Abp. Viganò warns Trump about ‘Great Reset’ plot to ‘subdue humanity,’ destroy freedom

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October 30, 2020, LifeSiteNews: His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò?has written yet another open letter to President?Donald J. Trump. Read it in?its entirety below. It is available in PDF by?clicking here.?Read it in Italian?here. *** OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DONALD J.…

“His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò” is so painfully aware of the TRUTH and sees clearly all of the impending danger that’s heading toward a global catastrophe the likes of which this world has never seen.  This is all very confusing and frightening to most people.  But, in the Archbishops own words came the answer that will be the saving grace along with the President of the United States Donald J. Trump which these following words tell us will be the power and glory from God to suppress and defeat this enemy from hell who has deceived many key individuals and massive numbers of minions to implement this plan of diabolical plan of global conquest and control of all the people like they’re nothing more than herd animals;
“The leveling inhumanity of the globalist project will shatter miserably in the face of the firm and courageous opposition of the children of Light.”
Yes there is about to be a rising up by the true freedom fighters and patriots of America as Almighty God in the name of Jesus is speaking directly to His children of light, those individuals who love God the Father though Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior to whom they dedicate their lives to stand in the ready to serve Him and do the Fathers will. This Republic under God was formed by men who were touched by God and in their time they left nations of tyranny and monarchical totalitarian control a world where the masses were treated like subservient nobodies and even subhuman minions of their masters like a form of slavery. I insert a link to an article I wrote many months ago now that spoke to this point and these Founders who faced an arduous task of standing up for what was right and they knew what was right because they were men of faith in God the Almighty the same God you and I speak about, the Judaeo-Christian God and through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior they believed in the plan of redemption, so they took that stand in a new land apart from the tyrants and said no more, and, we are free now standing for life, liberty and justice for all men so we are forming a new Nation under God who will guide and secure it that it may prosper for the people; as they soon would have their Declaration of Independence, for the United States of America a Nation of the People, by the People and for the People! This is why America rose up to be the greatest nation on earth and has done more good for the human cause and freedom than any other.


I would like to add that just over the past weeks I’ve seen how Hillary Clinton an obviously diabolical human keeps ranting about how she was born to be the President and whether it is her or some hidden yet not vocal person that the Left has in mind to rule this Nation if the full blown opportunity arises to topple the government institution as we know it and replace it with more than a lock-down but with absolute tyranny; we at least can be sure whomever it would be is demonically possessed and I can think of a few other likely individuals that might be.
Are we foolish enough to believe that a person who is seeking to be so close to the presidency such as Kamala Harris with her ancestry is some Godsend when literally she is tailor made ancestral lineage for this type of tyrannical world we speak of.

Back in March I knew then we were not going to see a simple resolution to what was coming and this was the real deal as they say in terms of it being the time to stand up and be counted.
I’m ready to be counted and will die for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that I will be with the Father in heaven for eternity if it will come to that!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III





























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October 30, 2020, LifeSiteNews:

His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganòhas written yet another open letter to PresidentDonald J. Trump. Read it inits entirety below. It is available in PDF byclicking here.Read it in Italianhere.




Sunday, October 25, 2020

Solemnity of Christ the King

Mr. President,

Allow me to address you at this hour in which the fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity. I write to you as an Archbishop, as a Successor of the Apostles, as the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America. I am writing to you in the midst of the silence of both civil and religious authorities. May you accept these words of mine as the “voice of one crying out in…

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