of all for your abiding, beautiful Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ who will save anyone that turns to Him in humility on bent knee and asks to receive His gift of eternal Love! Amen.
God bless you and yours!


Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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Don’t hide it. I remember when I was in high school, I felt too ashamed to carry the Bible. Most of the Bibles we had back then were big ones. You can’t carry one inconspicuously. Yes, I felt too embarassed to carry a Bible. Most of my friends did not carry the Bible along and seeing one wih a big Bible on hand gave a kind of different impression. They all tend to think you are that godly, angelic, holy saint. And then they would treat you like one until you make one mistake. It puts a great social pressure plus some laughs at you for carrying a Bible. I was definitely hiding my faith. Scared of what people thought of me. As for my beliefs, I wasn’t assertive about it either. I was not the kind who talks about Jesus unless a friend asked me about God and what…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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4 thoughts on “Who is Jesus Christ to You?”

    1. My Sister Deborah! God bless you and continue to be your beacon of not only His light and Truth, but, the source of courage to be as you have been all these years since childhood. God in the Holy Precious name of Jesus needs warriors and disciples here like never before, because the deception and trickery is on full bore now to destroy as many souls as possible and this is no time for cowardice or Lukewarm Faith or wishy-washy faith! Because the technology is a double edged sword many new tricks and deceptions abound that the unholy one uses daily to do intense harm! As I see it those of us who are able must be all in, as the battle is on, with ferocious voracity of intent to deceive and destroy which is so horrible! You know the saying how we have to put elbow grease into a job or get our hands dirty which I know a lot about having worked very hard physically and mentally with15 or more hours a day jobs day after day for months and years; but that is nothing compared to the spiritual work required now; total commitment heart, body, mind and soul to Jesus! Souls are going to be lost and if any one of us can follow God’s will explicitly to the end it will save lives not so much here necessarily but the soul; that will go on into eternity, and as faithful we want those to be in heaven. Saints and martyrs who became instruments for God to save souls did it with humility and love because their hearts were tested; and they did belong to Jesus! “God’s ways are not ours” and so we must humble ourselves to this reality and realize how helpless, foolish and sinful we can be or often actually are, which only means we need Jesus Christ like more than the air we breathe each minute we are alive!
      Thank you and my prayers are with you! Amen.
      Have a good evening and blessed day tomorrow!
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


      1. Beautiful and a strong message here my Sister Deborah! We can and should put all of our trust in Him! Thank you!
        You also have a wonderful blessed day too my Friend in Christ!


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