Thumb Nail Sketch of What Happened for a Friend

Good to see you up and at em!  Yeah, isn’t it great that little Denali is improved enough to be in a foster home, what a little fighter, and thank God for all the prayers being answered, along with her being in the care of the exact right people!

I had a rotten cold for over two weeks, pretty sure I caught it when I went to this little quaint church I wanted to try in the neighborhood, seems a person attending with a bad cold in tow spread it to several of the other attendees in including yours truly! I never go around others if that sick, so disrespectful or stupid!   Then it got my sinuses going which I’m dealing with now but other than that pretty good, you asked thank you.

As far as what happened it could be a long story to fill you in on many very pertinent facts but I’m pretty sure you don’t have the time Dear Friend!  So I’ll try hard to encapsulate it with a thumb nail sketch!  Out of 75 guys that took an exam for a Govt. job I got the 2nd nearly perfect score, and the highest score was achieved by a guy who had just one more correct answer than me who already had a similar job and certifications knowing the field of expertise which I did not; we both were a couple of correct answers short of 100%.  Everyone else I found out a couple of years later had mediocre scores.  But the politics to land the job was the key like in many such situations, so they basically pick who a “certain person” wants even with a low score.  The other guy got the job and the following year after a guy died suddenly, they needed another person to fill his post, and a nice lady that was on the inside who had met me during the previous exam process told key people I was the right guy to hire, so I got a call and then the job!  I never asked anyone to get me a job like a crony but some thought I must be a crony to get the job!

Later during my employment in the position it turned out the head honcho was a very evil man and for a bit over 20 years he had driven people out and targeted some!  I turned out to be too much of a threat to his behavior and record along with other corruption I was witness to and other impropriety there, so I became a target, and for a few years I went through the meat grinder taking everything they could throw at me and not falling into either a trap or messing up something they knew would be enough to get me fired!  I never had such an uncomfortable job where I went to work not just to work hard and do what I was hired to do, but also had to fight for my survival or livelihood!

This was at the peak of the economic down turn too so I wasn’t going to just jump from that job to a better or as good opportunity, that was the reason I got LinkedIn!  Then the powers that be mainly driven by the evil one set me up for a big fall doing a job that was highly dangerous and without all the appropriate measures being taken to make sure nothing went wrong.  I could be fired for insubordination if I questioned the orders which I felt I should just from what I knew about this chemical related procedure that I had never dealt with or even watched others do!  I just tried my best to use my own intelligence to get through the day and unfortunately that wasn’t enough so I got exposed to toxic chemicals and particulates to my pulmonary system.  I got so sick that I went out on a workers comp case but then the system was rigged to get me off quickly to go back to work which would not happen as even my doctors said I can’t be in that environment; but the creeps didn’t want me to come back that was the idea.

The lawyer I had was just a jerk who appeases the crooked system which practically all do, and he was more concerned with his political future than doing the right thing for my welfare!  So I fired his ass and took control of my comp case and luckily had a few cards to play in this political game I was tossed into with the judge presiding over my case; which allowed me time and leeway to work things out to my benefit over a longer period and get on my feet while getting back to my chosen work!

There are a few backstories in play the whole time of my employment and injury/settlement case that make it all much more complicated as some much bigger fish were being fried than I’m telling you here; all of which resulted in other things happening to me and around me during this time!  The crooked, evil politics is what really made for an ugly mess with I believe evil being the key problem!  I’ve been writing a lot of this over some years so if it gets to a certain level of completion the most relevant factors will be shown for what they are very nicely!

I hope I didn’t bore you or take you away from anything important for this diversion, but if you had a little time I feel good about it!

Did you like the “John Wick” movies?  You must like watching Keanu Reeves doing his work which is visually very dynamic, I like him very much almost as much as one of my younger sisters who loved watching those films again with me after their original release!

To me there is nothing better than totally honest to goodness human communication between persons of trust and value!  As we know there isn’t much of it in the world these days, sure there might be lots of communicating but most is not as genuine as it appears or is claimed to be!  Too many people with hidden agendas and seeking to take or get something not give!  Sadly, too much about self and loads of confusion mixed with stupidity to go along with this massive deflection of truth and integrity! All the games people play!

Well, now I’m sure you’re wondering why me?  So much stuff for me to think about here and couldn’t Lawrence have poured this out with someone else?  I’d like to think you appreciate it and get it too.  How it actually all relates to what is going on with regard to poor animals that you and I try helping and advocating for so much!

Thank you for taking the time and God bless You!

Lawrence Morra

Just for Laughs

In a chat about a recent decision in England to ban puppy mills, this lady put it this way when she heard the good news!  “Love the Brits! Clearly more enlightened than our politicians! Assuming the typical puppy mill is run by white/ghetto trash types,”

And there was more but I knew right then and there what I wanted to say!

Come on Lady, you mean black ghetto gang banging types would be fine? And can’t leave out MS-13!  Besides that I haven’t seen any politicians that are worth a damn on either side of the pond, that’s why I VOTED TRUMP!!! MAGA2020!!! Don’t need no damn liar politicians especially the ones that are in the Dem party calling themselves progressives, which is a alternate term for saying SOCIALIST SCUM BAGS!!! Don’t need no damn Marxist commie pinko party types here in the USofA! Let’em just try gettin a foothold, they’re gonna get lots of lumps! In their TEA of course!!! Got to boogie, time for my spot of tea!  Yeaaaa, I went to Britain and it did rub off on me a bit! Jolly Good Show!

Then another Lady said, “Bark, who says that meowing good news?”  To which I had to retort:  Isn’t that Hark?  Twas Shakespeare who wrote “hark who goes there?”

Lawrence Morra

The Silencing of Lambs

I do agree with many things you say as usual. I do however have some pretty stringent ideas of my own about the overall picture of what is going on in honest to goodness terms.  Because society is so loose with moral decay or no morals in some cases with easy access to abortion, morning after type pills, too much materialism and self centeredness along with a host of other cultural ills people have grown careless, crude, reckless and indifferent to an actual human being forming in a mother’s womb.

And regardless of what time frame the fetus is in developmentally that is a human life with a SOUL according to my belief, a precious gift from God the Creator of all things and no one should have the right to terminate or destroy that life because killing a human being is purely MURDER!  I know how you say either side of the political divide strong language and imagery are employed to illicit fear or emotional response for the unborn, but I will tell you categorically people should be shaking in their boots and be more afraid of making a wrong and potentially evil decision more than any fright they have experienced from the best horror movies or an actual horrible life experience; because to even be just “potentially guilty” of what I’m alluding to before God, if I were a woman I would be in panic mode if I willingly terminated a small precious human life that I may pay for that wrong decision eternally in Hell!  I hope you and all women get me when I say it is “too much of a risk” to screw around playing gods and jeopardize one’s own soul to eternal damnation, so I would opt to go with all other risks associated with an unplanned pregnancy rape or otherwise!

And let’s face it way too many people have sex for recreation not any real love even in couple monogamous relationships, I know because I’m the first to admit I did it with a few relationships I had over the years but not anymore!  I had those long term relationships thinking that gave me the green light and to just have sex for the sake of having it available as a recreation between two consenting adults!  It’s been a long time since I looked at things that way or practice such behavior.  I think the old fashioned way of our grandparents and before them of courting a person you care about then if all is going well marry that person and have intimacy out of devoted real love and then build a family!  Nothing more beautiful than that between a man and a woman!  But all this loose sex and talk on the shows and making it a sport is a F-N nightmare and makes me puke!  People have become so base and stupid I want to see them disappear at times!  This crap has to stop and it may be way too late for good change and instead time for the second coming to knock the shit out of everyone!  And it’s become F-N shitty attitudes, no morals with way too many people, along with completely out to lunch concepts of what life is and should be, which is actually making this a HELL ON EARTH to me!!!

There was a nice time to live on this planet and that was many years ago, now it’s a scum bag shit hole with way too many dirty rotten people!  The good ones better propagate and flood the societies with the old style human beings or this will never work out!

Lawrence Morra


Dear Faithful Remain Vigilant the Devil has Many Minions

Don’t get frightened off by what you hear me say so easily. I react vehemently to animal killers, but I’m realistic and know I can’t change the world or cultures that have been in place thousands of years and there are many subcultures within the larger ones!  Look at the war torn Middle Eastern counties that have ideological feuds going on now for centuries or more and they will never stop fighting each other, at least I don’t see them throwing in the towel in our lifetimes or many to come!

Here in America we have many complex issues afoot and to think it’s just guns or hillbillies from the backwoods isn’t going to solve the main issues that must be met head on, or this country is going south very soon or more like the south of the border will be us and look around at the Central and South American dictatorships or socialistic madness that blankets those places with HIGH crime, gangs that murder whole families if you show any resistance or they suspect you might be a rat! Law enforcement most of them on the take and as bad as the gangs!  Politicians that are just organized white collar thug criminals and low life liars! The laundry list goes on and I sure as hell don’t want my country America to even come close to becoming that.  The eight years of Obama pushed the needle in that direction much more than any other period in American history and it had to stop!  I think that was why enough people woke up and smelled the coffee enough to realize there was only one way to vote for at least some modicum of sanity and responsibility in bringing America back to a growth and prosperity that it deserves and to stop the other countries from ripping us off with all the boat loads of cash we hand them each year in aide which are really bribes, and then they want us to lower their tariffs and not care what happens to good old Uncle Sam! While Obama was in office he ran up the national debt another 10 Trillion dollars; do you realize what it takes to produce that kind of extra hard cash to pay that down while still running the most expensive country on the planet; while in addition to that he kept the GDP at barely 1% which is absolutely pathetic and abhorrent to let us sink to that unsustainable level of productivity which would never, I say never pay off the debt and America would go belly up! Now in a short time Trump has it at a steady 3% and still pushing upward!

You and I could sit and talk for hours openly and fairly about many issues because I’m a good listener too and fair, along with wanting to be just! I want the same in return is all, and then again sometimes it’s better to leave things unsaid and just find common ground to be excited and cooperative about!  Working toward saving wildlife and domestic or farm animals is my gig too, along with helping the environment spring back from all the onslaughts and ravaging effects of man’s global activities! As far as guns go they are not the problem friend, I have seen both sides of the argument up close and personal, it’s the sick and immoral lack of respect for “Human Life” that has escalated in recent years and that is a big societal problem that will not go away even if we magically made guns vanish from the earth; that is a false premise that guns are the problem, that is the NWO (new world order) basically saying they want to control all of us and one way to make sure is that we first are defenseless!  Our American forefathers were geniuses and knew what could happen if the People are left with no options but to listen to a Government that has all the power and weapons and that is where socialism or NWO mentality is trying to take this Nation!  I won’t allow that!  I’ll die first, and I would be proud to die standing up against totalitarian oppression!  This is a very serious big problem that is going to be messy to fix no matter how we try!  So fasten your seat-belt or check out and be like so many silly putty “sheeple” that would rather be stoked to the hilt and just argue getting nowhere while the big bad government takes all of our rights away!  Like I said, this is America we don’t roll that way and I’m out to keep what all previous generations fought or died for in place and intact, I will face any enemy to accomplish that!  We are being invaded by peoples that are against America and all it has stood for and just plan to keep on until the time comes when they get the upper hand, which is what they are aiming for!  They are some of the devils minions being instructed to destroy America!

My heart goes out to many good causes that are real and where there is unnecessary suffering or corruption or injustice to common working citizens that pay their taxes and try to get ahead!  I’m a realist too, so I don’t spend much time listening to poppycock that I used to be inclined to believe when I was a teen or in my 20’s, I should think I grew up by now and I know I have long ago!  Many of you strike me as sensible and intelligent with faith and capability that will recognize truth and sensibility and I still don’t have any reason to not think that can happen!  We may only just have met, but I think having some time to know each other on a variety of topics and multiple levels is a fair and just thing to do, if that is in your wheelhouse and you’re up to it then let’s go for it!  But don’t be easily put off or overreact to me or anything I say, I sometimes say things for shock value to wake certain people up or get everyone thinking so they can all bring their own perspective to the table when the time comes to do so!

I’m an easy going guy in person and try to be intelligent in dealing with all sorts of people but there comes a time when money is talking and bullshit is walking, and then I take my stand and get serious and do what must be done to stop a problem or at least resist one!  I’ve taken on my own Highly Corrupted Democrat/socialist party State in order not to take the shit they would shove down my throat and won to a degree, which is a lot when no one is willing to help you go up against the Machine, so I was my own attorney pro se!!!  I have some hard bark on me now with scars to prove why I have that bark, and no one can take that from me, I did my thing my way and to hell with the BULLY, COWARD, DIRTY POOL GOVERNMENT!!!  I’ve even told certain persons in positions of power and authority in that government that if they want me silenced they had better think twice; this boy is not shutting down for no one on this earth!  And between you and me and the lamp post I meant every word!  That is the bark and the bite talking!  I don’t know if you have met anyone like me or perhaps too many, but I’m being honest and decent with you and saying all this which I could have just kept locked up in me like a tight drum!   This way I figure if you like anything you see or hear in me you can comply in like fashion or if you see or hear anything you don’t like you can discuss it with me because I never bite anyone, especially a decent person like you for wanting to talk civilly and honestly!

If I’m too baked for your liking I can dig that too!  Bottom line, it’s all good if it’s the truth!  I will admit not many years ago I was quite different as I was a very happy go lucky kind of guy!  That is still in me and I can get that way but it is insulated with all this bark and realism because I know how dangerous and sinister or backstabbing people are today!  There was a paradigm shift in the way humanity treats humans some years ago and it only got worse since!

Lawrence Morra

The Postulate Led to The Conversation

If you say there is no God then there is no right or wrong because there is no final judgment.  If there is no final judgment then there is no point to this life and nothing matters and if nothing matters then there is no need for morals or conscience.  Basically we can do anything we want anytime we want and that means we should have anarchy and the laws of the jungle or even chaos apply.  But for all of existence to be here for absolutely no reason can’t be the case because everything in this world carries cause and effect which in turn shows there are consequences and if there are consequences then there has to be some level of moral thinking or beneficial outcomes for our behavior and if that is true then all of existence is beneficial on some higher level and if that is true then there must be God to know that everything is in the order in which it was intended.

All True, I know you’re a man of integrity and thank you for being so bold and to the heart of the matter like this. We are conversing in a public forum where I have no problem being this open about what I actually see and believe and you apparently look at it the same way!  I know you are right and I was put through something I won’t go into here because of the very evil you talk of which was unleashed upon me a decent good guy in God’s eyes by public officials and other nefarious persons working behind the machine. I had to go through this as it was allowed by God and there is a reason for everything. I was severely damaged but was able to withstand the punishment and I have spoken to high persons of the church over the past several years that became aware of my dilemma and they told me things about myself and what was happening that I wasn’t aware of! Some people are instruments and out of necessity will be used and even sacrificed to expose the dark evil that lurks in our midst. The man of perdition will be revealed and all of his followers before him.

Sir, I see enough evidence and witnessed firsthand the atrocity committed against me by public officials and then doctors in cahoots, all acting as Judas priests; one was actually a Catholic minister of the church working with the machine and conspirators and part of perhaps what some call the Illuminati!  In the Holy Scriptures it says that in the latter days there will be more Judases than not because each will be more concerned to holding on to what they own than doing what is right!  I tell you I have suffered for Jesus Christ and I know things now that all who will have ears and hear or eyes and see had better do so now because we are facing the ramping up of Satan’s plan to claim his throne on earth controlling mankind!  No human being can out think a demon or Satan our weapon is prayer and staying in grace as best we can to be free of the devils snares!  The cyber connection, mass media and all the high technology are facilitating this move on his part and there has never been a time in history that makes for such a complete manipulation and deception to be carried out! Prayer is very powerful and Satan cannot have power over our prayers to our Lord; so we need to do that as much as we can and to remain vigilant, not be deceived as these evil plans unfold!  You are also right about how many will be deceived and follow along and not care! 

Very serious consequences await those who will not hear or see!  We know the story of Judas but I tell you we know how the criminal on the right hand or side of Jesus at Calvary was humbled by his witnessing the obvious humble and magnificent glory of Jesus the Christ; as He the Lord was nailed to that Cross PRAYED for his enemies and said to His Father in Heaven, “forgive them for they know not what they do!”  We too should pray like that and be humbled that God’s plan is before us, and the “Lord is thy Shepherd!”  We also must be prepared to give up this life if our faith is true and from the heart, in that we express our genuine love for our Heavenly Father and nothing else matters but to love and serve HIM!  As the criminal on the right of Jesus was told by Jesus on that fateful day, “Verily I say unto thee today you shall be in Paradise with me!”  God through Jesus His begotten Son knows our hearts for sure!  He came to save the sinners and we all are but he knows the hearts of all men and will know who is counterfeit and belongs in Hell for Eternity!  He will in His great Love and Majesty save all others! 

This is a great time and a message of amazing Hope for those who will Listen and See the Truth before them as it unfolds and not fear anything on this earth because God is the only being we need fear as we each work out our own salvation through Jesus Christ with “great fear and trembling” of the Consequence of not doing what is obviously the right thing to do, ignoring God now is a permanent death sentence to everlasting anguish and separation from God!  I hope people will awaken to the Truth and try their best to know God and to then love and serve God with all their hearts!


Lawrence Morra

What to do about all the humans that love to kill

A discussion about animal abuse, the complex factors that go into the why and what to do about it!

The irony is that there are millions of these human beasts.!!! How do you eradicate them out of our society.??? When they are more than the harmless Animals.!!! Any suggestions… because nothing seems to work.

Society is producing more of them because people have become too secular in our culture and morality and compassion are in the toilet! Wholesale abortion, greed and lusting for material wealth has set the stage for a Hell On Earth Nightmare!  People putting faith in money and power not God, or not being taught to respect all LIFE and be HUMBLE!!! Sorry just the facts madam.

You have to ask the question why are there more of these beasts than ever before?  Society is sick too, and has a high temperature that is making lots of peoples go crazyyyy!!! Look at some of the idiots bringing up kids these days!  Society is PHUKED UP and needs an overhaul, probably a miracle!  Sad and true, I’m happy that your eyes are wide open and you see the truth around you!  Keep your faith and pray from your heart as often as you can! 

I will go to any length to save or it’s safety for any animal Tame or Wild.

You are incredible and extremely brave to step forward to protect and face the danger involved with not only facing wild animals in stress but the more lethal human ones who are the cause of all these many problems in the first place! Do take care always to keep yourself safe and not to take unnecessary or foolish risk. But when it comes to counteracting the harm upon animals caused by humans we must stand together to find the means to solve the immediate problems and long rage issues as well! Comprehensive and deliberate in scope the plan must encompass all of the issues we speak about here and others, if we are going to turn the corner on animal abuse, as well as even preventing their decimation! Keep the faith Sister and fellow advocate Mary, you are very inspiring!!!

Humans are without doubt the most ruthless and I dare say even evil of any animal on earth because; a human has the greater knowledge and reasoning capacity, yet to not use it for good purpose and instead for some vain, selfish or immoral purpose is in fact evil in its purest form!

To Be continued

Lawrence Morra

The Devils Own

Look at the sincere humanity and Godly praise in Trump and the opposite Satanic glare of the evil Iranian Sadistic Military officer!!!  The Devil is taunting the Greatest Country to Have Ever Graced this Planet, America; and America is the Greatest because God delivered it upon Our Forefathers by testing them with fire and through all their suffering in forming, “The New Republic, One Nation Under God!!!”  Trump is seeking God’s guidance and help like a True Christian should while that beast of an Iranian with so much blood on his hands and evil deep in his soul speaks to and usurps the dark forces of Hell from his Master Satan!

D.J. Christian Sister, that Iranian Beast seems to be on edge because he is! The edge of darkness and Hell, because his master Satan is dwelling in his heart and very soul. The pits of Hell call his name and have his soul in it’s clutches; dictating I dare say his every thought and reflex, so that now he is nothing more than “a puppet on a string!”

Lawrence Morra

What is Going On, Why Are We Here?

Just so you know my basic thoughts about Spinoza, he was talking a nice philosophical and theoretical outlook about existence and what it all means. But the body of evidence along with historical fact is undeniable and accurate as to whom Jesus Christ was and is. No other human being, can lay claim to what he and his teaching represent. To ignore Him and the evidence is folly to me on anyone’s part, especially in light of the fact that he taught that “He is the way the path and the life” that “none come onto the father but by the son!” I know that lots of modernists and so called self-proclaimed Gurus or designer religions claim to have the answer, but the “Holy Scriptures” even speak of this in the end times, how many would claim “I am here” or “he has come,” meaning so many will claim they have the answer but they do not.

I have much more of my own perspective on what is going on and why existence is laid out in the fashion in which it is. But only God the creator can give eternal life, it is not a birth right. We are immortal or have an immortal soul but that does not give us a heavenly eternal life it will be determined by God after a judgment by Jesus of what each of our lives deserves, Heaven or Hell, while also there is room for many to be in a state of flux for a period before going on to Heaven. The Consequence for getting it wrong is much too great to be putting one’s life on the line or trusting it to chance and mathematics or calculus of any man-made science! Trusting in the Lord is a certainty, as far as all of the evidence indicates and my faith tells me that I’m on course to make it to eternal life and happiness. Too many people today try to be their own God or think they know God when they don’t. Indeed some people think they know so much but they actually know so little!

Do you believe in good and evil? Satan rules this world with his supernatural influence. People like Soros along with those he supports, Obama, Clintons, Pelosi, Warren, Feinstein, Wasserman Schultz, Comey, Brennan, Clapper are just a few that show his evil influence at work here in our own country, via these individuals that are Satan’s earthly minions.

So if there is evil of course there is the opposite which would be whom? God obviously must be at the top of anything good and humans are stuck in-between. Why? Because we have our own complete “free will” to be our own agents or INDIVIDUALS, and not programed automatons. So now we have this stage or arena of conflict and what do you think we humans should be doing about it, or better put what is our JOB! Would you say to do as much good as possible and resist all that is bad or EVIL?  What would that make those of us that agree with my premise?  Servants of God’s or in a sense soldiers of His to fight the good fight and do all the good possible for mankind because the Devil is and will be doing all he can to harm it!  Now in the equation we have all these good and bad factors at work but one more is that humans can never do anything “absolute” because they are imperfect and incomplete, so that no matter how much good they do or how hard they try the end result will be the same, to fail and not win the war against Evil or the devil. What will it take to win that war and save any and all humans from this failure and to not be conquered by Satan?  Only one thing will yield that result in this equation, the only absolute authority there is, GOD!  God must intervene or be directly involved in this equation for there to be a way to resolve the conflict once and for all. That already happened, and was when God decided to send Jesus Christ to be the true and full “redeemer” of humans from all sin and imperfection, to allow any human with “free will” to seek eternal life and conquer all sin and death by means of “Jesus Christ,” by asking Christ to be his or her “Savior” from this situation, and to be reborn or transformed into a glorious perfect eternal existence, given to any one of us by accepting the “gift” and “loving God” by our “own free will!”

Just as we know that as Dr. Kathleen Hall said, “In Every Single Thing You Do, You Are Choosing A Direction, Your Life Is A Product Of Choices.”  Or as Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin said, “Each Choice Has A Consequence. Each Consequence Has A Destination.”

Indeed, I say we humans are all Free to choose for ourselves but none of us are free from the Consequences of our Choices we make in this realm and Temporary life, that effects our existence beyond this temporary life, of whether we will live in “eternal happiness and bliss” or suffer all of the painful consequences of SIN in this world!

Lawrence Morra

Amended the day after due to the statement of a man who says he is more agnostic but calls himself an atheist.  Let us examine the resulting train of thought that was provoked!

I have to say this as a good Christian that I hope you back off on the atheist slant, on why you and I along with the planet earth exist; try moving toward being an agnostic more at least.  I have to put this bluntly but I don’t think you’re so delicate that you can’t take it!  If you were to die an atheist you would surely end up in hell!  No two ways about it!  Even Einstein in all of his brilliance and genius was humble and aware that the intelligence behind all of this was ever so obvious to him!  One conversation he had with a group of theoretical physicists where they discussed the millisecond before the Big Bang, one of the scientist said that with enough of these random events and sequences of particles of energy and matter the exact right combination would have to occur, to which Einstein replied, Ah Yes my friend but you have forgotten one thing in this theory, “God does not play dice!”   I think you would do yourself a great disservice to think you know more than he did and so many others that have an abundance of factual knowledge and evidence that the truly profound and miraculous is happening every second, but that greater miracles have occurred by a supreme intelligence initiating them!

You say you want evidence and it is in great abundance for the asking!  As far as religion I’m not a top theologian but I have studied many of the major ones over the years including the Muslim, to find truth!  I can say with assurance that Christianity is the cornerstone religion of humanity from God Himself!  C.S Lewis married a Jew and always had an affinity with them but was a Protestant and he became one of the most prolific writers and supporters of Christianity!  No other human being has ever been able to even come close to laying claim to what Jesus Christ professed and indeed as He was prophesied to become before his birth, all which actually came true!

I think you are an intelligent man with integrity and forthrightness, so I’m offering you a look at something I just wrote yesterday which will break the ice I think, in letting you know some specifics that you need to know about and understand!  I could explain what insight and wisdom I have gained over the years by searching and just living life which will illustrate why Einstein didn’t hesitate to admit there is GOD!  But for now take a look at what I wrote and then let me know on the article as a comment what you think. We can pick it up from there!

One more thing to leave you with, Einstein’s theories that he didn’t complete or that were not provable to some extent in his lifetime have now been proven.  You have heard I’m sure of “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” and the present knowledge of this has been illustrated by physicists to the point where they now know, that this Dark Energy is all encompassing and way beyond all of the energy of the known universes combined!  Now, you and I and most scientific minded people know that science is proven out over time and if all of this knowledge that was generations ago unknown and “UNSEEN,” yet now we believe in it and know it to be true!  So don’t discount something profound because you can’t see it or touch it!  Jesus Christ said back when he walked this earth a real living human, “ Verily I say unto thee there is more in the unseen world than there is in the seen.”  Now you know how they had very little knowledge of science or any such thinking back then in the land where he lived his profound life.  That leads one to wonder who was this man that said such things and wasn’t a scientist or an alien from the stars? Einstein knew many of the things he said having been a Jew, but his parents sent him to a Catholic grade school for better education.  Things to think about!

Lawrence Morra

The day after the atheist rebukes God’s truth and wisdom to His faithful!

Einstein is not the authority on anything to do with God or the possibility of one but he clearly stated in a group that God is not random. You try to presuppose that you have a clear view of what is possible when it comes to God by science and material specifics which in themselves are limited just like Spinoza’s view, and God is not material and if I live beyond this flesh material body it is not by means of material forces or anything remotely resembling this existence! You obviously have ZERO faith or trust in the unknown as being greater than your puny mind, which is pure conceit to some exponential number not worth calculating because you are seething with this conceit, and doom yourself to failure in the process.  Rebellion is one of the worst sins to commit against God that I have no doubt exists!

By the way fancy pants, Satan’s gift and footstool to the world!  C.S. Lewis who you ignored in the text died a true believer in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for me and all His faithful! That is all I need!

Yes there is EVIL!!!

One little message, Mat 7:6 “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”  Case closed!

Lawrence Morra


Sodom and Gomorrah

You have a very creative imagination and I’m glad to know you here!  I  started a few screenplays over the past few years that got stalled for one reason or another, but the biggest stumbling block was when very nefarious persons in my real life took steps to eliminate me from the equation, because I was too contrary and outspoken to their agenda, plans or project with major crony capitalists, that are only interested in money and not truth or doing what is right!

I am diametrically opposed to them so the battle began, and where I should have been gone already I kept coming back to deal with what burdens they placed in front of me or even upon me.  A focal point of this plot is corruption that is so rampant it has its tentacles even in the local churches or other civic organizations, creating an environment where justice is all about whom you know and how much money or people with influence you have in your wheelhouse!

A sort of David verses Goliath set-up, Good versus Evil, and the kicker is this is real.  We are living in an immoral time, a place where justice does not prevail, and too many people in general would prefer to have a Sodom and Gomorrah like landscape than do what is necessary to change their illegitimate ways in order to walk in paths of righteousness.  People default to the gut and most basic of animal instincts when confronted with a choice of taking the high road or the low road, most figure it’s not worth busting their ass like I’ve been doing and going to continue to do; especially when it means going against the system alone!

May God Bless You and guide you on your path!

Lawrence Morra

All Species Must Be Protected

Such is the dichotomy of life the inner and outer conflict that is perpetual and unrelenting!

In the vitally important matter to hopefully deter the Government from rolling back ESA and other protections for many Apex predators; which would be basically saying it’s open season on them to anyone who hunts or trophy kills wildlife! As many of you know wolves have only made a comeback in recent decades because they were given endangered species protections and reintroduced in a number of locations to once again allow for a diverse gene pool from which to breed and be sustainable; with this action all of that hard fought for progress will be erased in no time at all! There are those who believe that wildlife have been afforded too many protections and to them it should be the rule of survival of the fittest so Nature can take care of itself. But that is completely false because placing man’s activities into the equation creates an unnatural imbalance from the get goes in which all bets are off and species become targets for extinction! Also, when these and other animals roamed wide swathes of territory in massive numbers sustainability wasn’t an issue, but in the last 100 years man has exploited so much territory and overextended his hunting practices for purely sporting purposes along with classifying them as vermin due to their attacking farm raised herd livestock; many species were nearly wiped out until the Endangered Species Act Protections were put into place to afford these endangered animals an opportunity to regain their foothold in the Eco-system. They’ve only come back in recent years to barely sustainable levels and have many more strikes against them with less territory to roam and fewer food sources from which to have a consistent healthy diet; and their not being able to connect with other Grizzly populations and recolonize large still existing wild areas where they historically roamed such as the Salmon-Selway Ecosystem in Idaho.

As an example of my own perspective and advocacy work in promoting continued protections for many of our Iconic Wildlife Species, I’m listing the following petition I wrote and circulated a couple of years ago to garner support in getting the government to reverse course on removing in particular the Grizzly Bear from ESA Protections!

                             The Attack upon America’s Iconic Grizzly Bear                                      

Here I list just some immediate sore points that would result from the De-listing of Grizzly Bears in the Yellowstone area from Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections.

Blood lust is encouraged when trophy hunts are allowed resulting in more unnecessary targeting and killing of Grizzly Bears for this selfish practice.

Because Grizzly bears roam over large swaths of land or territories and obviously know nothing about human state boundaries, they will be unprotected when they leave the safety of Yellowstone National Park. Furthermore, to turn over control of the bears to multiple states would mean that one state could have a shoot on sight rule while still others may have a more regulated approach. This would mean that if many bears roam into the shoot on sight area that number of bears could be destroyed causing a negative impact upon the species as a whole, while the additional fallout consequence of this would be a reduction in a diverse gene pool for the bears causing yet untold damage to the species over time.

Overall, the bears should continue to be managed as Endangered Species until true recovery has been reached.

Specific Points to Consider (as presented by The Sierra Club)

  • “Grizzly bears are an essential piece of the American West, a wildlife icon that has been integral to the Yellowstone region for centuries.
  • Thanks to the Endangered Species Act Grizzly bears are making a remarkable recovery, but they remain vulnerable due to shifting food sources, isolation, and an increase in preventable conflicts with hunters and livestock. Now is not the time to strip them of endangered species protections.
  • After two centuries of decline Grizzly bears are just now beginning to rebound in the northern Rocky Mountains and around Yellowstone, occupying less than 2% of their historic range.
  • The growth rate of the population has been stagnant since the early 2000s because more bears are dying as a result of conflicts with hunters and livestock, and fewer cubs are surviving to adulthood.  
  • Grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region should be allowed to grow in number and distribution, so they can connect with other Grizzly populations and recolonize large existing wild areas where they historically roamed such as the Salmon-Selway Ecosystem in Idaho.”

The Federal Governments About Face Regarding Grizzly Bears

I have a unique perspective from which to observe and look at this matter of growing concern by many good fellow Americans.  I see how the plan to De-list the Grizzly Bear from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections is becoming more of a spiritual battle between right and wrong or good and evil.  Far too many hard fought achievements’ or successful programs for the restoration of our environment or Eco-system are being threatened with elimination by what I believe the Pope in Rome has called “an atmosphere of indifference,” by which certain members of society are encouraged to act with impunity or no need for accountability thereby causing pain, suffering and destruction at an alarming rate across the Planet.  I know this to be true because even I was attacked by this growing lack of accountability which happened right in my work environment when those entrusted with my safety felt compelled to ignore what is right in order that selfish intolerance, or lack of humanity was allowed to advance its corrupted agenda upon the innocent, causing serious bodily injury by lack of following any appropriate protocol.  Here too with the Grizzly Bears I see an attack upon their slow recovery from a nearly complete decimation just decades ago to a place where their continued survival has been encouraged and brought back from the brink, to a level that is closer to achieving a permanent foothold and proper place once again, within the natural order of the environment which they have always been a part of.

I see the web of life as a tapestry that is woven together in very intricate and sometimes delicate ways were all the individual strands make up the whole and give it a combined strength that won’t fall apart as long as all of the individual strands remain intact.  If we as Americans allow this De-listing to occur it would be akin to again saying that “indifference” is the order of the day and it doesn’t matter what happens to these magnificent members of the Rocky Mountain Region of these United States of America, when in fact it does matter.

Because we are all Americans regardless of what part of the country we find ourselves residing, and this great land of ours with all of its natural beauty as well as diversity belongs to all of us, we all should take pride in protecting and in many cases restoring valuable species back to sustainable or balanced natural levels that had been stripped away in the past due to bad policies or even the lack of any.  I truly believe that to De-list these bears will be a move toward a not good policy for the bears, while subjecting them to an agenda of indifference and destruction which will cause substantial harm to these great mammals or their continued viability, along with further damage to our beautiful natural environment.  It’s been said, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  I honestly believe that the majority of Americans are good and see these relaxing of restrictions or laws as being wrong and as another assault upon our shared tremendously important natural resources that we shouldn’t allow to happen.   That’s why it’s so imperative for all Americans regardless of which area of this great country of ours you call home,  to speak up for the Grizzly Bear by calling or writing to your Senators and Congressmen, along with signing the petitions that are now being circulated by concerned groups of Americans like the Sierra Club.

Fellow American and wildlife advocate,

Lawrence Morra                                                                                                              5/30/2016 


Wrapping up:

All anyone need to do regarding vast wild wilderness locations like Alaska and “native species” remaining intact there is to read the work of one of my all-time favorite authors and human beings to grace this planet, Jack London!!! He is an Icon to me; to have come up with his Iconic “Call of The Wild” novel.  In it expressing his clear perspective of what Nature and Wildlife are all about and why God created these magnificent entities along with us humans; who should be in awe and serving Nature as good stewards and shepherds!  If we didn’t have Nature and the “Wild Things,” you know we would be on a living Hell planet!  Think about our solar system alone, how vast but starkly devoid of precious living breathing Nature, which we take for granted here; even in its abundance here the rarity or miracle of it with so many beautiful species like giraffes, elephants, lions, bears, wolves and many others that are on the brink of extinction; but in contrast the lack of such things throughout our solar system cries out “preservation” and “protection” at all times!!! We must do this job right, and we can only do it if all countries work together toward the common righteous goal of saving our planet’s WEB OF LIFE!

In Conclusion, I’m barely scratching the surface of getting the work done that must be continued far beyond my mere lifetime, so I am just little old me plugging along thinking and attempting to touch something out there in the big wide world and let it know I care!  I know there is far too much of the opposite as I personally experienced that harsh reality and sinful nature of mankind in vivid color and still, I see all the good that is out there struggling to survive just like me and you!  So along the way if I can look back and drawing my last breathe I can look out and say at least I did try to care, even if my attempts fell short of the mark my heart knows I did right, that fine advocates, will count for something in this maze of grandiose and bottom of the barrel contrasts or contradictions!  Such is the dichotomy of life the inner and outer conflict that is perpetual and unrelenting!  Peace

Lawrence Morra