The Abortion Will End Prophecy

Beautifully explained and witnessed Sister in Christ Jesus! Something so heinous and vile to me that it is straight from the bowels of hell and indeed who else encouraged humanity to turn its back on the most precious, innocent and helpless among us but the Devil!

I’ve written a few times about this sad tragedy and I feel you pointed about so well how a human being doesn’t just morph upon birth from something other than human! I actually see how even one cell that is in the procreation process of a Human Being is human, so a moral and righteous sanctity Must be applied to such from start to finish; conception to a long life lived! People have been so brainwashed, deceived and yes wicked to do all this blasphemy to God! Worldwide since Roe/Wade 1.5 Billion lives have been destroyed willfully while here in America alone it’s now at 63 Million abortions! That is so unreal to me I get freaked out to be honest thinking of all those precious so innocent human lives being butchered, murdered out of selfishness, arrogance and horrible sin; which is definitely antichrist.

Oh we are in a “prophecy time now” like no other in all of human history and many things are being brought to a head for Good Reason, because God Himself is making sure there is no mistake about it in the hearts and minds of all people; that the hour is fast approaching for the Second Coming!

I have several links to share regarding those previous postings and I hope people are waking up fast and praying daily about this and all human error or sin that the world is seething with.

God bless you and yours.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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